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How to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions with Curly Hair

Many people are worried whether clip-in hair extensions would go well with their natural hair that might appear curly with a different texture. They need to know blending is possible and they shouldn’t be worried when purchasing the clip-in extensions.

There are two main techniques one can use to curl the extensions. They cater to both 2C/2B and 3C/4A curls. The techniques are super easy to use depending on which curl you are interested in.

They include;

1.The heated free method


2.The curling method


First, you will need to dampen the clip-in with water. You can also use a mixture of castor oil and rosemary oil with water. People with really textured or very coarse follicles can use a sea salt mixture that will make them tougher. 

Second, you will braid the hair into three-strand braids. The braids you will make will be determined by the type of curls you have. For 2A/2B waves, bigger braids are recommended while for 3C/4A/4B curls, very tight and small braids are perfect. Most girls with curly hair have multiple curl patterns. India Batson recommends using differently sized braids on the extensions to help bring a more natural look.

The third step is to leave the hair extensions overnight for them to dry and settle naturally. In case you are in a hurry, you can opt to use a hair drier to dry the braids.

Once the wefts feel completely dry, you may untie the braids and you can start to remove them using a rat tail comb or just using your fingers. Whichever you feel comfortable with. As a result, you will get gorgeous mermaid waves.


Use a heat protector to protect the hair extension from being damaged.

Use a half inch curling wand. Around the barrel is where you will wrap small sections of the hair, letting it sit for 20 to 30 seconds before you release the curl. Cup the curl using your palm letting it cool down. This ensures curls maintain their shape for long periods of time.

Once finished curling the weft, loosen them up using your fingers by raking through the curls. Separate them to your liking ensuring that they match your texture perfectly. This is the technique that worked best on India Batson. Their final look is pretty awesome!

These two techniques are extremely simple. People who wish to fully embrace their natural curls shouldn't have any doubts about going for any of these methods. Of course, it all depends on their curl type. There are also people who want a transition from straightening their hair to allowing their natural twists to appear again. They should be able to choose one of the methods. Curly hair can be easily combined with hair extensions. This is a perfect solution for all those customers who are not certain whether to purchase them or not. 

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