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What’s Are The Best Types of Curly Hair For You?

Curly hair is simply amazing! While it might seem a bit wild at times and you might have issues styling it, we cannot neglect the fact that this type of hair gives people a unique appearance. In fact, even if your hair is naturally curly, you probably wanted to try some other curly products that would give you a different look.

But which style should you go for? There are lots of different curly hair items on the market and sometimes, it is really hard to make a decision. It gets even worse if a person doesn’t know anything about a particular style, hair quality or other traits that a product may possess.

In order to make your internet browsing a bit easier, we have made this guide analyzing various types of curly hair. Enjoy and we hope it helps your search!

Basic product types

First of all, you need to know what are the basic product types:

  • Body wave

When talking about curly hair, most people refer to body wave. It is a basic style that is also a great starting point for people who have never bought similar items. The item is pretty awesome in its own regard and while it is mainly for daily use, you can wear it for special occasions. Its locks have a specific S shape that makes the whole product so unique. The main reason why women perceive body weave as the “basic” style is because it is really easy for maintenance and doesn’t require much time.

  • Deep wave

As you can presume, the deep wave is a variation of body wave. This hair is much more “tucked in” at the top while it becomes wilder as it goes towards the end. The curls are much tighter compared to the previous item. At the same time, there is a certain smoothness and easiness to it. Unlike body wave, it looks more casual why it is much better to wear it on a daily basis. However, in terms of maintenance, it requires more dedication compared to the previous product.

  • Deep curly

Deep curly is one of the wildest, hardest to contain, hair items on this list. It is much fluffier, with amazing volume. In fact, it is most similar to natural hair which is why deep curly items can easily be combined with your natural strands. Deep curly provides an amazing casual look. But, it can be a bit hard to maintain. Deep curly hair extensions are especially interesting as one of the best ways of further increasing your volume.

  • Kinky straight

This is probably the most “formal” hair on our list. If you need something for special occasions, this would be a good alternative to body wave. Both of them are very elegant and can provide you that special look which you certainly desire. In fact, by wearing it, you will look like an RnB star! The whole product looks even and well-shaped.

  • Kinky curly

Lastly, we have to come to kinky curly. Kinky curly is very similar to natural hair that most African-American women have. It is really wild and untamable which makes it a bit harder for maintenance. Still, besides the fact it looks natural, it is pretty amazing and impactful. It provides the wearer with extra volume. Also, did we mention it will add to your personality?

Types of curly hair based on origin

Hair products that are sold on the open market usually created by assembling strands from young donors. If the hair is of high quality and has never been processed by chemicals, we call it virgin hair. These items, in particular, are really special and are worth every penny.

Given that women from different regions of the world have different traits, their hair will also vary significantly. Here are some of the most popular hair types you can buy:

  • Brazilian curly hair

Without any doubt, Brazilian hair products are the most popular items of this kind. The secret lies in its quality and amazing volume. When used for a weave, you can rest assured that the curly will remain in perfect shape. They are very soft but also, very voluminous. You can choose between different textures and styles and if you want to, it is also possible to style and dye your Brazilian hair.

  • Indian curly hair

On the flip side, Indian hair is recognized as the worst quality and cheapest hair item. It is really light due to the fact its strands are thin. Normally, this will affect the overall volume and appearance. Still, this also means that there will be less pressure on your scalp as there won’t be as much weight. This is why Indian hair might be one of the better solutions for women who don’t like removing their weave and hair pieces.

  • Malaysian curly hair

Malaysian hair can be a good alternative to Brazilian. It is also regarded as a hair item of high quality but with different traits. For example, Malaysian pieces are known for their high level of shine. They also feel very smooth and silky. In fact, they bring a certain elegance which is why they might be a good option for special occasions. Unfortunately, these qualities may cause your hair to look a bit unnatural or at least, styled.

  • Peruvian curly hair

The last hair type on our list is Peruvian hair. Peruvian curly hair weaves are really durable and strong. They tend to be extremely thick. They are pretty easy to style and dye and you can rest assured that the curls will remain in place no matter what. They can be a bad choice for women who prefer their hair smooth and silky. Peruvian hair also has a bit longer life expectancy compared to alternatives.

What is the best choice for you?

As you can see based on this article, there are big differences between curly hairs.

First of all, you have to ask yourself what kind of style you want? While this is mostly an esthetic question, it is also important in terms of maintenance. Certain types of curly hair weaves can be really time-consuming which might not be ideal for some women. Then again, it all depends as there are a lot of women who are willing to invest their free time in order to look fabulous!

Then, you have to consider the origin of a product. As previously mentioned, Brazilian hair pieces are usually mentioned as the best solution which is why they tend to be pricier. But, it might also be good to consider other alternatives. In the end, there are lots of differences in terms of traits so you might want to check other options as well. However, if you’re a first-time buyer, perhaps its best to start with Brazilian.

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