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Lace Closures: All You Need to Know About Them

A lace closure is the frontal part of the wig that usually has hair strands sewn in a lace base. The material is normally stretchy to allow for stretching and proper laying at the front of your head. The lace itself is normally light or dark variations of beige or brown in order to match the different skin color. 

All closures can be colored to match the specific skin tone of the person wearing the piece. They are like the icing on top of a cake. They usually bring the whole look together by making fake hair appear natural on the front part. The frontal should always be plucked at the base in order to give a natural look.

Now that you know what a lace closure is, let us look at the various things you should know when purchasing one.

1. There are multiple types of bases

Lace closures come in different forms and sizes. Most of them are normally three inches wide and four inches deep. Here are some of the base types:

  • Silk base

Silk generally has a thicker base than any other type of base. The thickness, however, makes the base stronger and therefore, it lasts much longer. Silk is also very lightweight therefore it allows for air to pass through. You do not have to worry about sweating underneath the silk base closure because there is enough ventilation.

  • Monofilament

The base is made of a single strand mesh. The base holds its shape well because of the stiff nature of the mesh. This is suitable for hairstyles with full bangs.

  • Skin Polyurethane

This type of base closely gives the illusion of real skin. The base is made of silicon which is stretchy and very thin. The only disadvantage is that this base does not allow for proper ventilation so one is likely to get uncomfortable in hot climates.

  • Hybrid based 

This is one of the strongest bases. The monofilament is very strong and durable. The closure appears more natural and flatters the hairline perfectly.

  • Invisible part base 

 This type of base appears to be invisible because some of the hairs have also been woven through the wefts. You can hardly see the mesh base itself once installed. The shape of the base is oblong hence it can be fitted into a variety of frontal head shapes.

2. You can glue or sew them on

A lace closure can either be sown in or glued. Depending on the length of time you want to wear a certain wig, you can make a decision on whether to sew it or glue it. Sowing it in will ensure that the frontal stays in place for much longer. Glue application often has to be retouched every now and then to ensure the frontal stays in place. Both methods are good. It all depends on how well the frontal is installed in the first place.

3. There are different types of frontal partings

If you are worried about hair partition, you need not worry because there are different types of partings. Furthermore, you can have multiple partitions within the same frontal. There are also wigs which come with no parting at all. Depending on how you plan to wear your hair, make the appropriate decision. Just because you do not feel like parting your hair today, does not mean you will feel the same way after a month or two. Remember that human hair pieces are all about long-term service. Here are some of the types of frontal parting closures available:

  • Middle parting

This style is very simple yet elegant. The closure allows you to part your hair at the front midway. You can pluck the mid-rift to make the parting appear more natural. You can however still customize the piece to enable a side parting.

  • Free part

This is the best option as it can be partitioned anywhere. You can partition on the sides, across or even in the middle. This type allows you to fully customize your look to your liking.

  • Three-part

This type also offers multiple parting options. You can split at the sides and in the middle. The good this about this closure is that the hair has already been pre-plucked at the sides and in the middle. It offers versatility and ease.

Where to buy a frontal lace closure wig?

You can purchase a frontal wig online via our website. We customize the whole purchasing experience for you. We have a wide variety of lace frontals, various lengths and different styles to choose from. The base is almost invisible after installation because we use high-quality light lace. It can be customized to your liking. There is something for everyone.

We also have a dedicated team of professionals waiting to help you choose the correct lace frontal closure. Additionally, we ship within the shortest time possible all around the world. All our hairpieces are made of 100% high-quality human hair.

What are the benefits of purchasing one?

  1. It enables one to have an overall uniform look all around the head.
  2. Your natural edges stay protected underneath the lace frontal closure.
  3. It enables the wig to appear natural. The thin lace appears uniform with the scalp. No one will, therefore, be able to tell if that is your natural hair or a wig.

Most people nowadays will purchase bundles of human hair pieces accompanied by a lace frontal closure. Our website offers a complete package of hair bundles plus a matching frontal at affordable rates.

You can also find pre plucked frontal pieces as well. These are especially beneficial for the person who has no experience with plucking the edges themselves. If you would like to further customize the frontal, you can by either coloring/dying or applying heat to create more definition.

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