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Create an Elegant Bun in Just 2 Minutes

When we browse through our favorite fashion magazines, we’ll usually spot a certain hairstyle that we would love to try for ourselves. However, considering how perfect these particular styles are, it’s easy to assume that completing one of them may require more than an hour. Totally not for busy bees like yourself!

Well, the good news is, there are many different hairstyles out there that can give you the same elegant look – without spending hours doing it. Your hair plays a major role in defining your facial features so going for a hairdo that highlights your assets should always be your go-to.

There are quite a number of hairstyles to make you look fashionably beautiful. Unfortunately, most of them take thirty minutes or more to achieve the look you desired. But today, we’ll share a style that suits all occasions and all face shapes! We are going to guide you on how to create an elegant bun in just two minutes, a hairstyle that you can wear every day without any fuss. This elegant bun can even be tweaked with little pulls and curls so you can wear them for your more formal gatherings. Let’s get started.

Use extensions to add volume

Whether you have thin or thick hair, a little bit of more volume won’t hurt, especially when we are dealing with buns. With the availability of extensions of varying colors and shades, styling has become very versatile and unique. So, before getting started, you may wish to add some extensions to add some volume to the bun you are planning to create. Hair extensions come in a vast variety of types so feel free to choose the ones that suit your budget as well.

Begin by gently brushing to make sure it’s free from tangles. Then take a section of it at the nape area and clip your extensions in. Work your way upwards and gradually take sections of your hair to repeat the clipping process. Once all the extensions at the back of your hair are set, brush through it again to create a seamless transition. Now prepare the type and size of the bun you are about to style in.

Creating the bun

  • Before you begin, be sure to have some bobby pins handy because you will be needing most of them.
  • Start off with the left section of your hair by pulling some strands including your bangs on that left section and start twisting it away from your face towards the back of your head.
  • While holding the edge of the strand with your left hand, use your right hand to pull some strands from the twisted hair to create some volume and make it look a bit messier.
  • Do the same thing with the right side section of your hair and include your right side bangs in the twisting strands.
  • Secure each twisted strands at the back of your head using some bobby pins to create the initial strands for your bun.
  • Next is get the remaining hair strands together with the twisted hair and divide them into two equal sections. Pull the right section towards the left and do the same with the left part.
  • Now twist the left section towards your face and get back to the right section and twist it also while pulling some strands again to add volume then firmly form it in a circle to create the partial bun.
  • Then do the same with the left section to complete the bun. Secure them by using several bobby pins.
  • If you have layers or loose strands just insert it under the bun and hold it there with bobby pins. At this point, it is almost two minutes and your hairstyle is now ready to be worn.

In just two minutes (or less!), you already have a beautifully elegant bun similar to that hairdo creation you fancy on your favorite fashion magazine! You can wear it on every occasion any time of the year. You may also adjust your hair volume by pulling some strands on the bun, as well as from the twisted strands to match every occasion you are about to attend to.

The most important thing is that you were able to do the basics on your own easily and practically. Once you’re done with the bun, you can easily make adjustments for it to fit your personal style and mood.

Why should you give it a try?

  • It’s simple and easy. If your hair is long enough and does not need any more extensions, then you can immediately start the styling. No more complicated tools needed, just bobby pins.
  • It’s fast yet trendy. Two minutes is all that it takes to have this attractive hairstyle. You can do it even inside your car while resting in your office or just having your breakfast and hurrying for work or school.
  • Looks neat and fresh. There’s no better hairstyle that something to make you look refreshed and clean, and that’s an added plus factor to your beauty and personality.