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Hair Weight: 6 Things You Need To Know

Women love extensions because it can turn them into any person or character they want to be every day. While many women have a lot of questions about their hair and extensions, many other women are more concerned about its weight.

The weight can change a person’s decision when purchasing extensions. The reason is that no one wants to have a bulky feeling on their heads. Everyone wants a great look with minimum weight effects. For instance, Peruvian human hair is known to be one of the lightest extensions when compared to other types of extensions.

For this reason, you can enjoy having more bundles installed without worrying about the weight. Other than the relationship between weight and the choice of human hair, there are many other facts that women want to know about human hair weight.

In this article, we will look at some of the questions that go around in women’s minds that pertain to the weight of hair. These questions and answers provide you with a better understanding of how to take care of your extension as well as your natural hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weight per bundle

As a bundle of extension, the weight per bundle will tend to differ from one manufacturer to the other. Typically, the weight per bundle can be between 90g and 100g per bundle. This weight is reasonable and believable. For a complete look, one will need around three to four bundles depending on the type of addition and the lace closure, lace frontal, or 360 lace frontal. Typically, a lace frontal covers a larger area than a closure. That means that when you use a frontal, you will need fewer bundles than when using a closure. Just in the same way, when you use a 360 lace frontal, you will use lesser bundles as compared to when you use a frontal. The reason is that a 360 lace frontal covers a larger area.

  1. Why is it that longer hair is always thinner as compared to shorter ones?

This is something that cuts across most of the extension types we have. For instance, when a manufacturing company wants to ensure the weight is maintained, the length of the bundles will have to substitute the thickness. This can be thought of as creating room for one property by eliminating one property.

If it retains the thickness throughout the length, from end to end, the weight will go up. Therefore, it has to be thinner to cause the weight to remain constant. Take an example of a rubber band. Without stretching it to make it longer, it can weigh 2g. When you pull it, it will seem thinner, but the weight will remain 2g.

When you want to get extensions that are longer, you will need an extra bundle of hair. The additional bundle will help you achieve the fullness you desire.

  1. If I get my extensions installed, what will be the weight of the hair on my head?

The weight of the hair on your head when fully installed will differ depending on the weight of the bundle and the number of bundles used. Assuming that the complete look took three bundles of hair and each bundle is 100g, the total weight will be three hundred. If you used four bundles, the weight would be 400g. Another influencing factor is whether or not you used a closure, a frontal, or 360 lace frontal. These pieces will add their respective weights to the total weight of the bundles.

To strike a perfect balance, ensure that you never use fewer bundles or too much. When the volume is balanced, you will a natural and believable look.

  1. Hair loss and its connection to weight

Hair loss is a common complaint among women who use extensions to boost their length as well as the volume. There are some reasons why extensions lose the strands in what we call shedding.

When the strands shed off, it will affect the weight as well as the volume when you have the extension installed. Every strand contributes significantly to the weight. Therefore, when the strands shed off, the weight will reduce. The volume will also decrease, and the consequences include hair that does not have an attractive fuller look.

Numerous factors that cause hair loss are caused by the user. There is one reason that is related to the manufacturer. When the manufacturer does not weft the strands properly, the wefts will be very loose. However, other than that, every other reason is caused by self. These reasons are:

Use of the wrong comb: some combs and brushes are recommended for use when you have human hair extensions. The recommended comb is one that has wide teeth. The wide teeth protect the strands.

Damage to hair wefts: the wefts can also be damaged by excess heat, some types of oils, and a few other reasons. When the wefts are destroyed, the strands will not be secured in place. Therefore, any slight pulling or vigorous handling will cause the strands to shed off.

Excessive and vigorous combing: when you are always combing and brushing your hair, the strands become loosely attached, and they quickly shed off. Remember, every time you comb or brush it, there is a pull even if it is not too much.

Glues that damage wefts: there are some glues that when you use on the extension cause damage to the wefts. They cause them to be weak and consequently shed off.

These are some of the reasons why extensions can shed off. When you practice good maintenance practices, the shedding will reduce significantly.

  1. What are some of the steps to take to prevent hair from shedding?

There are excellent practices that women can apply to ensure that the strands of their extensions do not shed off. Some of the practices include

Taking caution when combing and brushing it: when you are gentle with your hair, you will significantly minimize the shedding. When you are untangling the fibers, ensure that you do not pull them with all your strength and in a rush. Be gentle and take your time. Find a great place to start untangling it.

Avoid using heating devices close to your wefts: heat can damage your wefts significantly. It can also destroy the way your extension is installed. When the wefts are compromised, the fibers will shed. If they are not compromised, they will not shed.

Sealing wefts: machine wefts are the perfect wefts for you to seal them. Sealing wefts is a practice that makes wefts more secure so that no shedding can happen. Typically, one will need a weft sealing glue or a fabric glue. Take your extensions and lay them flat on the table. Apply the glue on the tracks and leave them to dry. Sealing wefts is a smooth and quick process. It will secure your strands excellently. If it is a lace wig, a lace closure, or a lace frontal, turn the hairpiece inside out and apply the glue on the lace. Leave it to dry. This ensures the knots are well secured in place.

Avoiding oils and hair products that will cause strands to slide off: some installation processes will need you to stay away from oily products. The reason is that the oil lubricates the strands and causes them to slide off.

There are a few other practices that can reduce hair reduction over time. Proper moisturizing is one of them.

  1. How does double wefting help with shedding and weight?

Double wefting implies that two single wefts of extensions are bonded together by sewing them and attaching them to a mesh. Double wefted additions tend to be double the weight of a single weft. Consequently, the bundle of hair with double wefts will be twice as heavy as a single bundle. The beauty of double wefts is that they boost the volume extensively. Because of the volume, you will need fewer bundles to have a fuller look.

Double wefted hair bundles do not mean that you will not experience shedding. However, it helps in reducing shedding. This is as compared to single wefts. Also, when it sheds, the negative consequences will not be as significant as with single wefts.

Fun fact: Science proved that one strand could support a weight of up to 100g. This shows us that in as much as a strand can have a significantly low weight, it is sturdy and can sustain a lot. That is why extensions are capable of lasting longer and survive a lot.

There is so much more about weight than what meets the eyes. When you understand the relationship between your hair additions and its weight, you will be in a better position to make better choices. You will make better decisions when considering the length of the additions and more. You will also have a better chance of taking care of the extension. Hair weighs depending whether it's long or short. 

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