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How to Dye A Brazilian Hair Properly?

Women use human hair extensions all over the world to enhance their beauty and look more natural. That is why this industry keeps getting interesting by the day. There are so many types of human hair. Even so, the Brazilian unit is the most famous and outstanding extension we have. Therefore, you can expect that a lot of women have it in their storage rooms. Women are going for the Brazilian item because of the exciting features that it has.

Brazilian hair is easy to style. Thus you can explore as many styles as you want with it. It is thick, and it will give you a fuller look without needing too many bundles. It has an excellent and natural shine that is why you can never be able to resist it. But other than styling, the other jackpot that you will hit with Brazilian human hair is the fact that you can dye it whenever you want.

Dying Brazilian units is the reason we are here. Since you have the chance to change your Brazilian color, why not try it? A color change may be the only thing you need for a new and fresh look. While many people assume that they need a professional to take care of the business, I am letting you know that you can do it by yourself.

Why should you dye your hair?

The Brazilian human hair extensions come in some pretty colors, but there are specific colors that you will never get them. Therefore, you can take a step of coloring the hair so that you can get that perfect color that you desire to have. Thus, no color will ever escape you. For instance, you can change from a light brown look to a blonde or a redhead any time.

Coloring your hair will also add oomph to your look. We all want to stand out whenever we are in a gathering or anywhere else. Your color can be the bridge that you need to cross over to the ‘outstanding’ side.

Dying is also a way of refreshing your hair’s look. When you want to change your human hair extension on a daily basis, you can curl it or make it straight. You can also style in different ways. But this can be the furthest you can go for a long time. But if you want a revolutionized look and to make it seem as though it is a new extension, coloring is what you need. Go beyond the styling to refresh your look. Make it completely new.

You should also dye your hair because you can, and it is safe. Virgin and Remy Brazilian extensions give you the ability to do so. The strands can be able to handle the chemicals in use. Therefore, you do not need to worry about damaging the hair.

Some of the colors you should try

Now that you can switch between colors without any fears, there are excellent and common colors that you can try. These colors are as follows.

Bordeaux color: this color is for the fierce woman who does not mind turning heads around. It is a gorgeous, unignorable, elegant, sophisticated, and breathtaking. The color can look good on any woman whether with a light or dark complexion.

Dark brown color: this is an excellent choice that will pair beautifully with dark brown eyes. It is an excellent break from black and perfect for the woman who wants to have a safe look.

Light brown color: If you are a fan of brown but want it to be more pronounced, this is the best option for you. It is an excellent and youthful choice.

Blonde: there are cool shades of blonde that you can try. Blonde is a fun and cheerful color that has so much to offer.

Honey tea: this hair color is a trendy choice for a lot of Asian women, and you can also try it. People with lighter complexions will look excellent with this color.

There is also an emerging trend where people are exploring more colors, but the colors are on the ends of the hair. For instance, you can see black hair with blue ends and so on. You can also try these looks and see how it will work. Many others do not care about being safe and following the society’s conventions. They go all the way when it comes to coloring their hair. That is why the "pink" trend is catching on a lot faster. Others opt for purple, red, white, green, and so on. If you are the wild one, you can also explore such colors. 

A step-by-step guide to dying your Brazilian hair

  1. Getting ready

As you start, you will need to have all the relevant items in place. You will need a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the dye. You will also need your developer and the color that you will use. You will need a bowl for mixing the color and an application brush. Have a towel, a piece of aluminum foil, and a comb with wide teeth.

  1. Prepare for dying

Take the extension that you want to color and your comb. Comb the extension to ensure that you free any strands that are tangled. Take some lukewarm water and wash the hair. This is to eliminate the conditioner and other products that you have been using on a daily basis to style your hair. Once clean, dry it with the towel gently.

  1. Prepare the dye

Take your color mixture and read the instructions of use given to you. Put on your pair of gloves and position your mixing bowl. Put the developer and the hair color in the applicator bottle and shake the bottle thoroughly. This ensures that all the mixtures are well blended. Pour the dye into your bowl.

  1. Coloring

Take your Brazilian hair and start coloring it using your brush. Dip the brush into the dye and gently apply it. Take your comb and comb it. Combing it ensures that every strand gets coated with the dye. Repeat the same process until you are convinced that every strand is coated. Apply excess color to be on the safe side. Take your aluminum foil and cover the hair for the amount of time written on the instructions.

  1. Rinse with warm water

After the time has elapsed, take some warm water and rinse the hair. This removes the excess dye that is on it. Do this thoroughly until you are satisfied. Apply some shampoo and wash it thoroughly again. When clean, you can condition the hair and comb it gently.

  1. Rinse with cold water

Get some cold water and use it to give your extension a final rinse. The cold water is excellent for washing off the conditioner. When you finish the process, your hair will have this fabulous shine on it, and the color will be sealed.

  1. Let it dry

After covering all the above steps, it is time to get the hair to dry. Specialists advise that you let it dry naturally by air drying it. This helps maintain its moisture and shine. However, if you cannot wait for it to air-dry, you can use a diffuser.


When dying your hair, there are some things that you must always have at the back of your mind.

Do not use harsh products

Yes, Brazilian unit is excellent for dying. However, you should be more careful about the chemicals that you are using. When you use harsh chemicals, they may damage your hair. If your real one cannot handle harsh chemicals, you can bet that Brazilian extensions will also suffer from harsh chemicals. They are also real because they come from the heads of real people.

Use a well-ventilated room

Excellent ventilation while dealing with chemicals can never be overemphasized. Ensure that your workstation has excellent ventilation. Open the doors and windows to allow an excellent flow of air in and out. Chemical reactions tend to produce certain gases, therefore protect yourself.

Cover your work area

You can use a table cover the tabletop that you are using or a paper for the place you use. This is a protective step in case there are any spills. Sometimes coloring can be a bit messy. Also cover yourself properly. You can use an apron or anything else.

The above information can turn you into a pro when coloring. Nothing can now keep you from the color that you want on your Brazilian. Get your tools ready and get to work. Explore the world of color is a safe and controlled environment. There are so many benefits of coloring your hair, and you will enjoy each one of them.

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