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How to Put on Your Wig (And Make It Stay) Like a Pro

Wigs are becoming a day to day head covering that is offering a lot of women power to change and spice up their looks as often as they want. The wigs are either made from synthetic or human hair. But in this era, we advocate for human hair. Since the woman bears the responsibility of ensuring the wigs look good on them, they need proper education on how to put them on. In this article, we will list the steps that you need to follow to get that professional look.

Check out these short but best tips that will improve your style!

What you need

Before you proceed with wearing your wig, specific items need to be at your disposal. Other than the item itself, you need a cap that blends with your skin tone, some scissors, clips, an adhesive, a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron, scalp protector, and a small adhesive brush.


To prepare your natural hair, you need to wash your scalp with soap and water. Soap and water help to eliminate any oil from the application area that may prevent the wig from attaching correctly. Once the scalp is clean, you can apply the scalp protector which serves to protect your skin from the adhesive that you are going to use. 

For people with long hair, you can section it and make flat pin curls to pin it down. Alternatively, you can make cornrows. Pinning it down helps the wig to lay flat on the head thus preventing bumps and any bulges. Afterward, you can put on your wig cap. If you have shorter or little to no hair, you can wear the cap directly.

Put on the wig and trim the lace

Tilt your head forward and grab the wig by the nape. Place the front part of the product slightly above your eyebrows then slip it on lie you do with a shower cap. The item is worn from front to back. Pull it backward and away from the scalp line. Clip the hair on the wig hairline using some clips so that you do not accidentally cut them.

Take your scissors and cut the extra lace out. Do it slowly and carefully. Leave out some lace past the wig’s hairline, but the length should be below one inch. This is for those wearing the item for the first time.

Note: to ensure that the item is centrally positioned, part it into equal parts. This ensures that its middle hairline can be easily aligned to your forehead’s center.

Clean your hairline and apply some adhesive

The wig’s hairline will lay approximately on your own. Dampen a cotton ball using isopropyl alcohol and wipe the hairline. This cleans out the body oils that may affect the adhesives from sticking excellently. If you have sensitive skin, apply some scalp protector before the adhesive.

If you are using an edge control product or a gel, scoop some with your fingers and smooth down the edges. If you are using adhesive glue, take your adhesive brush, put some glue on it, and apply along the hairline. If the adhesive is has a soft bond, give it some time to become tacky before you attach the wig. Use the blow dryer on cool setting to blow dry the adhesive. If it is a hard bond, you can apply the wig immediately.

Attaching it

Once the adhesive is in place, pull the wig forward and align it with your hairline. Press it gently against it to stick to the adhesive. You can start by attaching the wig at the front middle part of the forehead and work your way around the hairline. Use a comb to secure it properly on your hair. It is never supposed to cover your ears.


When you are set, remove the clips that were holding the front wig hair back. Let your hair loose and take a comb and comb it. You can take your flat iron and use it to smooth down the wig’s top part and to press down the edges. If you need to change things up, you can use your curling iron to make a few curls and be on your way.


No one needs to know when you are rocking a wig. Therefore, you can do the following to ensure that everything stays as your little secret.

Invest in quality items

There are so many wigs, and many people worry about them looking unrealistic and unnatural. But if you invest in quality human hair weaves, you can never worry about looking unnatural. The lace base used makes it seem as though hair is growing from your scalp. No one will ever know it is an illusion.

Get a perfectly fitting wig

You can purchase a wig that fits perfectly on your head. If its larger than your head, it can move around, and bumps can form. This will spill your secret. You can go ahead and order for a customized product.

Trim the wig excellently

If you are trimming the lace at the front on your own, you have no room for errors. You have to be accurate and do it following the flow of your hairline. If you doubt yourself, you can have a professional stylist trim it for you

Take good care of it

Every manufacturer gives specific instructions on how to take care of wigs. Therefore, ensure that you know the required guidelines and follow them appropriately. When you shampoo and condition it, use the recommended products. When brushing and styling, use the recommended brushed. Store it correctly and in a safe environment.

Do not wear it if it is worn out

Over time, wigs tend to wear out. There can be ‘balding’ spots and a few other wears and tear signs. When you discover this, you can give the wig a break. They are used to cover ‘bad’ hair, and when they make you seem as though you are having a ‘bad hair’ day, it is time to leave it behind.

As you head out to buy your new wig, follow these pointers and you are going to look gorgeous by the time you are stepping out of the house. There is nothing too challenging about wearing one.

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