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Hair Closure: Learn All The Basics

Every woman across the world is striving to ensure that they have the full knowledge of closures since they are becoming a ‘must have’ item. They have proved their worth to the women across the globe. While many of them may know all everything about closures, there are those who are still learning.

Here, we will lay down everything you need to know about this item so that you can be more enlightened like every other sophisticated and elegant woman.

What is a hair closure?

It's a product that companies create by attaching hair to a base material whether silk or lace and is usually used with weaves and wigs to give it a natural look and to protect the natural hair and scalp as well.

This product is attached to the cornrow base and is secured in place using different methods. Typically, when making the closure, strands will be tied down on the base that is used. This ensures that it looks as though the hair is growing from the scalp.

What are they for?

Closures are not designed to be used by a particular type of woman and not the other. They are for every woman who wants to have the best that the hair ‘world’ has to offer. It is for the woman who wants to have that gorgeous hair and make it look as natural as possible. For a very long time, women wore wigs, weaves, and extensions and there was no way to make these additions look more real excellently. But with closures, things took a good turn.

These products are meant to give your hairdo a perfect and natural feel and look. When they are installed, they make it seem as though it is growing out of your scalp. They are created to be used with all kinds of hair like natural, scanty, permed, and so on. They are also excellent for people with receding hairlines.


There are some closures that you can purchase. Some of them are pre-parted and the one that is a free part.


This is one that comes when it is already styled for you. Typically, they can either have a middle part, a side part or have three parts. The three-part closure is the most outstanding because it comes with more sections. Therefore, you can have an easy time changing from one look to the other depending on what you want.

With the three-part unit, you can train your hair to fall on any side without many struggles. The middle part and the side part closures do not give you so much flexibility as you may wish to have. Therefore, unless otherwise, you may have to stay with one look for a very long time.

Free part 

This one is the favorite option for a lot of women. This one does not come with any styles. There are no parts whatsoever, and this only means that you can rock any hairstyle without anything restricting you. The closure also has a reputation of being the most natural-looking one.

It perfectly mimics your natural hair. With this unit, you will need a stylist to help you style it, and if you are a pro, you will be fine. For others, the challenge comes in when they try to keep track of the part after some time. Nonetheless, it remains the best choice.

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Materials used

Companies make closures from different materials from the type of hair to the base. The manufacturing company can use virgin human, Remy, synthetic hair, and so on. However, we are in a place where many manufacturers are focusing on using human products because women are evolving and embracing human hair. Therefore, the synthetic fibers are becoming less preferred.

The type of base is also another factor that any women debate about and consider before they pick a closure. The popular base types that manufacture use include silk and lace.


Lace closures are very popular and a common choice for so many people. They are excellent because it has a perfect way of mimicking the human scalp. The tiny holes of the lace make it seem as though they are the real opening of natural hair follicles. Therefore, a person will get an impression that the hair is growing out of the scalp naturally. Other than that, lace closures also lay flat on the head when installed. This further enhances its natural look


Silk closures are also great contenders for the spotlight. The silk base is used because of its excellent durability. Silk is stronger as compared to lace which is a little delicate. While this can be an advantage, it is also a great disadvantage. Since it is sturdier and thicker, it does not lay flat as one may want. It also lacks the most natural look.

Which one is better? Silk or lace closures?

Lace units stand out because they have a more natural appeal. Their flat appearance is an excellent factor to consider. However, the choice remains with you. One thing to remember is that you have to bleach the knots of the lace closure. Bleaching the knots is simple and is excellent for making the base look more like your scalp. You can also use a concealer for the same purpose. Apply a bit of concealer on the lace and particularly the parts and the edges.

What's the difference between closures and frontals?

There are a lot of differences between them. The most outstanding difference is their size. Closures tend to be smaller in size because they only cover a minor part of the head. The part is usually the top of the head and does not extend to the sides.

On the other hand, frontals are bigger. Frontals have an ear to ear length. They cover the whole front part of the head. Therefore, their width differs. Frontals are excellent for enhancing the look of your hairline as it can create an ear to ear hairline.

Which one is better?

These two products serve different purposes. A closure is used to give you a natural and realistic part while a frontal serves the purpose of creating a natural hairline. They both have differences and unique features. They are all excellent at what they are intended for when during their creation. Therefore, deciding which one is the best will depend on the look you want to achieve.

How to install them?

There are several ways that you can use to install closures. It will depend on what you prefer and what is convenient for you. When installing, you can sew it down, or you can tape it or glue it down. Typically, they can be used on wigs, hair extensions, and weaves.

When you use closures on wigs, you can secure them down using straps or glue. The straps are convenient because they are more flexible and adjustable. If you are doing a sew in, You can also opt to sew down the closure. It is recommended that you start by sewing it in before any other hair. Secure it tightly in place to avoid any hiccups later. This is also what you should do even when creating a wig with a closure.

Giving it priority helps you to have enough space to use during the process. It will also go a long way in ensuring that the closure lays down flat as it should. 

Do you need one?

Many people keep hearing all the praises of this product, and they keep asking themselves whether or not they also need one. The truth is that it is not a must for you to have closures. Women survived without them for a very long time.

But here are two good reasons why you need them.

A closure gives you a natural look: when you are getting your hair done, they are the only thing that is going to make people think you are rocking your real hair. The realistic and natural look is beyond fascinating.

The trend has changed: as the everyday sophisticated and elegant woman, why would you want to remain in the past when the present is much more glorious? Things can only get better with time. Therefore, you need to keep up with the trends and keep looking fabulous lie other women.

Can I reuse my closure?

Yes, you can reuse it as often as possible. Whenever you undo your hair, wash them, add some conditioner, and air dry it. The conditioner helps it to remain soft and tangle free. You can then carefully brush the closure, and it will be ready for use again.

These are some of the things that will help you a lot in your quest to explore more about closures. The information above will help you choose the best one and do so much.

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