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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Wig

Picking out styles and a suitable wig color can be a daunting task if you do not know anything about these products. There are so many different choices ahead of you and it is really hard choosing the right product that will suit your needs.

So let's start by discussing what a wig is. It is a type of hair extension that comes sown in a cap. The cap is then worn on the hair to mimic the real one that grows from the scalp.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a product.

Figure out which style best flatters your face

The style is a key factor when it comes to wig choice. There are so many hairdos one can opt for. Either way, a person has to make sure that the style they pick will suit them perfectly or that it is versatile enough to be styled differently.

Our site makes it easy to pick the desired style. We even have a guide on picking the best wig cut for you. Do your research and find out which styling choice works the best. If this is your first time trying such an item, it is much better to go for a  natural looking style.

Select the correct capsize

Even though most caps fit the larger majority of clients, the exact correct cap fit will ensure that the item stays in place. The wig will also look more natural if a perfect fit size cap is selected. You will need to measure the size of your head. This can be done by placing a tape measure around your head from the forehead to the back of the neck to measure the circumference. After this, you can consult the capsize chat on our site to find the correct fit for you.

Choose the correct type of hair

When it comes to materials used for wigs, the synthetic and human follicles are only as good as its purpose. Both types have certain pros and cons so choosing the right one is important. Human hair wigs, though more expensive, are lasting much longer. Synthetic is also very easy to care for but has a shorter shelf life and is not heat compatible. There are also different variations of the human hair. Premium and Remy offer the best quality.

Select a suitable cap feature

There are different types of cap features. This is pretty much what determines the outcome of your hairstyle. Some have middle parting and side parting while others contain both of them or none at all. Make sure to choose a wig cap feature that can be styled differently unless you want to rock just one hairdo all through.

Here are some of the options available:

  • 100% hand-tied caps

This type of wig is very good. It will appear much fuller and will also allow a person to style it in different directions. The type is suitable for people with extremely sensitive scalp because it offers maximum comfort to the user.

  • Monofilament cap

The monofilament cap feature is also hand tied for the most part. This too will give a natural look and will also allow one to style in different directions.

  • Lace front cap

This type really flatters the hairline. If installed properly, it will be very hard to differentiate it from real human hair. All the strands are hand-tied into the lace delicately.

  • The basic cap

This is the classic cap that covers the entire head. The cap is durable and affordable and allows for ventilation through the wefts.

Choose a suitable color and length

Choosing a hair color is like choosing an attitude to wear. Color is very important when it comes to finishing a look. You want to select something that complements your skin tone and flatters your most prominent features. Black and blonde are among the top colors but don't think you're forced to choose either. Instead, take a color that will perfectly complement your natural beauty.

The type of makeup you wear on a daily basis should also be considered when choosing a hair color to avoid color crashing. The best thing to do is to look up different skin tones and recommended colors especially if you are thinking of getting a non-conventional color but are not too sure about whether it will suit you.

The length of the hair will also determine how good or bad the overall outcome is. Select a length that makes you comfortable, flatters your facial features and makes you feel most beautiful. Perhaps you need a long or a short wig that will blend well with your elongated face? 

Pick a good hair care routine and stick to it

A wig is only as good as how you take care of it. Whether it is synthetic or human, a good care routine is needed to keep it in tip-top condition. The human hair especially needs better maintenance as it is organic. You will need to take care of it just like the one that grows on your head.

Figure out which conditioners and shampoos work best for your wig and use them twice a month. Be sure to select products that do not contain harsh chemicals which may damage the hair strands on the wig. If you are unsure of how best to care for it, you can always consult your stylist or take it in for service every other week.

These products are becoming very common nowadays. This is because they are versatile and one does not need to worry about bad hair days with a wig. These products are also protective of your own natural hair.

People who are prone to hair loss should also consider this stress-free way of styling. It is a long-term solution for anyone who wants to rock a beautiful hairstyle with minimal maintenance and installation conditions.

Please check out our full collection before you go. We have lots of fashion accessories and pieces that will rock your world! You can also contact our company via email if you have any questions or simply read FAQ.