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The Best Hair Extensions for Black Women

Everyone is always out to look good whether it is how they dress, their makeup or otherwise. The most significant part that women give attention is their hair.

Women from different ethnic groups have different hair growth rate. The rate will determine the length, and this brings us back to the fact that black women have some of the shortest lengths naturally. Blame it on anything you want to, but that is God’s reality. Some are blessed enough to have better length than the others. However, that is not the end of the world because now everyone can have the length they want including black women.

No one has to get stuck with length, texture and volume that they do not like because there is something that can be done. Hair additions have become the magic that many women are using to have an outlook that they fancy. There are no limitations whatsoever. Why don't you try different hairstyles that will focus on your natural beauty? 


These are typically strands of hair that have been gathered and attached so that they can be added to a person’s real hair. They have been around for a very long time, and there are myriad of them to choose them depending on several factors.

Over the years, they were made using synthetic fiber that was made from plastic. Typically, the additions had fiber ‘strands’ that would act like real strands. Manufacturers went all the way to ensure the strands have some properties that resemble real ones and women adopted to using them. They came in different colors, forms, textures and so on.

Time went by, and we had a new generation of extensions that were more authentic, had better features, were versatile in use and styling and were a better match for women. The new generation of extensions is made from real human hair.

The strands are harvested from real-life donors from different parts of the world. Because of the different climatic conditions and nature, we end up having different characteristics for different types of extensions. The types of additions we have in the market include Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Indian, and so on. All these types have unique differences. Even so, they are all fabulous and dependable to give you a stunning look.

Real additions with natural strands are a trend that everyone is following. These additions have proven their worth beyond any reasonable doubt. They last longer, are very flexible, are very versatile, and they are easy to maintain because you can treat them like you treat your authentic hair.

Choosing an extension

As you have seen, so far we have two types of extensions based on the material used to make them. Therefore, always ensure that you check to see whether the pack you are buying is synthetic or it is real human hair. Also, when you choose the latter type, check whether or not all the strands are natural or there is a tiny percentage of synthetic fiber added to it. Being cautious will help you know how to take better care of it and the kind of styling devices that you should use when styling.

Other than categorizing them by the material used to make them, the process of installation will also set the extensions apart. When you are having them installed, do you want to leave out some hair or you do you want to cover every strand? Do you want permanent installations or temporary ones so that you can change it whenever you want? Do you want something that you can quickly do it on your own?

All these are questions that you must answer before you choose an installation method. Typically, we have tape-ins, clip-ins, bonding, sew-ins, micro links, and a few others. In all these methods, many black women go for the sew-in method.

The sew-in extensions are also referred to as weaves. Black women prefer hair weaves from Brazil over other types because they have proved to be more effective, convenient, and practical for them. With weaves, their natural hair is braided down so that they can form a base for the installation. The process requires that you use a thread and needle to attach the weave. It is always machine wefted, and the wefts provide tracks. Therefore, the wefts will be sealed using sealants and a thread will be passed under the tracks and through the braids.

More often, women use closures or frontals to finish off the sew-in. The closures and frontals are hairpieces that are made from real strands which are knotted down on a base material whether lace or silk. The base material imitates the scalp. When these items are used, they make it look as though the hair is growing out of the scalp. This is the most famous path that women take when getting a weave installed. No natural strand is left out, and they are well protected and preserved from harmful factors.

The other method is by leaving out a part of the hair. Though it is reducing in its popularity because of the introduction of the frontals and closures, some women still go for it. The leave-out sew-in does not hide every strand. The part that is left out is to blend it with the weave so that everything looks real and believable.

Why should you pick human hair extensions?

These extensions are the best choice. They are the ones that offer you all the lovely characteristics that authentic strands of human hair have. The most inspiring reasons for this choice are deeper.

They last long: these addition types are a worthy investment. Though they are a bit expensive than their counterparts, they last longer. When you take proper care of them, they will last up to a year and above. Meaning, once you purchase them, you are done for a whole year.

They help you spice up your looks every day: with these items, you can change how you look with a snap of a finger. Playing around with your natural hair is fun but how long will you go on until you damage it? But with these extensions, you can curl it, blow dry it, straighten it, bleach it, dye it, and perm it. They protect your hair, and they can take the heat. Just remember not to use high heat levels and not to style them too often.

They are easier to take care of: These additions are easier to work with. The maintenance routine that works for natural hair will work for them. When cleaning and conditioning, only use products that are mild and nourishing. Do not use products that have chemicals because the harsh chemicals reduce the life of the extension.

These are a few of the reasons to convince you that this they are a better choice. You will not get any of these characteristics with the synthetic ones.

Which hair is the best choice?

Many women wonder about which addition is best for them and especially Afro-American. Generally, these extensions are created so that they can blend excellently well with women from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds. They can all go a long way to blend with black women’s hair and make them look fabulous and authentic.

However, there are those that many Afro-American women prefer most of the time. For instance, choosing between the Malaysian and the Peruvian human units, the latter blends well with African hair. It works wonderfully with African American women as well as Afro-Caribbean women. Its coarseness helps to makes it stand out between the two. When you also look at the Brazilian hair, it is prevalent among the black women from West Africa.

All types of extensions are great for all women. Each has an advantage and disadvantage. In as much as one kind may be famous for a particular people, all of them can serve the same purpose. Therefore, you can choose the one that you love best without any worries.

Taking care of your hair extensions

Taking good care of your additions is crucial because it will determine how long they are going to last. A suitable maintenance procedure will make them last longer; sometimes longer than expected. Therefore, you should always be ready to do the necessary.

Luckily, nothing will come to you as a shock because nothing is new when it comes to taking care of authentic hair. Wash your additions as at specific intervals. You can ask your stylist to tell you how long you should last before you wash the extension. Use mild shampoos that are organic to clear out product build-up and other particles. The shampoo should have a high moisturizing effect. You should then apply some conditioner that is also organic. The conditioner is excellent at restoring the shine and smoothness of the strands. It rejuvenates them.

To dry the extension, ensure that you air dry because this is the safest method. Use a towel to blot the strands and leave them to dry naturally. When they are dry, apply some oil and style as you want.

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