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How To Do A Dutch Braid in 10 Easy Steps

Dutch Braid is one of the popular braids which can be found practically everywhere. There is a set of steps you need to follow when installing them so they appear classic and cute. These braids normally consist of just three groups of hair that are braided together to make an intertwined single part.

The good thing about it is that you can fit it for any occasion. It can also be used on any hair whose appearance is brawny, broad as well as extended enough to make a good support for the French braid. Girls simply love them as they represent one of the best trendy things for your head. 

Another benefit of this style is that it can go solo, as a single braid, and it can also be installed as a part of another style which might be more complex and still look just fine and pretty.

 The instructions are simple to follow and easy to understand. It will take a little bit of your time to read this tutorial. 

Let's dive right in:

  1. At the top, take some hair and section it into three equal sections. Middle section, left and right section.
  2. Take the left section and cross it under the middle section.
  3. Take the right section and cross it under the middle section.
  4. Now, you will start to add more follicles into your braid. From the hair already down on the left side, take a small section of it and add it to the section currently on the left.
  5. As in number 2, cross the combined hair under the middle section.
  6. As above, now on the right side, take some hair and add it to the right section.
  7. Now, cross the combined section under the middle section.
  8. The process continues as from number 4 until you are through. It might sound complicated at the beginning but upon understanding and learning the basics, branding a cute, classic professional Dutch Braid will be as easy as you couldn’t imagine. It's just adding some hair and crossing under the middle until you reach down at the nape of the neck.
  9. On reaching down to the neck, take a look in the mirror and see if you like what you have made. At this point, your hands may be hurting a little.
  10. Now take all the remaining follicles to the side and with a regular R strand braid, finish off.

That will be the last step and you will be done.

Now you have the skill to make a good regular Dutch. You can incorporate it into many other creative hairstyles. Like pulling on the regular one and pancaking it to make it fluffy, for you to get looser and voluminous braid.

You can also make other hairstyles of it like the side Dutch, double Dutch with extensions, the updo Dutch, ponytail Dutch braid and even a waterfall style. There are a lot of variations and improvisations and anyone interested in such braid shouldn’t fear to experiment with different styles.

Now go ahead and try it yourself. Good luck!

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