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How To Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

We all love long hair, don't we? 

Sometimes we fantasize about swaying it as the wind blows through it. But if you had short back in the day this was only a fantasy. This was later changed by a new, awesome product which was introduced into the market called hair extensions. It transformed the industry in an instant. It made fantasy into reality by transforming short hair into long literally within minutes. All those who wanted this style now have a great option at their disposal.

Using blender clips when trying to extend your short hair can become cumbersome and frustrating but we are going to show you tricks which can be employed in order to make your hair addition look as natural as possible.

Stick with us!

Why should you trim your extension?

Layering is of extreme importance in blending extensions with your short hair. By doing this, you will achieve a uniform and natural looking layout.

During layering, every inch counts. Without trimming and layering your short hair, it would be obvious that you are wearing something on your head. Who wants that? No one.

If you aren’t comfortable trimming your clip-ins personally, you can always call your stylist or take them to her. If you decide to do it yourself you better be careful since follicles don't grow back once they are cut down.

But worry not, we've got you covered. Keep reading!

Picking the right color for your extensions

Your additions should match your natural color.

As new trends emerge ladies want to keep up with them regardless of their natural color resulting in their hair having several color tones due to the different extension which is being used. But there are ways in which you can look good and natural.

  1. Get a product which you love and color the rest of it into a suitable nuance.
  2. A person can choose a product which matches the color of the end of their hair.
  3. You can also match their hair with extensions which match the natural color and then have your stylist dye the rest of it to match your hair.

Does thickness matter?

Yes, it does. The thickness of your extensions is affected by the follicle thickness. You should also consider their weight. By matching the thickness, you are able to look as natural as possible.

You should also consider your natural thickness. It ensures that there is a seamless transition that no one can notice. Having an item that isn't thick will make it more noticeable.

Curling extensions with short hair

Curled extensions and waves look great and more natural as they easier to blend in making you look stunning in the process. 

Having your natural hair blend in with the item is always a great thing and it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, not having to worry whether it's even. Human hair can take a lot so make sure to try different styles. Practicing the techniques will make your life simple and easy. 

We urge you to give it a try today!

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