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Brazilian Human Hair: Important Facts Before Purchasing

Human weaves from Brazilian donors are becoming very popular among women. We have so many types of human weaves like the Peruvian, Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian, and so many others. However, the one that stands out is the Brazilian human hair.

The virgin Brazilian item proves to be the favorite human hair that women love thanks to its excellent features and properties that make it irresistible. But as much as women love Brazilian items, how much do they know about them? Without proper knowledge, anyone can easily be led to believe that they are purchasing the real hair from Brazil when they are not.

As it stands, a lot of these extensions that are in the market are just Indian human units that are curly and has been steamed. What Brazilians do is buy the product in India, and when they go back home, they sell it as Brazilian units. They go as far as exporting it to other parts of the world.

But when you have accurate information about products from Brazil, you will never be a victim. You will always know what is real and what is not.

Why the name "Brazilian human hair"?

Typically, all extensions are made from real human hair. There are women across the world that get paid to grow out their natural follicles and then donate it. Therefore, when you hear about Brazilian units, know that the donor was from South America. Small and rural places in Brazil have a lot of donors who champion this course.

Brazilian item is trendy among the women of color because they blend excellently with their hair. This type of unit does not limit anyone, and a woman from any race can rock it.


There are a couple of features that can help you identify your human hair from Brazil. Some of the features include the following.

The styles

Brazilian human hairstyles come in styles such as body wave, straight, loose or deep waves, and curls. One thing to note is that the straight unit is not always straight. They tend to have very light waves.

The weight of a bundle

A bundle of Brazilian human hair weighs between 95 grams and 105 grams, and you can use up to three bundles. The lightweight makes it light on your head as well.

The length

When it comes to length, Brazilian human hair cannot disappoint you. Typically, you can get a length of between 8” and 30”. Once you purchase your bundles, stretch the bundle before you measure its length. Because of the length variance, you can get a mixture of different lengths.


Brazilian human hair has some of the best qualities. It has a healthy and lustrous look that makes it very attractive. There are no tangles, and it does not shed. Therefore, it is durable and effortless to style. The item is soft to the touch letting you run your fingers through it without troubles. The silky look also goes a long way to give a natural shine. Brazilian hair can take the heat and holds the curls excellently well throughout the whole day. Its thickness is also commendable and gives you a fuller and gorgeous look.

Why should you go for a Brazilian item?

As said earlier, a lot of women choose Brazilian human hair over other types of human weaves. So, why should you also opt for such a unit?

It lasts longer

Items from Brazil have been found to last longer than the other human hair types. Its durability will save you a lot of money because you will not need to buy another weave for a very long time. We can all use some budget ‘cutter’ products. Typically, Brazilian units can last between 12 months and 24 four months when you take proper care of them.


Brazilian human hair is also very versatile. You can play around with your looks without any worries. You can use your flat iron and curling iron without risking too much. Because of the versatility in its use, you can try all kinds of looks that you have been desiring. The product comes in an excellent natural black color. Even so, it gives you the freedom to play around and experiment with other colors. You can dye it as you please.

It is thicker

Brazilian hair has excellent thickness. When you install your bundles, three of them are enough to give you a perfect and fuller look. You do not have to worry about using more bundles. The original thickness gives you a more natural look as compared to when you use more bundles to get a fuller look.

Easy to maintain

Brazilian human hair will never frustrate you when it comes to maintenance. The unit is excellent and tangle-free. This is as compared to some products that are of poor quality.

Simply gorgeous

This item is a lovely choice, and it is beautiful too. The unit is lustrous, smooth, bouncy, thicker, and shiny. It bears all the characteristics of a healthy natural hair. These are the qualities that you get to enjoy when you purchase this product.

It does not discriminate

Brazilian weave is one that can easily blend with all kinds of hair. Women from different ethnic backgrounds have been able to enjoy the benefits that come with Brazilian. They blend seamlessly with hair of African Americans when relaxed.

How to prevent tangling?

This product is tangle free thanks to the fact that the cuticles are always in place and they fall on one side. This helps to prevent tangles. To further ensure that you never have to deal with tangles throughout the hair’s lifespan, there are a few things that you can do.


Always ensure that you use the right and recommended shampoo on your hair. Also, ensure that the shampoo is mild. Lather the unit from top to bottom and not vice versa. If you do it from bottom to top, you are steering it in an unnatural direction, and it will get tangled up.


Use the recommended conditioner to condition the hair on a daily basis. Spraying your leave-in conditioner is recommended.

Night time care

When it is time to sleep, ensure that the hair is dry or else you will wake up with tangles. Also, when you notice there is a tangle somewhere, never sleep with it. Untangle the item before you sleep. If not, you may worsen it.

Washing schedule

With Brazilian hair, it is recommended that you wash it at least once a week if you are on a tight schedule. If not, you can clean it twice a week. Before you settle on a cleaning routine, consult your stylist first to be on the safer side.

How about shedding protection?

The wefts of Brazilian weaves are neatly done, and they feature dual-layer design and are machine made. Therefore, there are no chances for the hair to shed. However, some people cause it to shed because of bad practices.

Always apply oil after washing

After cleaning your hair, use a recommended oil to make it soft and silky. This will make it easy to comb it, and the teeth of the comb will run through the strands smoothly.

Always use a comb with side teeth

Wide-toothed combs come highly recommended for combing your human hair. This is especially when there are curls or waves. Also, remember to be as gentle as possible.

Do not use too much heat

Yes, Brazilian human hair can take some heat. Even so, it is not recommended for you to put it under a lot of heat. Heat will damage it and cause it to break just like it does with your natural hair. You can always use heat protectors if you must apply some heat.

Pro tips

As a daily routine, remember to do the following:

Never comb when wet because you will cause the hair to rip out making it last for a very brief time.

Always remember to moisturize because it makes it easy to style it.

Always use a comb with wide teeth to untangle your extension to avoid shedding

Always air-dry but not under the sun because the sun may damage the hair. Wipe it with a towel to remove excess water and let it dry naturally.

Hair from Brazil will always be a good choice for any woman. It has all the properties that every woman wants for their hair. Therefore, you can always trust yourself to be right whenever you choose Brazilian extensions. With this information, you know what to expect and how to ensure that your extensions always look stunning and healthy.