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Hair Comparison: Brazilian Vs. Peruvian Human Hair

Brazilian human hair extension has been a trendy choice among women over the years. Since the introduction of human extensions, it is the type of extension that has been steadily rising in popularity up to where it is right now. However, the past few years have seen a new contender for the top position as well. Peruvian hair has been doing so well in the market as more women pick the type of human extension as well. Both extensions prove to be excellent choices, and they have fantastic and unique features that every woman wants.

For this reason, many women have a hard time trying to choose between the Brazilian extension and the Peruvian. They are both stunning and outstanding, and this makes a choice more difficult. However, in their uniqueness, you can find distinct differences that can help to make your decision easier. Their differences give you a reason why you should pick one extension over the other.

Looking at each extension type will help you get more information that will validate your choice over the other kind of hair.

Brazilian extensions

This extension, as the name suggests, comes from Brazil. There are numerous rural places in this country where the hair is gotten from donors. However, there is one thing to note. Most Brazilian extensions are not from Brazilian donors because Brazilians do not cut their hair as often. For this reason, manufacturers head out to other parts of the world and majorly India where they get the hair from donors. They then head back to Brazil where they make the extensions and package it with the label ‘Brazilian Hair.’ Therefore, you can never assume that all Brazilian extensions are genuinely from Brazil.

Features of Brazilian extensions


Brazilian hair is known to have to best number of length variety. Therefore, this type offers everyone something they want and you can have hair that is as long as you desire.


Brazilians are also known to have so many colors to choose from. Typically, there is a very diverse ethnic community in the rural areas of Brazil where the hair is collected. Therefore, the result is always various colors and length. The variance in ethnicity plays a significant role because of the transference of genes across different people.


Brazilian human extensions also come in so many texture varieties for you to choose. You can enjoy the straight, body wave, curly, and so on.


The hair is also excellently thick, and it gives you a fantastic and fuller look after installation.

Looks and feel

This kind of human hair is outstanding in its feel and look. Naturally, it is always shinier and silkier. Peruvian does not compare to it when you consider these features. Because of the shine, Brazilian hair is more attractive and appealing. It also looks healthier. Because of the silkiness, it feels soft and to the touch giving you a great feeling as you run your fingers through it.

Ease of maintenance

Brazilian human hair extension is easy to maintain and to style it. It can tolerate heat excellently as well as dying, bleaching, perming, and so on. It can also hold up its style in hot or cold temperatures.


Brazilian hair is excellent for all types of women from different ethnic backgrounds. It is also very famous in West Africa.

Peruvian human hair

Peruvian human hair comes from donors who live in Peru. It is gorgeous and looks and feels fabulous. A lot of women choose this product because of the fantastic features that it has to offer. Some of the features are as follows.

Top Features

Thickness and weight

Peruvian stands out for its thickness and the weight. The hair is thicker than the Brazilian human hair. But in its thickness, you will be amazed at how light it is on your head. Women love it because it does not feel bulky. You can have even five bundles installed, and you will not feel the weight. You can achieve a fuller look without any ‘consequences.’

The perfect blend for African women

The Peruvian human hair extension is one of the types that is the most outstanding when it comes to blending with African hair. That is the reason why it is the most popular type of hair among the African-American women and black women in general. It offers the most natural and realistic blend always.


This type of hair also comes in numerous textures to give every woman what they want. There is the straight texture, curly, and wavy hair.

Look and feel

As compared to the Brazilian unit, Peruvian hair is less shiny therefore lacks that pop that Brazilian item has. Also, it is courser as compared to the Brazilian hair. Therefore, do not expect a perfect silky feel after installation. Also, the benefit of the coarseness is that it holds curls exceptionally well.

Ease of maintenance

Maintaining the Peruvian unit is not complicated and does not need any special notes. You can play around with the hair and the texture. You can also change the color without limitations. One thing to note is that Peruvian units may need more heat as compared to the Brazilian one when styling.

Brazilian Straight versus Peruvian Straight

The Brazilian natural straight hair is beautiful and gorgeous. It has a very fine texture, and you can style it however you want. However, it is never naturally straight depending on the source. It tends to have some slight waves. This is as compared to the Peruvian natural straight hair which does not have any waves. However, the Peruvian natural straight hair curls slightly when it gets wet.

Brazilian wavy hair versus Peruvian wavy hair

Brazilian wavy is the most famous among all types of Brazilian hair in the market. The waves are excellent and make things more exciting. The bounce that the hair has is impeccable. The maintenance is easy, and a lot of celebrities love the product. Peruvian wavy hair is also a good choice. The choice is also popular among the Peruvian types. The difference between this and the Brazilian wavy is that the curls on the hair are a bit loose. This is as compared to those of the Brazilian wavy hair. They are not tight. However, this does not imply that the hair loses its ‘waviness’ easily. The airiness of the item is terrific.

Brazilian versus Peruvian curly hair

The Brazilian curly hair has a fuller look and a lovely bouncy feel. It is an excellent choice because the curls can hold wonderfully well. Whether there is a lot of heat or the humidity levels are high, the curls will stay in position. The Peruvian curly hair has tighter curls, and more often, the curls are developed b steam curling. Remember, straight Peruvian curls when wet. Therefore, steam curling is the best method to establish the curls. Maintain the hair by washing regularly and ensuring it is well moisturized.

Choosing between Brazilian and Peruvian

Human hair choices are very personal, and everyone has a preference that guides them. Therefore, as you try to decide what you want, analyze what you prefer your hair to have. As seen, numerous differences make each product unique in its way. Therefore, sit down and examine what will work for you best.

Considering your ethnic background can be a perfect place to start from when looking at what matters. The reason is that one hair blends excellently well with African hair as compared to the other. That is the Peruvian hair. Even so, both of them can blend well with women from all types of ethnic backgrounds.

Therefore, it will come down to how you want to look and the level of naturality you want to achieve. Other than that, you can also look at the individual features which will help you decide which hair type best describes what you want.

Once you pick the type of hair, you should then proceed to decide the texture that you want under that category. You have three options: the straight, wavy, and curly. Do you want a sleek, reserved, elegant, and a ‘more together’ look? Do you want a little spice to your hair without going overboard and one that is easier to maintain? Or can you handle the curls? All you have to do is pick the hair that matches your personality.

Final words

There are lots of quality products on the market and sometimes it is hard to find the right thing for you among all these awesome items. Whether you're getting Brazilian or Peruvian there are lots of styles you can experiment with.

Both types of hair are excellent. They give you the naturality that every human extension should give you. They have impeccable features, and they will take your looks to another level. Therefore, choosing one human hair type over the other will not put you at a loss. There is everything to gain and to enjoy by choosing your human extension. Therefore, have the confidence in picking any hair type at any time. Take care and have fun!