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5 Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

There was probably a time you saw a friend or a celebrity with a certain haircut and asked for the exact style in a salon only to walk out wondering why it didn’t look the same on your face. It’s not that she had a team of stylists; it’s simply because the shape of your face does not suit a particular form.

Don’t be worried by that. There are other great styles that will fit well with your facial features and be more flattering. 

Here are some main tips that you have to know for start:

Determining the shape

First, you need to determine the shape of your face. This will allow you to find a perfect hairstyle according to your features. Majority of people make a wrong assumption that their face is oval or round. In most cases, it isn't. 

There is much more than just a simple round or oval shape. You should consider the hairline, length, and width as well as the jawline. The most applicable and easiest way to determine your face shape is by pulling your hair at the back and using a lip pencil or an eyeliner.

Trace your face outline on the mirror. You can then try comparing the trace with some online guides. It may fall under the oval, square, round, heart or oblong category.

Best oval face styles

A face is considered oval when its width is shorter than its length and the hairline is slightly wider than the jawline. Its also gently rounded to be a complete oval when no prominent points are found on it. A good example of a celebrity with such a form is Rihanna. People with it are lucky and free to experiment with different hairstyles. This face shape is evenly proportional and well-balanced.

The best styles for this shape are those that allow you to expose facial features by putting your hair on your back and away from your face. Side swept bangs are also looking good for this shape. It's easy to create updos on the shape as overcompensating on a certain side is not necessary. There is no need to think too hard in softening certain features.

The don’ts of this shape is to avoid styles with just one length. They will make it appear longer. Don’t cover it by avoiding heavy bangs that could make your face look shorter. Always make sure one or both sides of your hair are tucked behind your ears when wearing it down. This is to show off your beautiful face.

Best Heart shaped hairdos

This face appears to be wider at the hairline. It has a slightly pointed, small, narrow chin. A prominent forehead is another feature well visible in this face shape.

Tyra Banks is one with a heart-shaped face. When choosing a hairstyle for it, you can choose to stress the form or, make the appearance of your bottom half come out wider. Pulling your hair up into a high-top knot will stress the tapered shape of your features.

Its good to always avoid forcing the middle part that appears as a window peak on the face. One side may fall as you would wish but the other will not. Hence, parting your hair to the side that it naturally falls will avoid any woes. Avoiding short bangs on this shape will avoid the chin looking narrow.

Square shaped hairstyles

These faces are wide with almost the same width in cheekbones, jawlines and the forehead. Most prominent feature in a square shape is the strong jawline.

In enhancing the shape of the square, going for blunt bangs or short bobs to show the jawline is perfect. In de-enhancing, you can try some soft bangs or wispy bangs that fall on the side will form diagonal lines. This will also soften the lines. You can also wear the hair long and straight with layers to draw eyes down and add the length of the face.

What to avoid is the overly solid or blunt bangs hairstyles which would accelerate the angles. Avoiding any slicked back looks which might be severe for softening your shape. Curls will tend to widen it, therefore, it's good wearing either straight or loose waves.

Round shaped hairstyles

The width and the length are almost the same in round faces. There are no prominent angles or any visible corners. They are usually called baby-faced as people tend to look younger giving them a chance to explore many youthful styles.

Your goal in doing a round is to make it look more oval. The trick on this is leaving a little hair untucked on one side of the face. This stops the width visually tricking the eye to think it is narrower. A deep side part creates angles to a round face. Pulling the hair up to a high pony elongates it.

The mistake commonly made is that this shape is hiding your face behind hair. This just highlights the width instead. It's therefore advisable to go for medium length hair with face-framing bangs and maintain the texture sleek and smooth. Side swept bangs are alternatives for soft wispy bangs in this shape.

Long faces hairstyles

This is a longer oval shape. It's like Sarah Jessica’s or Hilary Swank. The goal is to make it look wider. This is done by using curls. They form a fabulous look on you when they are let to naturally run loose and wild opening up your face.

For the widening effect is well achieved by the flat iron waves. A quick and easy way is using a good old-fashioned blowout. You tend to look for width and not length. In searching for the width, avoid going past mid-length. 

Therefore, determining your shape will make it easier in going for the perfect hairdo. It's just a matter of understanding we all have different face shapes when going deeper into details. All women should know their type before choosing a style.