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Achieving the Perfect Bohemian Half Bun in 1 Minute

Bohemian lifestyle or fashion is more about being relaxed, free, comfortable and effortless. Oftentimes, they try to relate the Boho (short for Bohemian) to an artistic styling that focuses on a uniquely simple mod.

Bohemian hairstyle, on the other hand, is something that goes beyond the ordinary and modern fashion. It is a particular hairstyle that radiates the beauty and uniqueness that derives from being simple, practical and naturally gorgeous. Moreover, the half bun is another trendy hairstyle that allows you to tweak your style options to fit your personality, the weather, and the occasion as well. Therefore, combining the two hairstyles into a Messy Bohemian Half Bun should be a creatively hip hairstyle choice for you! This hairstyle is very easy to pull off and it is definitely something every woman and young ladies alike would want to incorporate into their daily style coordinates.

Right now, we will sort out the step-by-step procedure of this hairstyle and try to imagine the occasions and events where you can wear and flaunt this messy bun! Let’s take a peek at these easy steps:

Section Your Hair to Prepare it in Creating a Half Bun

By using just your hands, you can grab two sections of your hair starting from your temples by using your thumbs. Decide how much hair strand you want to include for your half bun and leave ample strands to cover your ears and have them hanging in front of your shoulders.

Once you got hold of the two sections through your thumbs, gently pull them backward while joining the two parts of hair strands and prepare them for teasing.

At this point, you a have your hair sections for your half bun and you also left some amount of hair strands to make it a bit messier later after you completed the bun. Now let’s go to the teasing of your hair.

Holding Your Hair on Top, Tease to Add Texture and Volume

While holding the joining strands upward, make sure to hold them on top so you can begin teasing the strands up and down to add more volume and texture to it. Teasing will also make it finer and a bit messier. Start from the top and all the way down while creating some friction the hair volume.

If it’s down then you are ready to decide where to place your bun. You may choose to put it on top or a bit lower depending on the style you later would want to add. Let us now create your half bun.

Twist Your Teased Hair to Create a Half Bun

After you have teased your hair enough to achieve the volume and texture you desired and also decided the location of your bun, the next thing to do is freely twist the teased strands to create the bun according to the shape and size you prefer. You can adjust the size and shape by pulling or pushing some strands away or into the center of the bun. That’s it. It is time to secure the bun in place.

Firmly Secure your Bun

Once you are decided to position you bun and satisfied with its shape and volume, then you need to firmly put it in place by using some bobby pins and elastics. Continue adjusting its volume and shape and once through then use some hairspray to hold the bun more firmly.

The hair strands just above or in front of the bun, which is right on top of your head must not be pulled in so hard but should be pulled out a bit to make it more relaxed and messy.

Adding More Uniqueness and Personality to the Style

Basically, you are finished with the hairstyle. But the beauty about Boho Hairstyle is that you really do not need to be so neat. The messier the better in terms of uniqueness and being attractive. You may also pull some baby hair from your temples and forehead to make them loose and relaxed.

The number of hair strands that is on your shoulders can be lifted back to show your ears. Adding some bobby pins will make it look sexier. But if you decide to leave it in front, then try brushing or combing them to add volume also and a finer texture.

A minute or Less is All You Need

Pulling off this messy Boho bun only takes a few tweaks to get it all done! You won’t have to spend minutes or hours styling your hair whenever you prep for a casual walk or a night out with friends. With just a minute or less, you can step out from your typical bun. This messy boho half bun is definitely you’re on-the-go hairdo! If you wish to try it out, the step-by-step procedure will guide you through. Give it a go and let us know how it turns out!