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Human Vs. Synthetic Hair: Which One Is Better?

There are so many parameters that people use to gauge the beauty of a woman. But regardless of what they look at, having a great hair is what makes all the difference to a woman’s looks. Gorgeous hair is what crowns a woman’s beauty. That is why women go to extra lengths whether it is their real follicles or extensions.

There are so many products that can improve the rate of growth and the beauty and health of women’s hair. However, not so many people benefit from such products. That is why they opt for extensions. It helps them get the look they dream about.

There are also those that merely want to try out something different, and they do not want to tamper with their natural glory. So they also turn to extensions. Whatever the case may be, these extensions are a big part of women’s lives and are here to stay. That is why we need a better understanding of synthetic and human hair extensions.

Every woman needs to know each type of extension inside out so that they can make better choices in the future and pick what best suits them.

What are the extensions?

They are pieces of hair that are collected together and are weft together on one end so that they can be added to a person’s natural strands. They serve the purpose that the name suggests which is to add length and volume to a person’s natural one. Other than that, they are also used to hide or replace a person’s natural hair depending on how they are installed. These extensions can be installed by sewing them, clipping them, taping them down, and so on.

We have two types of extensions, and they are human and synthetic.

Human Hair Extension

As the name suggests, this is an extension that is made from human hair. Typically, women with long, healthy, and lustrous hair donate it for a certain amount of money. It is then converted to extensions by different companies. We have different types of human units, and they are categorized according to where they come from in the world. We have Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, Brazilian, European, and a few others.

Human hair features

They are real

When you have an extension installed, it is like having real hair on your head. They have the excellent qualities and characteristics of your natural hair. They are soft, have a natural shine, are luxurious, and gorgeous.

They are tangle free

These products do not trouble you with the need to deal with tangles now and then. The extensions have the cuticles intact, and they all flow in one direction preventing tangles.

They are flexible and versatile

Extensions can be treated the way you treat your natural hair. You can style them with a curling iron, use a flat iron on them, blow dry them, and so on. You can also dye the hair as you wish and experiment with color without the fear that you will damage it.

They have an excellent natural looks

These items come in different natural textures and look. There are those that are very soft while others can be coarse. They also come with deep waves and curls, body waves, loose waves, and straight. 


  • There are some advantages that human hair extensions posses. They are as follows.
  • They give you the most natural look because they have real natural features and properties
  • You can style them the way you want without damaging them because of their versatile use
  • They are known to last longer. With proper care and maintenance, they can go past a year of use


It is quite difficult to find faults in these units. However, their greatest weakness is their prices. Human hair extensions do not come cheap. They are very expensive and especially the rare ones like the Mongolian extensions. Even so, what you get is always worth the pay to a great extent.

Synthetic Extensions

These are made from plastic fibers that are put together, and the ends get tethered together. These strands are then attached to a person’s natural hair. Typically, the synthetic extensions are designed to be installed as clip-ins, sew-in, and using a few other methods because they are used to serve a temporary purpose. They are hardly attached permanently as in the case of human hair.

Main features

Easy to maintain

Synthetic hair does not need a lot of maintenance processes. The basis can get the job done as long as you use the recommended products. You only need to shampoo and condition it then you allow it to dry naturally.

Difficult to style

Synthetic extension is impossible to style with your conventional styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and so on.

Sticks to its style

When you have a high-quality synthetic extension, the fibers have memory retention, and that is why they can hold their look for a very long time.

They do not last for long

The synthetic unit does not last as long as human hair and especially when they are used more frequently. They can only last for months.


  • Very cheap
  • They come in a myriad of colors, and you do not have to bleach or dye them yourself


  • You may be stuck with one look for a long time and especially if it is not a wig

How to tell the difference?

We are in an era where synthetic products can be mistaken for human units because of the technology used to manufacture them. However, it does not take a genius to figure things out.

Use the burning test: typically, human hair will always catch fire and burn instantly when exposed to fire. However, the synthetic one melts away and turns into a ball instead of burning. By exposing it to heat, you can tell how resistant it is.

Check for the wave: when natural hair is exposed to water, it returns to its original state; it curls up. The same is not with a synthetic one.

The natural bounce: synthetic item is always unnaturally stiff. However, the human product has a unique bounce to it.

Bleaching: when you bleach human hair, it will lighten up at a rapidly. Even so, the rate depends on the grade. Synthetic units will probably burn.

From here, you can now make a sound and informed decision concerning each type of extension.

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