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5 Smart Hairstyles to Rock with Short Hair

5 Smart Hairstyles to Rock with Short Hair

More and more women go for short hairstyles nowadays. This makes sense as we all like easy hardos. They are edgy, chic and most of all, very convenient! Having short hair is pretty low-maintenance in terms of the number of products you use and it only requires a small amount of time for hairstyling. However, one may easily think that having short hair limits one’s styling options.

If you are running out of ideas on how to gorgeously rock your short hair, then you are in the right place! We are about to share fun and easy-to-create hairstyles that you can wear with your short locks. They are so pretty and wearable that you have the freedom to flaunt them on a number of different occasions.


You can never go wrong with classic Dutch braids. It is a very versatile hairstyle that allows you to tweak it or incorporate it with another hairdo to suit your personal preference. In addition to its versatility, Dutch braids are short, very easy and quick to do as well. You don’t need fancy tools for this! By watching easy tutorials on YouTube and practicing it continuously, you will be able to master the look in no time.

How to do it:

To begin, you need to part the strands at the top of your head. Part your hair in the middle to give it a more symmetrical look. Take a small section of it at the front section of your face and begin braiding.

To do a Dutch braid, grab a few strands and divide it into three sections. Begin with the traditional braid, wherein you will have one section pass over the other. As you do so, keep adding more sections of hair gradually as you braid towards your ear. Finish it off with the traditional three-strand braid. To give your Dutch braid a bit of more volume and shape, gently tug random sections out for a ‘fanned’ effect. Secure this braid at the back of your head using a bobby pin. Pin it under a layer of hair so that the bobby pin can stay hidden. Do the same procedure on the other side until both ends meet at the back of your head. That’s it! Now, if you want to add definition to your face, you may place your bangs to the sides of your face for framing.


Here is another fabulous hairdo that works its magic on short hair as well! This half updo is perfect for those who love effortlessly messy styles. It gives your short hair a significant lift by creating a nice amount of volume on the top and at the back area of your hair. This is very easy to do but we have to give you a heads up – you will need a lot of bobby pins!

How to do it:

To start off, you have to part your hair in the middle and take a separate section of at the top crown area. Secure this section with bobby pins and the result should create a traditional half-up-half-down look. If you have naturally thin hair, you may give it a little bit of tease for additional volume.

Now that you have secured your half-up hairstyle, gather a few strands on the right side and twist them away from your face and towards your back. Position this twist where you first secured the first section. Use bobby pins to hold the twist down where you used the other bobby pins. Gather some strands on the left side and twist them away from your face and towards the back. Make sure that for every section you place at the back of your head is perfectly secured with a bobby pin. Do this procedure alternately. That is basically it! You may also choose to give your crown a little bit of crunch to add depth to the entire look. Also, remember to leave your bangs out for better facial framing. If you do not have side bangs, you can pull out some baby hairs or shorter layers to the sides and it will give you a similar effect.


The last short hairdo on our list is a bit more fun, preppy and youthful. It is considered one of the trendiest in recent years and it is quite a common sight among young celebrities and fashion influencers. If you are looking for a quick, easy but superbly trendy hairstyle to wear on your series of festivities, here is something that needs to land on your go-to list!

How to do it:

This is a very simple hairstyle to follow. You don’t even have to make several partitions to achieve this. Just grab a portion of your hair at the front of your head and pull them back to the top of your head. Now using your left hand, hold that section down to create a ponytail. You may also pull out random sections of bangs or baby hairs to frame your face. Now take the ponytail and twist it to create a small bun. It is recommended that you use a spiral bobby pin to make sure you are also securing any loose layers that may stick out. If by any chance, some layers are still not in place, use regular bobby pins to secure them.

  1. Strongside part with micro braids

When it comes to wedding and celebrity hairdos, this one is probably on top of our list. However, although it can look stylish and relaxed, it is a hairstyle that can be worn during punk or rave concerts and for other occasions as well. It mixes that sci-fi feels with stylish and cozy. If you like it, you should definitely try it. It is one of the easy hairdos that even small girls can make.

How to do it:

While this isn’t one of those cute hairdos that anyone can pull off, there is still a chance you can pull it off with the same impact with a deep side part and small braids on one side of your head. It isn’t that hard to make; all you need is to create your simple small braids on the side. Just make sure there is a clear distinction between your side and the rest of the hair as things can get messy really quick!

  1. Silver coils

It doesn’t get easier than this one! Ponytails might seem a bit retro but there are still a lot of women who are good at pulling them off. Furthermore, this combination also implements a bun so it is the best of both worlds. While this hairstyle is nothing to brag about home, it is definitely a nice spin on a popular theme.

How to do it:

You just have to create a short ponytail at the end and then, spiral the ends. Use a simple ribbon for it. If you want to make this look a bit more exciting, you can also wave the top of your hair a bit. Of course, the lower areas and the sides should remain as straight as possible so you can create a nice contrast. Otherwise, your haircut might look a bit messy.

Over to you

Love our list? Well, these five gorgeous hairdos are not only perfect for short-haired girls but for those with long locks too! Keep in mind that this is just the beginning; there are also things such as the french braid. The best thing about these hairstyles is that they are very versatile since you can tweak each of them according to your personal liking. Have them work with curls, accessorize them, combine them with other looks – the possibilities are endless! In addition to that, they are also perfect for everyday wear as they are very simple and easy to achieve. You don’t even have to use styling tools for these! Which one is your favorite?

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