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Lace Closures & Silk Closures: How Are They Different?

Using closures to tidy up the installation of a sew-in is a trend that we will always see and experience until something better comes up. Hardly will you find a woman with a weave that lacks a closure. At least this is the case with women who have the means to get these closures. However, one thing is for sure; every woman wants to have these because they know the fantastic advantages that they bear.

There are so many companies that manufacture closures, and they all use different base materials. These products are made with two main types of materials for the base. Companies either use lace or silk. That is why we have lace and silk closures.

Women get torn when they want to choose between the lace and silk closures. They all have distinct features and serve the same purpose. The sole purpose of closures is to give you a flawless and natural look when getting your weave installed. Since they serve a common goal, what will make you pick one type of closure over the other? We will look at each kind of them closely and look at the factors that make them different and unique.


Before we proceed, it is essential to know what a closure is. It is a hairpiece that is installed with a sew-in to give it a natural look. A closure is constructed using hair strands that are knotted on a base material whether silk or lace. The closure comes when it is pre-parted or without a part. The base material always has a close semblance to the human scalp. Therefore, when someone looks at your hairdo, they will tend to think that the extension is your real hair. When one looks at the part, they will get the impression that the hair is coming out of your scalp.

Lace Closures

These are made with lace as the base material. No other material is used for the base to reinforce it. In its construction, hair strands get attached to the lace base by creating a knot at the base. Typically, the lace has tiny holes, and the hair strand is passed through the hole and outside from a different hole. The strand is then secured in place by knotting it. The whole process is done using hands, and this gives it a perfect look.


Lace closures have excellent advantages that everyone will benefit from. These advantages include the following.

Mimics the scalp excellently

The lace is perfect as a ‘replacement’ for the human scalp. It as a more realistic look when you position it beside your scalp. Therefore, it makes the hairdo more real and believable. The slight holes on the lace look like the skin pores on the scalp.

Bleaching the knots enhances its natural look

Typically, when you bleach the knots, the bleach will slightly affect the hair closer to the base. The bleach will make the shade lighter. For instance, if the hair was black or dark brown, the ‘roots’ will turn to light brown. The beauty of this is that it makes the strands to exhibit the characteristics of your real hair. As it grows, the part closer to the scalp is always lighter in color.

Lace lies flat in an outstanding manner

Since lace is lighter, it lies flat on the surface of your hair in an excellent way. Because of this, the closure gets to have a flawless and natural look after installation.


Bleaching knots is costly

Bleaching the knots will cost you your time and efforts. Other than that, bleaching is associated with lowering the lifespan of the closure. When the bleach is too harsh, it will negatively impact the hair and the lace base as well. That is why sometimes one can experience shedding.

Do not last so long

Generally, lace is weaker and fragile. Therefore, in as much as the closure will last longer, it will not be as long as a silk closure. Bleaching makes it worse.

Silk closure

Silk closure is one that is made of silk as the base for the strands. Typically, it has light material that is used to reinforce it. The strands of hair are attached to the silk that has a lace material as well. The process is more like how the lace closure is made. The hair strands are tied down to the base material.


They look like your scalp

The silk material that is in use has a great way of imitating the scalp. That is why women also love this type of closure. However, the silk has an incredibly sleek look. It looks like the perfect imitator of a scalp, but it lacks the realistic nature. There is no ‘pore-like’ appeal or impression. Even so, from a distance, it will look your real scalp.

You can never have visible knots

The knots of the hair can never be seen when you have a silk closure. In other words, you will never have to bleach the knots which can be hectic. This saves you time, effort, and resources.

Silk closure is durable

The silk base is made from high-quality silk material. Other than that, silk is sturdier than lace. Therefore, you can rest be assured that a silk closure can and will last longer.

The disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages include:

Do not lie flat on the head

As compared to lace, silk closures do not lie flat on the head as excellently as it is needed. The reason is that it is thicker.

You need to blend it with your scalp

In as much as you do not need to bleach the knots, you still need to blend it with your scalp color. You can use concealer for this process.

Lasts longer

The most significant advantage of silk closure is that it lasts longer. Silk is stronger and more durable. It is not fragile. Also, it has lace reinforcement.

Differences between silk and lace closure

The Price

Price is one of the outstanding differences between the two types of closures. Lace one is more affordable while the silk one is a little expensive. This is the reason why so many people go for the lace closure.


Silk material is stronger and more durable. Lace, on the other hand, is light and very fragile. Therefore, they affect the longevity of their respective closures. Silk closure will last longer as compared to the lace one because of the advantages of the strength of silk. Other than that, silk closure has lace reinforcement. Therefore, the silk closure becomes tougher and more durable.

Visibility of the knots

When you are working with a silk closure, the knots of hair strands are never visible. However, the knots of a lace closure is visible. That is why it is required that one bleaches the knots. Bleaching helps to hide the knots on the lace. With silk, you will only need foundation or concealer for outstanding blending. Other than that, you do not need to bleach any knots.


Lace closures are more transparent. One can be able to see whatever is under the lace if they look closely. However, with the silk it is impossible.


The lace closure will you a perfect flatness because it is lighter as compared to the silk closure. The latter is sturdier and thicker. Therefore, you will not get a smooth and excellently flat finish.

Choosing Between the Two

Choosing between a lace and a silk closure is the part where many women get stuck. When we were beginning, we pointed out that the two types of closures serve the same purpose. They both give you a natural finish for your sew-in. Therefore, to choose between the two, you will look beyond the goal of the closure.

Two primary factors will influence your choice. These are price and durability. These are the two factors that matter a lot when choosing a closure type.


Silk product is the expensive choice while lace closure is the affordable choice. Without considering the hair used and the construction because they can be similar, silk material is more costly than lace. Therefore, it follows that silk closures are more expensive.


We have also established that silk is more durable. It can withstand a lot of things because it is tougher.

Therefore, anytime you want a closure that will last longer even after constant use, silk closures are your best bet. However, if your budget is a bit limited, lace items are your best bet. Either way, you will get the look you desire after the sew-in is complete. 

No woman can pass up the opportunity to look fabulous at any given time or day. These two types of closures offer something for everyone because the prices vary. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not have a natural-looking sew-in and protect your hair. Human hair extensions are among the top products you can install and if you take care of them, they can become a great new style for your hairline.