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3 Heatless Hairstyles for The Fall

The autumn/fall season marks the breezy and beautiful transition of summer to winter. The chill autumn breeze is also a great time for you to experiment with romantic hairstyles to match this season’s atmosphere.

In fact, you can try several gorgeous-looking hairstyles for this season as you prepare for winter events and gatherings. Still, beautiful hairstyles do not need to be so difficult and complicated to do. Simplicity and easy preparation are keys in perfecting sophisticated hairstyles this autumn season.

In this article, we are sharing with you three very easy styles that you can try without involving heat styling tools. Each look is very unique and attractive on its own, and will surely match every outfit you wish to wear during the fall season. You can set that hair straightening iron aside as we go along with these easy-to-do heatless hairstyles.

The twisted wrap around ponytail

This is not your regular ponytail but, believe us, the procedure is just as easy! We will be adding some unique twists to give your regular ponytail an added special accent to highlight your hair volume and texture. Actually, if you will be using hair extensions, the style will be more attractive and easier to manage. Just follow these easy steps to start with:

  • If you prefer to use some hair extensions, we recommend putting some on your rear and in both sides. Comb or brush it well together with your hair to remove any tangles.
  • Holding your hair at your back, section it to three to be able to get the center in preparation for a ponytail. Once you got hold of it, secure it with a bigger elastic band in proportion to your hair volume in the middle section to create your pony.
  • Going to the right section of your hair, hold it tight and gently twist it counterclockwise while rolling it on top of your ponytail and wrapping it over then secure it below with the elastic band already in place in your pony.
  • Next is reach for the left section of your hair strands and follow the same procedure but make sure to twist it clockwise to balance the style of the right side. Again, roll it over and secure it under your ponytail. And that’s very easy, agree?

Wrap around half updo ponytail

Some of the steps from the previous hairstyle will be somehow similar in terms of creating a low ponytail and sectioning your strands into three. So if you find the first one easy, this won’t take much effort as well. The only difference is that instead of using all the strands on both the left and right sections, you will be needing only a portion of them while leaving most strands behind.

You can try this style if you need to emphasize the softness of your hair and if you want to tweak some strands by curling them to add some naughtiness to it. Let us do it then.

  • Get hold with the hair from the crown of your head to make a half ponytail and secure with a fine elastic band.
  • Then grab a small portion of your hair from the left section and gently place it over the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins underneath.
  • Do the same thing on the right portion to have an equal amount of hair to match the other side.
  • See to it that the two sections are evenly wrapped over the pony and secured with more bobby pins if needed.
  • Now here is the exciting and final part. Grab some hair strands on your front left side and restyle it by curling it a bit. Get hold of some more strands and curl them again. Do the same thing on the other side. It is up to you to decide which sections you want to curl depending on your hair’s volume.

Double faux fishtail

Faux by definition means imitation or artificial. So here, we are going to imitate a fishtail braid to be formed one on your left and another on your right side. This hairstyle is a lot easier than the real Bohemian or Boho fishtail braid. However, if you will notice on the finished product, they look very identical and both styles are truly preppy. Let me show you how it is done the easiest way.

  • Split your hair into two equal sections starting from the top. Secure both ponytails with elastics just below your ear level.
  • Go to the right section and add another elastic band with three to four inches interval depending on your hair length. Create a loop between the elastics because it is here where we are going to pull or shoot the rest of the ponytail just like making a somersault.
  • Now that you have pulled the rest of the ponytail into the loop, put another elastic band below the loop at about three to four inches below it.
  • Widen the new loop again and repeat the procedure of pulling the pony inside. After this try to pull outward some hair strands to add more volume and make it look a bit messier and wider.
  • Follow the steps until you reach the end while leaving some endings of about three inches.
  • There you have your first faux fishtail and all you need to do is perform the same procedures on the left portion of your hair.
  • Remember to gently pull some strands in every loop to add more style and texture to every fishtail.

Final thoughts

These are the three heatless hairstyles that you may wish to try wearing this fall season. No expensive heat-induced hairstyling tools needed because the steps are indeed simple and easy to follow. Practice leads to perfection and that is very true, but then continuous practice also leads to more style variation, uniqueness, and versatility. So don’t be afraid to experiment and innovate, what’s important is that you’re comfortable with your own sense of style.