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3 Simple and Stunning Hair Updos That Need No Help

A fabulous and gorgeous hairstyle is what every woman often wished for especially if they are to attend very special events like weddings, special gatherings or even prom nights. These types of complex hairstyles are usually seen only on televisions and fashion magazines so, you may think that having such a hairstyle or even trying to imitate it would be extremely difficult if you do not have the expertise of a real professional hairstylist.

The good news is, wearing an amazing hairstyle like an Updo and creating it on your own is not really that complicated especially if we are going to break it down into simpler steps. With the following tutorials and ideas, you will find out that elegant updos are not as difficult as you think. So, here are three Updo hairstyles you can definitely try out yourself – at the comfort of your own home!

  1. The Twisted Off-center Bun

This type of hairstyle is very ideal for all your formal events and even at weddings thanks to its timelessly elegant look. The style’s versatility will allow you to wear it even in regular gatherings because you can easily adjust the hair volume through hair extensions of various lengths and prepare it in less than ten minutes.

How to do it:

Start off at the middle or side part of your hair based on your preference and comfort. Separate the strands at the front of your head and use a clip to keep them from mixing with the rest. From the top of your head, create a part towards your ear and separate this portion while clipping it towards your face. Do the same to the other side of your head.

Next, grab a few strands at the center of your head and tie them with an elastic band. Gently pull some strands for more volume. Grab the ponytail and twist it, then wrap it around the band to create a small bun. Secure it with bobby pins.

Grab the rest of the strands at the back and tie them with an elastic band at the base of the neck and directly under the bun. Grab the tail and twist it. Wrap them around the smaller bun to form a bigger one. Secure it with bobby pins.

After this, release the portion on the right towards the front of your face. Pin this section close to the bun. Then, twist the extra strands and wrap them around the bun in a clockwise manner. Now, secure it with bobby pins. Do the same to the other side and wrap it in a counterclockwise manner to conclude this style. You may pull random strands of the hair to the sides to frame your face.

  1. High bun with a fancy headband

A perfect hairstyle is usually emphasized with a matching hair accessory like a fancy headband that radiates not only your personality but also your love for fashion. So here, we are going to show you how this hairstyle can easily be done in a few sets of steps.

How to do it:

First, decide where you want your high bun to be located. Next is to grab some strands and pull them to the center of your head. Start moving the position to see where the bun will look the best. If you need to clip-in some additions or extensions, attach them right beneath where the bun will be positioned.

Now, brush the strands to the back to align them and pull them to the top of your head to create a ponytail. Wrap an elastic band around the strands and divide your ponytail into two equal parts. Take the first portion and twist it with your hand and rotate it around with the other strands. Next is to secure the ends. Twist the other portion and rotate it around the bun then secure the ends again. Gently tug the twists to increase the size. That’s it. Finally, pick a fancy headband that matches your outfit and you are good to go!

  1. Twist Low Bun

The highlight of the twist low bun hairstyle is to give your hair a more relaxed, neat vibe. It adds slight volume to the hair without making it look overly dramatic. Among the updos we have on this list, this one is the easiest and quickest to achieve.

How to do it:

Begin at the side part and then comb the strands at the crown of your head to the back. Gather a few strands at this place and tie them at the back with a clear elastic band. Pull the section at the top to get more volume.

Follow the steps by gently grabbing a few strands from either side of the face while starting with those at the front. Bring them to the back and tie them with an elastic band. Flip the tail up and through the loop created by the strands from either side. It is as though you are creating a faux fishtail braid, but we aim to get tiny twists only. Next is, grab other portions on either side and repeat the same process. Do this one more time.

Now grab all the hair at the base of the neck. Place the index and middle fingers of your right hand beneath this portion and close your palm so that the index finger touches the thumb. Bring your hand out and to the right then twist it. Twist it a second time then rotate it as you release your fingers. Pin the strands down until you get everything in place. If any parts feel loose, you can fasten them. Now you have your pretty hair bun!

Finally, you can pull out your bangs or baby hairs to the sides so that you can frame your face according to your preference. It emphasizes more on the natural beauty and color of your hair while securing its volume in a neat bun.

Wrapping it up

There they are, three easy and gorgeous hairstyles that you may want to try for yourself. See how your own hands have the power to recreate the work of art of beauty experts – and you don’t even need expensive tools to do it. Hairstyling skills can be perfected through continuous practice and trials. Keep on practicing, and don’t be afraid to give these hairstyles your own personal touch as well!

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