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8 African-American Hairstyles You Should Try Today

Us women simply love to play and experiment with our hair!

It is not only fun but it can make us look more attractive. Sometimes, you are simply interested in how you would look in a mirror.

Hairstyles vary significantly based on a type of hair. Other things such as race and subculture may play a role as certain haircuts look pretty silly on some women while they feel completely natural on others. Nevertheless, you should never stop experimenting regardless of what society tells you!

Here is our list of the top 8 most popular hairstyles among African-American ladies!

  1. Dreadlocks

You cannot be a rebel without ever trying dreadlock! This hairstyle is also commonly known as dreads or locks and it one of the most unique ones. Dreads are like thick strings of hair that look really powerful. You can create them through matting or braiding. In a normal situation, curly hair will start matting by itself. This is common when you don’t maintain it. But, if you want to have really nice dreadlocks, you will have to invest some time. There are lots of ways you can create them; for example, by rolling, backcombing, braiding and so on. Keep in mind that this hairstyle is one of those that require a lot of maintenance but nevertheless, it is still among most popular due to its unique appearance.

  1. Afro

There is nothing that African-American than afro or fro. In a way, this isn’t even a hairstyle as most African-American men and women grow it naturally (if they have kinky curly hair that is). It was made by mixing the hair away from the scalp allowing it to extend out from the head forming a large ball. The best way to make it is by using a wide tooth comb. TWA is another common phrase used for it although it refers to a smaller afro hairstyle. In fact, you can say that the smaller variant is much more popular as it doesn’t require as much attention and is more functional. Although, as the cosmetic products and tools developed, it became increasingly easier to maintain it.

  1. Braids and similar styles

Braids, canerows, and cornrows are very popular among African-Americans. And in the end, why shouldn’t they be? They are traditional hairstyles originating from the African content. In order to create it, you have to braid the hair close to the scalp. Some of these hairstyles were not exclusive to Africa. For example, cornrows were common among North American indigenous population. They are created as simple lines (similar to rows of corn) but can also be asymmetric. Braids, canerows, and cornrows are pretty easy for maintenance which is why they are so popular. All you have to do is properly wash it apply oil. That’s it!

  1. Goddess Braids

The funniest thing about goddess braids is that they have an alternative name: granny braids. They are called as such because they resemble the hairstyle worn by older generations. They are basically cornrow-like style with a twist. The braids are placed flat along the female scalp; they are usually much larger than other types of braids. Women can easily grow their hair while they have this hairstyle. You are also able to twist the braids creating various buns and knots. While goddess braids are not as popular as they were before, they are a true testament to the fact that amazing trends always come back.

  1. French braids

When talking about braids, it is really hard not to mention French braids. These are the most popular and most recognizable type of braids. They are also known as French plait. When it comes to this hairstyle, you have to create 3 different sections beforehand. Then, you need to combine them together starting from the crown and going towards the nape.

  1. Faux locks

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of African-American women who have tried dreadlocks at one point in their life. However, this hairstyle is very tricky both in terms of creation and maintenance. In fact, if you create dreadlocks, you will not be able to turn back hair to its previous state and you will be forced to have a major haircut. This is why faux locks are such an amazing way to circumvent the issue. As the name implies, they are fake dreadlocks that have the same traits as the real one. By installing them, you won’t have to think about all the issues that you would otherwise have. Furthermore, you can try whether or not you like this hairstyle before you fully commit to a real hairstyle.

  1. Protective hairstyle

This is an interesting category. You can also opt to create a protective hairstyle whose main purpose is to prevent damage to hair. Now, these are very specific types of hairstyles as they are mainly focused on functionality, not appearance. Of course, this also means they will be good for a limited number of women while the rest will still prefer to go with something flashier.

  1. Twists

Of course, you cannot finish the list about African-American hairstyles without ever mentioning twists. You can create this incredible hairstyle by creating several sections of hair and twisting them into separate parts. There is also a variation of this hairstyle called “twist out”. You can create it by untwisting hair that was previously twisted for a while. This will change the texture of hair creating a totally new style. There are various ways you can create “twist outs”; for example, by using 2, 3 or more strands. Besides twist outs, you also have some other hairstyles that originated from twists such as Marley twists, Havana twists and so on. Twists can be specified in terms of how much hair you need to create them.

To sum it up...

With these 8 popular African-American styles, you will have a lot of options on your hands.

No matter what you choose, we are certain that it will fit your fashion style and personality!