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3 Super Chic and Easy Braided Hairstyles

Knowing the basics of braiding leads you to a ton of different other hairstyles to explore. While it is true that this process is not that difficult, it is still something that needs a lot of practice. To pull off the best-braided hairdo, you need to do it with precision and extra care. However, you need to remember that you do not need a professional stylist to braid your hair; you can learn how to do it by yourself! It's true that knowing the correct hand motions may look confusing at first because your hands will obviously be overwhelmed by divisions of hair that you need to hold. Nonetheless, practice makes perfect. Regularly practicing how to do it will surely help you carry out beautiful braids.

These three styling ideas we are about to teach you are not only simple and easy to do, but they are also quite versatile. With the help of these easy-to-braid hairdos, you can always look extra fashionable not only on formal occasions but also even if you go shopping with your girlfriends, stroll around the park or just for a casual walk.

In this article, we are going to focus first on doing the basic three-strand braid. This type can be one of the most versatile elements in your hairstyling techniques. Additionally, performing it is not that complicated. You can surely finish this within a few minutes. Let us now know how to do these three easy braids.

  1. A Dutch Braid at the Top of Your Head

Dutch braids will surely help you achieve a trendy and carefree look. After all, they are not too difficult to pull off. However, in order to successfully execute this style, your strands need to be longer. If you want to do the Dutch braid but the length of your hair is short, you can go for extensions. It gives it a longer length and greater volume, which makes it possible to freely braid it. If you have a medium length hair, performing this hairdo usually works by starting the braid on the crown of your head.

  • With the help of your index fingers, go to the center of your head and section right from the forehead towards the middle part.
  • Move an inch away from the part on either side and split the strands as you move the index fingers towards your face.
  • You will now have a huge section at the top of your head, and the other strands will drape on the respective sides.
  • Take an elastic band to hold the hair on the sides, and the back of your head to get them out of the way.
  • Grab a section of strands at the top of your head and separate a small section at the center of the head.
  • Separate this section again to create three portions, and you may now start performing your Dutch braid.
  • Cross the strands on the right under the middle strands so that you can create a new strand on the center. Keep on doing this as you add the rest of the strands along the length towards your face.
  • When you get to your forehead, you will have three strands.
  • Separate those at the middle into two halves and connect them with the strands on the respective side. This leaves you with two portions of strands.
  • Twist the two strands on either side to the end. Take one bobby pin and pin the twist on the right and pin it at the back of the head.
  • Pin the left one on the left side and at the back.
  • Take out the elastic band and release the rest of the hair.
  • Run your fingers through the strands, and you are now good to go.
  1. The Side Braid

This type is one of the coolest braids you can try. This hairstyle is one of the unique and stylish ways to keep off your fringes away from your face. After you form the braid, it’ll look like a headband that neatly wraps your hair up. You won’t have to do some touchups every now and then!

  • Gather your hair into one side, and the braid should start from your temple. From the front of your face, go back around three inches on your temple to locate where to start sectioning it.
  • After you found the spot, start running your index finger through the strands on the side with more strands and end at the top of your ear.
  • Hold the rest of your hair with an elastic band and leave the one you want to braid.
  • Leave some hair at the front of your face, then start plaiting the strands right from the temple toward the other and keep braiding until you reach the bottom part which is right behind your ear.
  • The braid should resemble a headband. And when you are at the end part of it, flip it right under the rest of your hair and secure it with a bobby pin. You are good to go!
  1. Braided Half Updo

This type is easy to do and it perfectly fits any face shapes. If your hair is long and wavy, well, this type of braid will suit gorgeously.

  • Brush it first to get rid of any tangles.
  • Next, gather two little portions in your hair for the braid.
  • Start on one side. Plait the first portion until you reach the end and flip it under the rest of it.
  • Secure it with a bobby pin.
  • Do the same with the other portion. Place it right under the first braid and secure with a bobby pin.
  • Once you're done plaiting, go on the other side. Do the same process.
  • To accentuate the half updo, fan out or unloose the rest of your hair. You can also leave some portions or strands on the sides of your face for natural hair drapes.

Over to you

Do you want to try any of these hairstyles? You probably can’t wait to give your hair some styling twists! Braids may seem too typical or casual, but there are tons of ways to spruce it up.

But if you want to pull off an easy, simple, and stylish braided hairdo, mentioned above are some of the techniques you can try. No more mind-boggling and time-consuming techniques. You can get them all done in no time!

What do you think of these ideas? Would you try them? Let us know!