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Brazilian Hair Weave Vs. Wig: Which One Is Better?

A woman desires to look fabulous on a daily basis. In that sense, style is very important as the best way of showing your natural beauty. However, with all that is needed to ensure your hair looks great every day, some damage may be inevitable. That is why women turn to weaves and wigs.

Both products are a perfect break from your natural hair. They give you the freedom of playing with your look and switching things up whenever you wish. While the two are very famous among women, many women have a hard time choosing between weaves and wigs.

To make the whole process easier when it comes to making a choice, there are particular facts that you need to know. In this article, we will put special emphasis on Brazilian wigs and Brazilian weaves as a type of hair products that are most frequently purchased.


With them, one will have the hair braided down so that it does not get in the way. When sewing it, the stylist can either use a weaving net or not. The item will then be sewed in by sewing the tracks over the net or braided hair. Getting the weave done will not take a lot of time. When you have it installed, you can use closures or frontals to ensure that you get a perfect, natural, and realistic finish. Brazilian weaves are easy to put on and can easily go with your natural hair given that they usually come in black or dark brown color. They are very popular among African-American women but are also worn by everybody else. In fact, they’ve become so popular and widespread that even movie actresses are wearing them.


They are a type of head cover that is made in a more sophisticated way using different kinds of hair. They are increasing in popularity because of the wonderful advantages they offer, and many women are embracing them. With wigs, the hair is attached to a cap using a machine or by hand. Unlike the weaves, they are put on and taken off at will. They are not sewn on the braided hair. When choosing or making wigs, you can also use closures and frontals to achieve a natural look. Brazilian wigs are especially popular in the world due to their density. The follicles are extremely strong making Brazilian hair one of the longest lasting hair items on the market.


Both items have some fundamental similarities, and these similarities are as follows.

You can get weaves and wigs that are made from human and synthetic hair. Both types are evolving and manufacture leaning more towards making human weaves and wigs. This is because the trend of using human items is quickly catching on by the day. Brazilian hair is particular ranks among the top 3 most popular hair products rivaled only by Indian and Malaysian. Generally, consumers regard Brazilian as the best one which is also more expensive than its counterparts. Wigs and weaves made from human hair last much longer, have properties similar to that of real hair and are less likely to tangle or mat.

They both protect your natural hair, and this is excellent because it needs a break every once in a while. With weaves, it gets braided down, and then the weave is installed. You can also have it raided down with wigs to have a perfect look or hold down your natural hair excellently before wearing them. Therefore, in both scenarios, it will not be exposed to the elements of the world. Other than that, the wigs and weaves can take the heat that was meant for your natural hair during styling. All the flat-ironing and curling processes will not harm it.

They both give you a chance to change your look anytime you want because they are flexible. You can switch between long and short hair without any worries. You can also switch between curly, wavy, and straight without any problems. This is especially great when it comes to Brazilian weaves as they can easily adapt to any style you’re otherwise rocking.

They both give you a chance to experiment with different hairdos. For instance, you may want to try a different color, and you do not want to mess with your natural color, weaves or wigs will be perfect for the experiments. If you want to know how you will look with a very short haircut, they will also come in handy. If you wish to try dreadlocks, you can freely do so.

There is a myriad of looks that you can try with weaves and wigs. If you do not like how things turn out, you can quickly move on to the next item of your choosing. We usually recommend to consumers that they start with cheaper Brazilian hair items; this will allow them to test one of the products and see whether this is the right thing for them.


Styling options

When it comes to styling a wig and a weave, the first is more flexible. When a wave is installed, there are not so many styles you can play around with and still maintain a natural look. For instance, if you are using closures, you may not be able to wear high ponytails.

The same also applies to frontals. When you wear 360 lace frontals, you can get away with high ponytails. However, you may not be able to enjoy some braiding that will look as natural as possible. But when you are dealing with wigs, you can do so many things and pull off a lot of styles. There are hardly any restrictions.


Cost is also a major factor that sets the two apart. For weaves, there are two costs that you will incur. First, there is the price of purchasing the hair. Also, take note that this product does not come cheaply and especially if it is a virgin human unit. When you are also using either closures or frontals, the expenditure will also go higher.

The second expenditure is on the installation. The installation of the weaves is costly. But when dealing with wigs, the spending is only on purchasing them. While they may be relatively expensive depending on a few factors, they remain a relatively cheaper option. The factors influencing the price will be whether the hair is synthetic or human, whether it has lace frontals or not, and so on. You may never need a stylist to help you with your wig.


Breathability is essential for your natural hair and scalp in as much as it remains hidden and protected from damaging elements. Both types of items do not suffocate your natural one. However, wigs are more breathable. Typically, you can remove your unit at the end of the day and let your hair and scalp breathe the entire night. After a long day, your scalp will significantly benefit from the fresh air it will get. With weaves, there are ventilation areas that will allow air to get to your scalp. However, it does not compare to what wigs have to offer.


A lot of women want convenience so that managing their looks does not become another job. Weaves are more convenient as opposed to wigs. When you have your weave installed, you can stay with it for up to a month or more. You will only need to brush it and comb it in the morning. On the other hand, wigs will call for you to re-install them each day. This is not so convenient for a lot of people.


Both types of hair can be secured in place effectively. Wigs usually have adjustable bands that help in securing them. Therefore, they can stay in place until you remove them. However, the concern comes when a situation arises, and the wig is pulled with enough force. It may fall off or be moves causing it to look unnatural and bad. With weaves, they are sewn in, and this makes them more secure. They can withstand forceful pulls. They will not move and neither will they fall off from your head no matter what.

Ease of maintenance

Wigs are easier to maintain as compared to weaves. With proper care and an excellent cleaning routine, they can last for a very long time. Other than this, they also give you the chance to care for your natural hair effectively.


Both units have excellent flexibility. However, wigs are more flexible. Look at it at this angle, you have more than three products in your store, and they are all different. You can change your look so many times in a week. Imagine switching from a long straight to a short straight hair in a day?

Wigs are more fun and flexible. With weaves, you will be stuck with a few hairstyles for a longer time. Whenever you need to try something new, you may have to get a new weave for it to be installed. If your budget allows it, you can change your hair as often as twice a month. In other cases, you may have to stay with it for as long as a whole month.

Brazilian Hair Weave or Wig? Which one is a better choice for you?

This is the question that every woman wants to get an answer before they settle on any of the above. Wigs are perfect for the woman who loves to try something different every day or every week. They prove to be more convenient for rocking different looks every day when you have a number of them. They are also perfect for the woman that wants to rock gorgeous hair by the day buy wants to let down her natural one so that it can get enough air. It is for the woman who wants something that has less commitment, is easy to maintain, is convenient, and has a lot of styling options.

Weaves are perfect for the woman who cannot keep up with the constant putting on and taking off of wigs. It is for the woman who wants to get her hair done once and for all until a month later so that she can undo it. It is perfect for the woman who is easy going and does not need a new and fancy look every morning.

For you to make an excellent choice, the question you need to answer is what kind of woman are you? 

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