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How to Wash Your Brazilian Hair in 6 Easy Steps

Women look good with their Brazilian hair when they leave the salon. It always smells good and is at its best. It is clean and fresh which makes it very attractive. However, as time goes by, hair products accumulate, and the hair also gathers other particles from the environment. Therefore, it loses its freshness and cleanliness. If a person does not take care, their hair may even have a weird smell. The product buildup, the sweat, and other particles will never make a good combination over time.

Many women want to take care of their Brazilian weaves but do not know how to go about it. Because of the lack of knowledge, they tend to ignore that the hair needs a thorough wash after a while. Because they do not take proper care of it, it starts to deteriorate, and the lifespan reduces. Typically, the hair can last up to two years when you take good care of it. But without proper maintenance and excellent cleaning procedures, it can be lower than a year.

Today we will look at the procedure that you can follow to ensure that you give your hair a good wash once in a while. The information will teach you proper care for your extension to make it last longer.

Wash preparation

For your Brazilian hair wash, you need to get all the items and products you will need ready. Get a comb, a towel, your shampoo, and conditioner. Position these items close to where you will be washing the hair. This can be your bathtub, a large container, or your shower. Typically, we recommend that your choice of shampoo and conditioner be low in pH and high in moisturizing effects. This ensures that the hair is excellently moisturized after the wash and maintains all its natural glories.

When washing it, you will not have time to move around trying to locate the products. It helps to have them within an arms reach.

Step by step guide from start to finish

When you are ready to begin, follow the following steps, and you will have a fantastic outcome.

  1. Get rid of tangles

Take your comb and start combing. The only comb recommended for your Brazilian hair is one that has wide teeth. Comb it gently to make it straight and tangle free. To ensure that every strand gets maximum attention while combing, create sections. You can create two or four sections. To create four parts, begin by making an ear to ear division to separate the hair at the front and those at the back. Take it at the front and make equal partitions using a verticle line. Each part will fall to the respective side. Do the same with the strands at the back. Comb the individual parts carefully so that you do not pull it. Also, comb it in a downward direction. Start from the lower parts as you move upwards until you get to the tracks.

  1. Wet it

After combing and freeing all tangles, bend your head forward to the container, shower, or bathtub. By leaning the head forward, you will allow the water to run smoothly through your hair. It is also a comfortable position when you are on your own. Use warm water to wet it towards the direction in which it is flowing; downward. Locate where the tracks start and start wetting the hair away from them; at the weft. Do this fast so that you avoid soaking the weave because you do not want to mess with the tracks.

  1. Shampoo it

Put some shampoo on your hands and apply it to your hair in the same direction as before. As said earlier, ensure that your shampoo has high moisturizing power and low pH. The purpose of shampooing is to remove product build-up from the oils you have been using. It also eliminates the dirt that accumulates on your hair and dandruff that forms on your scalp. You may apply shampoo, and it does not lather immediately. You can keep re-applying until it does. Use downward strokes always. Once you are satisfied, use some warm water to rinse the shampoo off. Rinse until there is no shampoo left.

  1. Conditioning

Conditioners work magic to your natural hair, and you can bet that it will work its magic on your Brazilian unit too. Put some conditioner on your hand and apply it using downward strokes again. Let the conditioner sit in for ten to fifteen minutes before you rinse it off with warm water. The conditioner gives the hair a new and fabulous look. There are also conditioning sprays that other people prefer to use in place of the regular conditioners. You can use it as an alternative as long as it is high quality.

  1. Let it dry

Once the hair is clean, it is time to dry it. You can use a towel to blot off excess water from it. Be gentle and maintain your downward strokes. From there, the most preferred way of drying is by air drying it. This method is the safest one and helps the hair last even longer. However, some people do not have the patience because it takes a very long time to dry. The next option is to sit under a hair drier. The method is fast and allows you to move on to other things a lot faster. 

  1. Apply special oil and style

Now that the Brazilian unit is clean, you can apply your special oil and style it as you desire.

Washing your Brazilian wig

Washing your Brazilian wig is not as different as washing the weave. Most of the procedures apply, but the difference is that the hair will not be on your head. In preparation, get your products ready as well as a bowl or bucket of warm water. You can also wash the wig on a sink. This allows the clean water to run through the hair freely. It is also convenient.

Untangle the wig by combing it. This time, you do not have to part the wig because you can get to all parts comfortably to give it a good combing. Wet the hair, shampoo it, and condition it just as instructed above. Always ensure that you use downstrokes. Also, remember not to touch your wig cap or scrub it. This may loosen the knots. Instead, apply some water from the shampooing process to the cap’s inside and rinse while rinsing the hair.

When you are done with shampooing and conditioning, air dry the wig.

5 Pro tips to try at home

  • Always remember to wear a cap when you go out for swimming. Swimming pools have chlorine and some other chemicals that are harsh for your hair. They damage it. If you can't get your hands on a cap, but still go swimming, do the following. Wash your hair following the procedures which are given above for cleaning Brazilian units. Do this as soon as possible without any delays. This prevents the chemicals from having enough time to work on your hair. If in the end, you feel that it is still a bit dry, you can apply more conditioner and wrap it using a warm towel. Let the conditioner sit in for some thirty minutes then rinse it off.
  • When washing, never use upstrokes but downstrokes only. Also, do not grab a bunch of it together on your hands. The results will be cuticles that are open. This causes friction since they will rub against each other.
  • The shampoos that you use need to be free from sulfate, and they should be inorganic. This is the healthiest shampoo for your hair.
  • Always wash it using warm water to avoid any damages. But when you are done, you can quickly rinse it with cold water.
  • Avoid combing or brushing wet hair. It is not recommended and neither is it recommended for your Brazilian extensions.

How often can you wash your Brazilian hair?

This is a question that raises a lot of controversies with many people differing on the number of times that you should wash it. There are those that recommend washing the hair after a certain number of days while other recommend after a certain number of uses.

Therefore, the perfect way to go about it is by consulting with your stylist. They are in a better position to tell you the ideal interval for cleaning your Brazilian item.

Cleaning you this product now seems like a piece of cake after reading this guide. There is no reason for you to walk around with dirty and smelly hair anymore. There is also no reason for you to go to the salon when you can now do it on your own.

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