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Hair Straightening Treatments: Here's What You Should Know

Hair is more often a burden than it is a pleasure. Washing the hair is especially problematic and you need to do all sorts of stuff just to tame it. Whether we’re talking about frizzy or coarse hair, you need at least an hour to dry it out. This is where Brazilian keratin treatment comes into play.

There are lots of ways to approach this issue. In fact, most women are reluctant to wash their hair in the morning as it takes enormous amounts of time. Instead, they turn to various hair treatments among which Japanese hair straitening and keratin hair treatments are most popular. We should also mention the Brazilian blowout.

No matter what, it is good that you have options. Hair can be such as nuisance and there is no need to waste any more time on it. Instead, check out these treatments and see how they can help you.

What’s so great about Brazilian keratin treatment?

Keratin is one of the most important proteins generated in our body. You can find it in hair, skin and nails. However, as with most other substances, you can always supplement it in order to get better results.

When used for hair, it helps it return to a conditioned state. Still, it is a treatment that shouldn’t be done every day. Most women tend to overdo it thinking that its similar to conditioning or simple hair wash. But, even though the promise of healthier hair seems compelling, there are certain dangers to it.

Like most other similar procedures, everything starts with hair washing. Then, keratin is applied in small dosage. You always have to use a small layer of it. Depending on hair size, this can take a while so be prepared for a longer stay in a salon. Drying follows suit together with ironing. Like with application of keratin, hair professional should focus on smaller strings of hair. Flat iron creates a pretty amazing effect.

Brazilian keratin treatment is really long. It can take several hours. For example, don’t be surprised if it takes you anywhere from 4 to 5 hours for one treatment. This is why choosing the right hair salon is such an important thing. In the end, you want to feel comfortable during the process, right?

What’s so great about Japanese treatment?

Japanese treatment is the second popular alternative that we will touch in this guide.

There are lots of differences when it comes to Japanese and Brazilian treatment. First and foremost, we need to mention that the Japanese is much harder to pull off. It takes a really proficient hair specialist to pull it off due to the volatility of chemicals being used. In other words, if a person leaves any substance on your head, it will start burning the follicles. If you mess it up, it can even lead to permanent damage which is why we always recommend caution.

The best way to approach Japanese hair treatment is by choosing a hair salon that is really good. Pay attention to online reviews and cost of treatments (even though they might always be right). Lastly, find a person that specializes in this procedure as you need someone who knows what she’s doing.

Another difference worth mentioning is the fact you need a bit more hair washing afterwards. However, it rounds up to approximately the same length of the treatment.

What’s so great about Brazilian blowout?

All these treatments have the same purpose; they are primarily meant for curly hair and they should eliminate frizz and straighten it out. When it comes to the Brazilian keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout, the differences are minimal.

Both processes are meant to coat outer layers of hair in order to smooth them. They should also deal with other issues while increasing shine. Perhaps the most interesting thing about them is the fact they help decrease hair drying time going forward. That being said, they are not just about aesthetics but functionality as well.

The most noticeable difference between keratin treatments and Brazilian blowout is the intensity. While Brazilian is more natural and it allows you to retain natural texture, keratin is stronger, more volatile affecting the overall volume and frizz. Due to its strength, keratin will have a much stronger impact on the curls and the change will last longer. On the other hand, Brazilian blowout is focused on removing frizz.

In the end, it all depends on the type of effect you want to accomplish. Keratin is amazing for smoothing and deep-conditioning in comparison to Brazilian blowout. The main thing with the keratin is that it weighs down the hair and clogs the scalp. Keep in mind that neither of these two is completely safe as they both use certain chemicals, the most notable one being formaldehyde. Of course, different salons will rely on different products so that is another factor you need to consider prior to the treatment. Learning more about these items can give you a headstart.

What kind of usage can you get from keratin?

Unlike most other hair treatments, Brazilian keratin hair strengthening has quite a solid longevity. It can easily last for several months. Once the substances run through, your hair will be even better than it was previously. Keratin should nurture the hair making it soft and healthy. As previously mentioned, there is no need to quickly repeat the treatment as it would be an overkill. Basically, you can do it every half a year. This in itself is a good way to save money.

One especially amazing aspect of keratin treatment is how it affects your growing follicles. When your hair starts growing, it will remain straight. Thus, your style will not change and you won’t have semi-straight, semi-curly hair. There is also an option of putting chemicals on the ends so they won’t frizz but most experts would suggest against it.

Taking care of your hair after the treatments

No matter what you opted for, it is very important to have a proactive stance after the treatment. In order to prolong the effect and get the most of it, you should take continuous care of your hair.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you’re unable to wash your hair for 3 days after treatment. Ideally, you should protect it by covering it. Avoid putting it behind your ears as it can lead to damage and affect straightening.

In terms of Brazilian keratin hair strengthening, the client is unable to use any products with sodium chloride or sulphates. In general, you should simply go with natural hair products which are much better for you in any case.

How much will treatment cost me?

The cost of the treatment depends on numerous factors. However, if we’re talking about Brazilian hair treatments in the US, they usually range from $200 to $400. Again, this price can vary significantly from state to state and from city to city.

Japanese treatments are much pricier and can go for twice that sum. No matter what, price shouldn’t be the main reason why you’re choosing one salon over another. Instead, you should always focus on a person performing the task. There is no point in getting bad results or even damaging your hair. Your safety should be the number one priority so it’s much better to go with reputable hair and beauty salons.

Precautionary measures you have to keep in mind

Unfortunately, due to the volatile nature of these treatments, there are more than one possible side effects. Here are some of the main things and risk factors you need to keep in mind when getting one of these treatments:

  • Even if it says that a chemical doesn’t have any formaldehyde, this isn’t true. There will always be traces of the substances and naturally, it is something that can impact your health
  • On the other hand, Japanese hair treatment is based on substances called ammonium thioglycolate which is also quite volatile and may lead to an allergic reaction
  • There is no such thing as 100% risk-free treatment. Even if a salon has invested money in keeping the exposure to a minimum, you are likely to be affected by one of these substances. Some salons use vacuum extractors but these are not enough to eliminate the threat
  • Pregnant women should be extra careful; these substances can affect them
  • The threat is not only present in the salon and during treatment but persists afterwards. Given that substances last for several months; this also means that the potential threat persists for several months
  • The procedure can cause addiction. In fact, prolonged usage increases the odds that you will develop negative symptoms

While having straightened hair definitely looks cool, these treatments carry certain risks. The best you can do is try to find good professional and optimal conditions. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be affected in the long run.

Even if you love Brazilian hair strengthening treatment, we suggest caution. There is no need to overdo it; make sure to get 2 treatments per year at most.