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How to Choose the Right Clip-in Extensions

We are constantly affected by the media.

As soon as you turn on your TV you can see numerous ads promoting a healthy life and natural look. However, even though there are lots of people who swear in this lifestyle, some of them are using fake, unnatural products. This is especially common when it comes to clip-in extensions. 

What is so great about clip-ins?

First and foremost, clip-in additions are a quick solution. If you’re a woman who takes a good care of her hair, you know how much time you need to maintain it. Even with all this invested time, there is no guarantee that it will look the way you want.

With extensions, you get what you see. They will instantly increase the volume of your natural hair making it look a bit fluffier, longer and stylish. But what differentiates regular additions from clip-ins?

Well, unlike the regular ones which tend to be very expensive and time-consuming, clip-ins are pretty straightforward. You can put them on at any time and remove them as simple as that. In other words, they allow you to experiment and change things up from time to time. You can have several bundles of clip-ins at home and change them depending on the occasion. An additional benefit of using clip-ins is that you can remove them at any time and relax your head and scalp. You can even swap them for a wig or remove them altogether.

How to wear clip-in extensions: Pro tips

Choosing the proper clip-ins

  • Do you want real or synthetic?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what type of clip-ins you want to wear. While synthetic type is the cheaper option, they are also harder to pull off. Natural hair is, as the name implies, made of natural fibers and thus retains all the properties of a real thing. This means that follicles are similar to your own and you can easily dye them.

  • Using complementary nuances

As I already mentioned, natural hair extensions can be dyed to match your own. However, it is still much better to find the right color when buying the product. Your main goal is to have clip-ins that are in the same shade as your own hair.

  • Finding the proper length

Besides color, length is another factor we need to consider. Most women buy extensions to add some length to their natural hair. Still, you shouldn’t go overboard. Instead, make sure to choose those that are just a bit longer than your natural one. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about styling extensions, you might as well get longer ones as you will have the option of cutting them later on.

Tips for applying the product

  • Prepare the tools in advance

Like with everything else in life, the end results will only be as good as the tools which you used for the process. Don’t be stingy when buying the tools. Good tools can go a long way in helping your separate the hair prior to placing the item.

  • Take it slowly

Whether we’re talking about wigs or extensions, it is always better to take things slowly. Even though applying clip-ins is a pretty quick process, it isn’t something you should rush. The main focus should be on blending additions with your natural hair as you wish to have a more balanced style.

  • Think about the grip

One of the biggest issues with this type of extensions is that they can easily slide down. So what should you do to prevent it? Find something they can attach to. One of the options you have at your disposal is combing the roots before placing the additions. You may also tie fine sections of hair into elastics.

  • Combining them with your natural hair

Finding the right colors is just one part of blending this product with your natural hair. You should also find the right style. Once you put them on, you can curl it, straighten it or create any style you see fit. There shouldn’t be any difference between your hair and these products.

Tips for proper maintenance of additions

If you’re using better, natural hair additions made from real follicles, you always have to keep in mind that they are made from the same material as the one on your head. In that regard, they will be affected by the same things as your natural hair.

In order for clip-ins to last longer, you need to follow these tips and tricks.

  • Avoid too much heat

Heat tools can be quite disastrous for your hair and extensions. They have a similar impact on both, drying them and making them crude. This in terms can lead to breakage. In order to avoid losing natural density and quality, you should stop (or at least minimize) using tools such as straighteners and hair dryers. However, if you’re intent on using these items, you should consider wearing protectors in order to minimize the damage.

  • Reduce washing

All these processes can be really disastrous. Washing and styling are problematic in particular as they strip the hair from natural oils. Without these oils, extensions become dry, crude and prone to damage.

  • Using natural solutions and oils

On the other hand, you need to do everything in your power to increase the number of oils you use and moisturize it. Make sure to use natural oils and other products which have lots of vitamins.

  • Brushing

Again, it’s crucial to be gentle. During brushing, you may yank down particular parts. Go slowly and use brushes with wide teeth.

  • Storing

Ideally, you should remove clip-ins every night. But before you go to bed, make sure to put them somewhere safe. Place them in a straight position.

With these simple tips, your hair extensions will last for a much longer time. Make sure to be gentle and avoid all the products and tools which you would otherwise avoid and which are harmful to real hair.