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Brazilian Blowout Treatment: Honest and Unbiased Review

My idea of pampering revolves around visiting the salon during the weekend to get my hair, skin, and nails Instagram-worthy while catching up with the latest fashion and beauty tips. The best part is dashing out of the salon with silky, bouncy, frizz-free hair that oozes elegance and class.

However, as much as I would love to look like this every single day, this flawless look only lasts until I pop out of my next shower. So, when my hair stylist told me about a new treatment called the Brazilian blowout that promises smooth, sleek results that last up to 3 months, I was ready to get my feet wet.

With inimitable benefits that include repaired hair, tamed curls, and reduced frizz, I was a happy client. I got so carried away and regularly went in for my 3-month appointment for two years straight.

Brazilian blowout

Nonetheless, like every other treatment, the Brazilian blowout has its fair share of pros and cons. Before you take the plunge, you need to know precisely what it is, how it’s done, what kind of look you’ll get, how much it costs, its pros and cons, and what you should do before booking your appointment.

I’m happy to set the record straight:

What Is It?

Basically, the Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent treatment method that promises to straighten your hair by sealing in a liquid keratin formula with the use of a 450-degree flat iron.

The keratin treatment significantly improves the appearance of your mane by completely sealing the cuticle, eliminating freeze, and protecting hair against external damage. After the procedure, your mane will be soft, smooth, and shiny in a very natural way.

This treatment differs from the rest in that the formula is rinsed out before you leave the salon. With regular keratin treatments, the formula is left inside your hair (in fact, it is sealed in with the flat iron), and you can only wash it after 3 days.

How Is It Done?

Your stylist will begin by washing your mane and drying it. After that, a keratin formula will be applied and left to sit for around 40 minutes. Next, the stylist will pass a flat iron over your mane section by section. The product will then be rinsed out, some conditioner will be applied, and the hair will finally be blow-dried to your desired sleekness.

The entire process takes anywhere between 1.5 hours to 2 hours. It is incredibly convenient for people who do not like spending lots of time in the salon.

What’s the End Result?

After treatment, your hair will be smooth, shiny, totally frizz-free, and effortlessly manageable. You have the option of maintaining your curls/waves or choosing to blow dry straight and smooth.

Basically, if your hair is wavy, the treatment will make it look smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. If it has tight curls, it will reduce the bouncy curls to wispy waves and minimize frizz. If it is straight, a Brazilian blowout will give them a softer, smoother texture.

How Much Is It?

Treatment costs around $200 to $500 depending on the length of your mane and the salon you visit. Do not be deceived into settling for super low deals because Brazilian blowouts aren’t cheap at all! You get what you pay for.

How Long Will It Last?

A Brazilian blowout lasts anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks, depending on how well you care for it. Some people who have made the treatment claim to actually stay with it for 16 to 20 weeks (of course, with a perfect maintenance routine.)

Hair will revert to its original curl pattern once the treatment wears off. You’ll start seeing curls around the front part of your head. This is your cue to book another treatment.

How Do You Maintain It?

My stylist warned me against shampooing too often, as this would wash out the treatment much faster. Besides, she recommended I use shampoos that are free from sulfate and chlorine.

In fact, it’s best to use shampoos, conditioners, and serums that contain keratin. You can invest in dry shampoo if you feel that you can’t go a day without cleaning your hair.

Is it Safe?

Brazilian blowout improves the texture and appearance of your hair. Still, it also contains formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, which are toxic when inhaled. Before you hop onto the stylist’s chair, you need to think about the potential side effects that range from irritation to the eyes, skin, and lungs and possible long term effects.

To be safe, you and your stylist may need to use masks during treatment. Since you’ll only be needing 3 treatments every year, there’s no risk of inhaling so much of the harmful chemicals. Just be sure to sit in a well-ventilated area of the salon. If you’re still worried, you can opt for treatments that do not contain formaldehyde.

What Should You Do After Leaving the Salon?

Unlike other keratin treatments, it’s life as usual after you leave the salon. You won’t have to skip your evening gym or be worried about styling or tying up your hair into a ponytail. You are also free to wash your hair anytime you feel like it (don’t shampoo more than thrice a week, though).

Other treatments come with strict after-care requirements that include waiting up to 72 hours to wash, style, or ponytail, as well as staying away from numerous hair care products. With a Brazilian blowout, you can freely wash, swim, or go dancing in the rain immediately afterward.

How do I find a Stylist?

To get the best possible treatment, vet potential hairdressers by asking them about their specific treatment procedures. Some stylists use formaldehyde-free formulas that are derived from natural sources. Angie’s list is an excellent place to begin your search for a good stylist.

Final Verdict

All said and done, getting a Brazilian blowout is definitely worth it. It smooths out your hair, softens its texture, eliminates frizz, and makes it more manageable all at the same time!