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Free and Three Lace Closures: How Are They Different?

There is everything good to enjoy being a woman. It is said that the glory of a woman is tied down to her hair and I agree with this to some extent. A woman who has a full, long, healthy, lustrous, and gorgeous hair looks angelic. It is always a sight to behold. To achieve this look, any women use weaves and wigs.

Weaves are becoming very popular because they now look more real than ever. With the introduction of lace closures, you can now have an excellent and natural look without any problems. But what exactly are closures?

What are lace closures?

A closure is a section of hair that is attached to lace, silk or nylon as a base for the hair so that when installed, it can mimic your scalp and help protect it as well as your hair. The length of closure can range depending on the different companies that make them. Many of them range between three and five inches. It can be made from human follicles or synthetic fibers. It depends on what you want, and there is something for everyone out there.

While looking at the subject matter, it is essential to know that lace closures are the most prevalent choice for a lot of women. There are unique features about lace closures that resonate well with so many people. The most outstanding reason is that lace can blend excellently with your scalp giving you a perfect and comfortable look.

When you use lace closure, the hair on it seems as though they are growing out of your scalp. This trait is what every woman wants; a natural-looking finish that makes the weave look more real and realistic.

Different types of closures

Lace closures come in two categories; there is the pre-parted and the free part closure. The pre-parted lace closure comes in three forms; it can have a part at the middle, side or have three parts. However, we are going to focus on the three-part and the free part today.

Three-part closure

As the name suggests, the three-part lace closure is one that has three parts. Therefore, you have three choices of parting your weave when styling it for a day to day look. One thing to note is that the installation of this lace closure needs a very accurate hand. Without accuracy, the weave may end up looking a little off, and you will not like it. But with an accurate hand, you can rock this lace closure.

Free part closure

The free part closure is also excellent to choose. Many people describe this closure as the most natural looking. The reason is that you can part it anywhere you want with great ease. This feature gives you excellent flexibility and versatility of the lace closure. One amazing thing to note is that a free part will never mess you up even when the installation was not accurate. There are no ‘marks’ that will show the mistakes. That is why you can never go wrong with a free part closure.

What are the primary differences?

There are so many unique and excellent features that make these two types of closures to stand out one from the other. The unique features that make them excellent, outstanding and different are as follows.

Their looks

The way the two lace closures are constructed is their unhidden differences. As we said earlier, the three-part lace closure has three parts. On the other hand, the free part has no part anywhere. You have to make the parts on your own. The beauty of the free part is that you can turn it into any style that you want. For instance, you can make a middle part, a side part, two parts, or three parts. You can easily switch from a free part to a pre-parted look within minutes.

The ease of styling

Ease of styling on those rush hour mornings will make all the difference for everyone’s choice. One thing about the three-part lace closure is that it stands out when it comes to the ease of styling. Since it has pre-parts, all you have to do is to identify the part and style accordingly. You can also switch comfortably from side to side. However, when dealing with a free part, the same may not be the case. Once your stylist makes a part for you, it may be a little tricky for you to keep up with the part after you are out of the salon. You may end up frustrated when trying to keep up.


When you compare the two, the free part lace closure gives you more control and freedom as compared to the three-part. When you install the free part lace closure, you can always part your hair in any way you want or leave it as it is. However, with the three-part, you will be very restricted, and you cannot part the hair anywhere else other than where the parts exist. Also, regardless of how you style it, someone may always be able to trace the ‘hard-part’ because they can not be completely hidden.

Free part lace closures look more natural

No one naturally has three ‘hard-parts’ on their hair. That is why the three-part place closure does not look as real as the free part. The free part closure mimics the natural look of a person’s hair and its original look without any styling; no parts and free-falling to the back.

Consequences of errors

As we said earlier, the three-part lace closure does not give you any room for you to make any mistakes. No one can afford to be inaccurate during installation. Any errors will make your look to seem slightly off, and everything will look bad. On the other hand, you can get away with slight mistakes when installing a free part lace closure. Minor mistakes are hardly noticeable.

Co-washing may change things for the three-part lace closure

When women co-wash their three-part lace closure, more often than not, the closure ends up looking like a free part, and this may be frustrating. Many people ultimately end up switching to free part closures. The reason is that if you are going to end up with a free part look after co-washing, you may as well buy the real thing from the beginning.

The price

For one reason or the other, the free part lace closure always seems to be less expensive as compared to the three-part closure. Even so, the price of the free part will also depend on a few factors such as the material used whether real human or synthetic hair, the brand that made it, and so on.

Choosing your lace closure

Having looked at the main differences between the free and three-part lace closures, it is befitting that you also learn about the factors that should influence your choice.

The look you want: both give you an excellent natural look. However, the free part lace closure gives you more because it mimics the exact natural look of a woman’s hair. It is free from any unnatural parts.

Styling: both of them have their ups and downs when it comes to styling. The three-part lace closure is versatile and flexible to style. The pre-part makes it easy for your hair to fall in a particular direction easily. You will also have an easy time locating the parts. The downside is that you can never hide the parts whenever you want to hide them. The free part lace closure is also excellently flexible and versatile because you can part it anywhere. The only problem arises when you want to trace the part when alone. It can be a challenge.

The length: each lace closure has different lengths, and the choice depends on your preferences entirely.

Your budget: if you are looking for a less expensive lace closure, the free part lace closures are perfect.


Everyone has a preference for how they want to look. Therefore, the choice as per which lace closure to choose entirely lies on you. One thing to note is that both options will help you get that perfect and natural finish that you desire. The question is how natural do you want to be?

Lace closures are a gift that every woman must have. No one can afford not to have any of these closures because they can transform your look in ways that you never thought of before. They are fun to work with and very flexible. They will both fulfill the desire you have when you walk into a salon. In all their differences, there is something great and unique that makes each type of lace closure stand out. Therefore, you can rest be assured that you will get what you are looking for in the end.

You can now buy any of these lace closures since you now know what you are getting yourself into. While each lace closure may have something that will challenge you, they will do what they do best. They will enhance your look and accentuate your hair’s beauty. Whether you need Malaysian 360 lace frontal deep wave, Peruvian extensions, or Indian loose wave, we're here to fulfill all your wishes. You will love every inch of our quality products - we have a customer support that will help you register an account, assist with payment and generally, make your shopping a real treat!