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Hair Challenge: 100 Layers of Hair Extensions

Thanks to the innovative world of the internet, fun and thrilling challenges are continuously making their rounds to entertain us. Well, these trends and challenges are sure fun but we have to admit, they can be really weird at times! One of these oddly entertaining challenges that have been going around the internet is the “100 Layers of...” challenge. It is basically putting one hundred layers of something, you know, just for fun!

We have seen YouTubers recreate the challenge themselves by doing 100 layers of foundation, 100 layers of nail polish and even 100 layers of hairspray! Now, we have decided to jump onto this crazy bandwagon and tag everyone for a ‘100 Layers of Hair Extensions’ challenge.

Sounds exciting? Let’s get to it!

Why do the challenge?

Well to be blunt here – it’s just for fun! To be quite honest, taking the challenge also taps our curiosity signals, right? If you are also a fan of creative hairstyling, this can also be a way to experiment with the styles you can do with such immense volume of hair!

What kind of extensions should you use?

There is a vast variety of hair extensions available on the market today. But to successfully go through the ‘100 Layers of Hair Extensions’ challenge, you will be needing clip-in extensions. They are much easier to install, most particularly by smaller sections of hair. More importantly, they are not a hassle to remove too. Removing 100 layers of hair extensions is not an easy task after all, so just try to minimize the struggle by going for more practical options. It’s also much easier to work with human hair extensions for this challenge since it’s not as prone to tangles as synthetic hair.

Let’s get started with the challenge!

Prepare your extensions

If you are a regular user of hair extensions, then you probably have enough of them available for the challenge. It’s not entirely necessary to buy new ones just for this challenge, but it’s really up to you on whether you’d like to get some to complete a hundred. You can always use them after the challenge anyway!

Now that you have all 100 of them, gently brush each one to make sure they are free from tangles. It will be much easier to work with them this way. You may also clip several wefts altogether to give you more space to work on – 100 clips won’t really fit your entire head anyway. Depending on your preferred amount, you may work on clipping 10 wefts altogether until you end up with 100 layers.

Attach the clip-ins

This is the tricky part. Just remember that you are working with a lot of clips and hair extensions so you have to be patient with brushing them over to seamlessly transition with your natural hair. Avoid the areas near your ear since it may create very obvious bumps around that area.

Part your hair into a half updo and secure it with a hair tie or clamp. You will start clipping the extensions right beneath this area. Now begin attaching the extensions on this section at the back. As you start clipping in the additions, start from the lower part closer to your nape. Gradually add the clip-in extensions as you work your way down. Do not be surprised if you will feel a significant amount of weight as you carry on. You are working with 100 layers, after all. Imagine a set of 10 weighing at around 220g each!

Now once you have attached all the hair extensions, release the hair at the top of your head by removing the clip. Let the hair fall so that it can cover the clips and hide them. Take a brush and gently go over the strands together so that they can be more harmonized and appear neater.

Style Your Look

Now that there’s a massive amount of voluminous hair on your head, you may as well take advantage of it by styling them. Take it as another type of challenge! Feel free to play around with it and see what awesome hairstyles you can create with it. Still clueless? Let us take you to two different hairstyles that can totally work with all those layers of extensions!

The Classic Pigtails

We won’t talk about dramatic hairstyles because it may require more than five people just to complete such a complicated look. So to work with your extremely voluminous ‘new’ hair, go for something classic and easy to do such as pigtails. Just part your hair in the middle and secure each side with a hair tie. You may need a thicker elastic hair tie for this one! Now that you have secured your pigtails, you may choose to do a classic three-strand braid for each as well.

Easy Waterfall Braids

If you want something more unique but still easy to create, then you may want to try getting waterfall braids for that massive hair! To do this, part your hair on the right side and start dividing this section into three, just as how you would do for a normal braid. Begin by crossing the strand closest to the top of your head to the back strand, then over the middle. Now bring in small sections gradually as you continue braiding around the crown. It’s basically like a French braid. As you reach the last section right behind your ear, you may now secure this with a bobby pin.

Voila, you’re done!

Wrapping it up

This challenge may seem quite over the top, but it’s definitely something to get you a bit more creative. Just remember not to wear all those 100 layers for a long time or it might give you a stiff neck – yikes! Just enjoy the challenge and while you’re at it, think of all the possible hairstyles you can do with that immense hair!