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Coconut Oil: 10 Amazing Health Benefits For You

It is quite common knowledge to many of us that coconut oil brings wonders to our health. The virgin oil extracted from matured coconuts is very popularly used not only in tropical countries but in many parts of the world as well. Thanks to its versatility and exceptional benefits, you can use this product for almost anything and in almost everything! You can find it in every product from items for cooking to cleaning and it can be useful for your kitchen, dining room, bathroom and even in your bedroom.

Its versatility in terms of uses has gone beyond what we can imagine and has conquered the health and beauty industry. Though we might be spending so much on health care and synthetic beauty products, we seldom realize that 95% of them can actually be replaced with coconut oil.

With this being mentioned, we listed ten of the top amazing health benefits that you can acquire from this product.

  1. It Effectively Boosts Your Immune System

Coconut oil, most specifically when it is in its virgin form, is very nutritious. It is edible so you can include it in your regular diet as cooking oil, salad dressing, and even take it raw to effectively improve your health condition. Studies have shown that consuming coconut oil in our food will reduce inflammations, improve digestion, prevent heart problems, and many other diseases.

  1. Energy and Stamina Booster

Many sportsmen and athletes use coconut oil to heighten up their energy before any strenuous activity or workout. Thanks to the oil’s rich antioxidants, it helps fight harmful radicals and therefore boosts your immune system. It also has energy-giving nutrients also known as ‘body fuels’ to provide your body with extra energy and stamina to prepare you for heavy activities.

  1. It Will Make Your Skin Really Soft

Nothing beats the ample amount of moisture coconut oil gives deep into the skin. Applying the product after every shower or a hot bath will provide immense hydration to get rid of skin dryness, flaking and, itching. As it provides deep hydration to the skin, it significantly helps with the improvement of skin texture for it to be smoother, softer and plumper. It also nourishes your skin with nutrients to fight premature skin aging. You can use coconut oil they way you would normally apply your daily moisturizers. Moreover, you can also incorporate it with the rest of your skincare routine by making DIY scrubs or mixing it with another skincare product.

  1. For Whiter and Stronger Teeth

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties to keep your oral hygiene in top condition. It cleanses your mouth from harmful bacteria responsible for bad breath and discoloration of your teeth. If you have heard of ‘oil pulling’, coconut oil is the best natural ingredient to do it with. Swish an appropriate amount of it in your mouth regularly and see the difference in just three weeks. Not only does this give you fresh breath all the time, but also shiny white teeth to confidently flaunt!

  1. Hair Repair and Hair Restorer

Of all its beauty benefits, hair growth and repair have been coconut oil’s primary offer. Almost every hair products use the medicinal properties found in it to improve hair growth and prevent premature hair loss. Enjoy healthy and bouncy hair every time you use this oil to maintain your hair’s natural beauty and hair volume.

  1. No More Frizzy Hair and Stubborn Flyaways

Instead of using an expensive non-organic serum to give your frizzy hair a quick fix, just grab some coconut oil and use it as an alternative to smoothen your hair strands. This also helps maintain shine to your hair and allows it to be more manageable for styling. You do not even have to worry if the oil reaches your scalp area because it will also provide nourishment from there. On the other hand, if you have an oily scalp, just take a small amount of this product and work it through the strands only.

  1. Detangles both Straight and Curly Hair

It is very effective to prevent hair breakage and tangles with this oil. Gently rub some coconut oil onto your hair while brushing it until your strands are evenly coated. Use any comb or brush to easily untangle your hair and the oil will do the job of smoothening the sparse strands out. Therefore, whether you have straight or curly hair, this product will transform your hair for the best! It gives prominent shine, adds bounce and provides nourishment to your hair.

  1. Protects Your Skin When Shaving

Coconut oil will help you avoid skin irritation by providing a smooth base to your skin prior to shaving. It also nourishes the area by creating a protective moisture film that leaves your skin soft, smooth and relaxed after every shave. Whether you are shaving your face, arms or legs, using this oil regularly will ensure irritation-free shaving all the time.

  1. It makes an exceptional eyebrow and eyelash grower

Similar to how it benefits your hair by maintaining volume and growth, coconut oil will help lengthen your brow hairs and eyelashes, too. Some synthetically formulated mascaras and eyebrow products can cause dryness and may seriously affect your hair, so if you wear these makeup products on a regular basis, you need to invest in brow and eyelash care too. Coconut oil is a natural conditioner and provides nourishment not only to your skin but to your eyebrow hairs and eyelashes as well.

  1. Natural Makeup Remover

Coconut oil makes a gentle makeup remover, too! This natural and organic makeup remover can effectively nourish the skin; leaving your skin clean, moisturized and healthy. Most chemical-based makeup removers may dry up your skin and if used in longer periods may cause itchiness, flaking, and irritations.

With these useful coconut oil benefits we have enumerated above, we can definitely conclude that beauty and healthcare is much easier and safer by going natural. Clearly, this amazing natural product can transform your lifestyle for the better, not only the practical way but most importantly, the healthier way!