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Brazilian Quick Weave Pros And Cons

The best thing about Brazilian hair items is that there is always something new on the market. As soon as you get bored of a certain product type, there are new iterations waiting for you. This is really cool as it gives you the option to experiment and always have fun.

Quick weaves are one of these products. Relatively new compared to some other hairstyles, Brazilian quick weave became immensely popular as a cheap alternative to sew-in weave. If that wasn’t enough, it is much quicker for installment (thus the name).

While pretty amazing in its own regard, like all Brazilian virgin hair, it does have its fair share of flaws. Here is a short breakdown of a product, all its cons and pros and whether you should buy it. Read on!

What can be regarded as a quick weave?

Quick weave doesn’t only refer to a product but also a product method. It is a weaving technique during which hair wefts are glued to a protective cap. The customer would use a cap with weave and place it over the head. Afterward, wefts are cut and glued to cap.

You can either buy a quick weave from our Brazilian weave store or you can install it yourself. However, if you do decide to place it yourself, don’t forget to pay a professional stylist to do it. While weaving technique is pretty simple, you shouldn’t risk it. Once you install it, you won’t have to worry about your hairstyle for a while as quick weave’s maintenance is pretty simple.

Quick weaves are great for all women who don’t want to wear traditional sew-ins. They are especially great for customers who love to change hairstyles on a regular basis and don’t want to waste too much time installing new hairpieces.

Main pros of Brazilian quick weaves

Before mentioning anything else, we have to consider Brazilian hair in general.

Given that this article is mainly focused on Brazilian items, Brazilian quick weave will be of better quality than most other items on the market. The reason for this is simple: Brazilian hair has amazing texture and durability.

However, let’s put that aside for now and focus on quick weaves in general:

  1. They are pretty cheap. While you might expect for a quick weave to be expensive, almost anyone can purchase it. The price can become even lower if you install it yourself.
  2. You get full protection due to a cap. This cap will be placed over your hair which means you won’t have to endanger your natural strands. Whenever you had enough of the product, you can simply remove it.
  3. Needless to say, the main reason why you should buy a Brazilian quick weave is due to its simplicity and ease of installment. The whole installation process takes around an hour and a half which is a significant improvement compared to some other items that are on the market. As already mentioned, this is great for women who love changing their style.
  4. Due to its nature, you have much more space for experimenting. Try various hairstyles until you find the ones that suit you best. Due to its cheap price, ease of installment and the fact that it doesn’t damage your natural hair, you can do this at almost any time.
  5. Maintenance is one of the main considerations regardless of which type of hair you’re using. Brazilian hair weaves can last anywhere from a couple of months to a year. While the quality of the product plays a major role, you’re also able to increase the life expectancy of an item by properly taking care of it.
  6. If you do decide to install it yourself, keep in mind that you won’t have to wander too much. Most of the supplies can be found in your local hair stores and if you’re looking for premium Brazilian hair, you can easily find it online in stores such as ours.
  7. It won’t take much time from the moment you decide to wear a weave up till the time you install it. Even if you order the hair online, it can reach your home address within a week.

Main cons of Brazilian quick weaves

  1. No matter how precautious you are, there is always a chance for hair breakage. Glue is especially problematic. If you’re not too careful when removing the cap, or if you leave it for too long, there is a chance your Brazilian hair will get damaged. Proper installation and removal are key to safeguarding your favorite Brazilian quick weave!
  2. Be especially careful of old glue. It will get into your weave and might be hard to pull out. Best case scenario, there will be small crumbs of it.
  3. While we mentioned that quick weaves are one of the fastest Brazilian hairpieces to install, it still takes some time. You have to be very patient during the installation process and give it to a person who knows what she’s doing.
  4. Avoid cutting wefts as it will increase the shedding and thus affect a product’s life expectancy.
  5. Like all Brazilian hair pieces, quick weaves have a certain weight. In fact, Brazilian products tend to be heavier than some other hair types due to their density. As such, don’t be surprised if there is extra pressure on your scalp.
  6. Don’t get us wrong; Brazilian quick weave can last for a long time! But still, traditional sew in is still better in terms of expected longevity.


Even though it does have its fair share of flaws, Brazilian quick weave is one of the most convenient products on the market. It doesn’t take much time for installation or maintenance which makes it one of the best products for newbies. In fact, as previously stated, it is also amazing for all the women who don’t have too much time for their hair.

In general, if you’ve never tried quick weave and you love Brazilian virgin hair items, we recommend that you do it today!