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3 Great Christmas Hairstyles to Fit Every Length

Christmas season is just around the corner and everyone is busy with every kind of celebration they are accustomed to. If you’re one of those people busy doing all the prepping for this season, you are probably wondering what kind of look should you go for to match the festivities.

Since you are considering the expenses that may be involved in this season, you probably are thinking of the best ways on how you can save some dollars in other aspects. Well, the good news is, there are many ways you can save in terms of beauty and fashion, particularly with your hairstyle and the outfit that goes with it.

The main factor in picking out a hairdo depends on what seems to be the most fitting to you and your personality. It should also be about the style that jives with the weather and the festive season! If you haven’t found that perfect hairstyle yet, here are three fashionable ideas that will indeed provide you with the comfort and style you will ever need.

The Messy Half Top Knot

Half top knots are very popular because it is very easy to prepare and also very simple yet stylish and comfortable. This hairstyle does not need any delicate arrangement and a little messy style is enough to make it look adorable and attractive. Regardless of the shape of your face or length of your hair, the messy half top knot hairdo will surely keep you ready for any Christmas event ahead. So here’s how to do it:

  • Separate the strands that are at the crown of your head from the rest. You can use your temples to gauge the volume that you want to work with as you section the strands. If the quantity at the top of your head is not what you prefer, you can add a few strands from those at the sides. However, If they are too much, you can let down a few of the strands.
  • Once you have sectioned it and you are satisfied with the volume, gather the strands and create a small bun. Hold the hair at the roots with your left hand and rotate the length under the left hand with the right one. Use the clear elastic to secure it.
  • Now, take some bobby pins and use them to make the bun lie flat at the top of your head. You do not want it to look as though it is upright. And of course, do it a little messy but beautifully. Once you are finished, you should pull the baby hair along the edges so that they can also be a bit messy. Take your spray and put some on your hair. It helps to give it more texture and firmness to the messy styling.
  • So there it is, and you are all done. Next is put on your makeup for the season and make it look fresh and happy to really match the season of joy and giving.

Double Dutch Braid Messy Bun

Another hairstyle we recommend is one that really fits with any other occasion that includes a bit of activity but still maintains fashion and style. Braids are perfect for those who love a neat and simple look. On the other hand, a messy bun radiates a personality of styling freedom and youthfulness. Combining these two hairdos will give you the image of a free-spirited individual that is very expressive yet gentle-mannered.

Since the season is focusing on being more friendly and hospitable, having an aura of friendliness will be radiated starting with your hairstyle. This is one of the best to show what you have inside your heart to match the season of giving. Let us begin with the following easy steps for you to try on:

  • First, you need to braid to sections to start with. Therefore, the next step is to decide where you want to separate your hair. While some go with a side part, many prefer the middle part. The reason is that it shows uniformity and balance.
  • Creating a Dutch braid requires three strands. You will proceed by taking the left strand and crossing it under the strands at the center. Take the right strand and pass it under the strands at the center. Keep doing this to the end as you add more strands.
  • Follow through by sectioning the strands at the front of the right portion and apply the technique; grabbing few more strands and add them to the strands on the left. Cross all of these strands under the middle. Do the same at the right side. When you get to the base of the neck, use the clear elastic to prevent them from unraveling. Do the same to the left section.
  • Once you have the two Dutch Braids, pull at different areas along the braid to add more volume and to enhance its messiness. This process is what we refer to as fanning.
  • Now, remove the elastics and gather all the strands and create a low bun at the nape of your neck. Use one elastic and secure the bun in place. If the bun is too messy, use some bobby pins to secure the sections or areas.
  • When you go for this look, it is important to note that it also works best with wavy hair. The waves go a long way to create the messy outlook we want to achieve. Therefore, if your strands are straight, you can use a curling iron to install a few waves. Whether it is your natural hair or extensions, curling irons will do just great.

The Natural Headband

Fancy headbands always add cuteness and appeal to most hairstyles. These headpieces seem to be the reflection of a person’s personality and taste. But how about using a headband right from your very own hair? Well, doing so will not only make your hairdo firmly in place but also show some uniqueness and versatility.

There are actually two types of natural headbands using your own stylish hair. We have the twisted one that is simpler and the braided one for added uniqueness and personality. For those who are always in a hurry and have no time to do some hair braiding, the twist type is a perfect choice. Nevertheless, the procedures that we are going to show are quite similar. Also, the style works wonderfully well with medium to long hair. Therefore, you can add extensions if you have shorter strands. Whether they are weaves or clip-ins, the results will surely make you ready to start the season early. Here is what we need to do:

  • You will be working with two sections that are on either side of the head to create the headband. Having two headbands give more sturdy results that can stay in place the entire day. On one side of the head, collect some strands at the place that is above your ear and let the section be two inches in width.
  • Divide the sections into two equal parts and start twisting the strands. Place one portion of strands over the other and repeat the process until you remain with around two inches to the end. Pause at this point and you should have a twist that looks like a rope. Now, hold the end of the twist with your left hand and start fanning the twist with your right hand. You only need your thumb and index finger to fan it out. This gives the twist more volume and makes it beautifully messy. When you are satisfied with the texture, cross it over your head and secure it using bobby pins. You can pin it close to where your next twist will begin.
  • Repeat the same process of separating and twisting the strands on the other side of your head. Fan out the twist then cross it over at the top of your head close to the first one. Secure it in by using bobby pins as well.
  • Remember, if you went along with braiding, use the regular three strands braids and fan it as well. The same procedures apply. Also, if you have clip-in extensions, you have to ensure that every weave is neatly in order.
  • As you finish, you will realize that the hair at the front of your head is separated from the back. You can straighten up any tangled strands with your hands or a wide-toothed comb.
  • As a final touch, you can either spray the hair or leave it as is.
  • So we are all done, and all you need to do is try these styles and decide which one will suit your taste and personality.

Remember, having to prepare a fashionable hairdo for the season is quite exciting, but the thing is, you really need to try these ahead of time and tweak it to add some originality and definition based on the clothes you might be wearing that day. It’s also a good idea to match it with your makeup! But again, nothing beats healthy hair to work with all the styles you want. So, nourish your hair regularly and you will always be ready to flaunt any occasion!