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Bad Hair Day: 6 Helpful Tips to Fix Your Hair

The hair adds a significant definition to our entire look. It’s one reason why styling products and tools are widely available on the market today. However, there are times when no matter how much product or tools you use, your hair is simply not having it!

Whether it’s lack of time or its condition, bad hair is not impossible to fix. We listed the following ways that will allow you to fix it easily and quickly.

Style it with gorgeous braids

The hair usually loses its texture at its second or third day of being unwashed. Thank goodness for braids! Braiding is not only trendy, it’s also an easy way to hide your uncooperative hair. From Dutch braids to fishtail braids – there are a lot of braiding styles to take inspiration from.

Add volume by teasing it

Oil or sebum build-up within the roots will definitely weigh your hair down. It makes it look flat and dull. You can easily resolve this by doing a bit of backcombing or teasing in the roots as this will efficiently add a lift to your hair.

Get your Dry Shampoo to rescue

Dry shampoos are very popular these days. They are specifically formulated to clean and add volume to your hair without having to go through the process of washing, shampooing, conditioning and blow-drying it! Look for a formula that works with your hair type to help you with your bad hair day. As an alternative to dry shampoo, you can also use a small amount of baby powder and apply it to your roots.

Work with your natural waves

Hairstyles such as the Boho look or beach waves are totally stylish this year. With them, you don’t have to spend so much time styling your hair. All you have to do is embrace the natural waves and add crown braids to add style to the look.

Flaunt that trendy hat over your crowning glory

Wearing a hat or headband is one classic way to fix a bad hair day! Choose some colorful designs that will draw attention away from your unruly hair. Not only does it serve as a quick fix, it also makes a very stylish fashion statement.

Partly wash it

If you’re in a morning rush to school or work, you may choose to wash just half of your hair to cut styling time. All you have to do is rinse the front part only. This will give you that instantly refreshing look!

Bad hair days can totally be frustrating but, it can also be easily resolved in a number of ways. By closely following these tips, you’ll never have to trouble again. Be confident, and don’t hesitate to rock that naturally beautiful hair of yours!

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