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Lace Front Wigs: Why They Are The Best?

It is every woman’s dream to get away with a different look every day. Keep in mind, I'm not only referring to dresses and makeup. A woman’s hair makes a very great difference when everything is considered. It can transform you in ways that you have never imagined.

Thankfully, women can change their hair every day from a short and straight hair to long and curly hair depending on their preferences. The secret is to have different wigs. There are so many on the market and women are having the best time of their lives exploring them.

What are wigs?

Wigs are a type of head cover that is typically made from human follicles, animal strands, or synthetic fiber. The cap material that holds the hair in place is made from different materials. However, there is a rise in the use of lace to make wigs, and it’s a trending practice.

That is why we have so many lace products. We have full lace, front lace, and lace 360 wigs. If you want to know the difference between the last two types, read this great article we wrote on the topic.

But today our focus is the lace front wig.

Why do women love them so much?

Lace front wigs are different from other types because of the way that they are made. The product will typically have a sheer lace that is only found in the front; the part that rests on your forehead. It traces your hairline excellently and beautifully.

Front lace wigs are growing in popularity because they are perfect in creating the illusion of a flawless and excellent hairline. This illusion is what most women go after to achieve that stunning look. Typically, in their creation, the hair is always tied to the lace base using human hands. The lace front is made from excellent and high-quality human follicles. It is either Indian, Chinese, or European Remy hair. The choice is up to you, but there is something for everyone.

Because of the lace at the front, when perfectly fitted on your head, it appears as though the hair is growing from the roots. Therefore, the chances that a person can spot that you are wearing a wig are reduced drastically.

Who are they meant for?

A while back, wigs were created for the people who were suffering from hair loss. There were those who lost their strands because of chemotherapy while others experienced thinning.

There were also times when wigs were frequently used by actors and musicians to change their looks and transform them into different characters while on set. But when celebrities started wearing them for their day to day looks outside the set, the trend picked up very quickly.

More women became accustomed to wearing wigs and stopped associating them with previously mentioned issues. While they give us the confidence of walking around with better hair, they serve a better purpose than that. That is why wigs are now meant for every woman whether they have bad or good hair. They are for women who are excited about different looks and strive to be different and outstanding. They are meant for the everyday champions.

Reasons why you need a front lace wig

They give you a natural looking hairline: this is the primary reason why you want a front lace wig. They are perfect for creating the illusion of a healthy and attractive hairline. No one will be able to tell that you are wearing one because the sheer lace base will blend excellently with your skin. This gives you a convincing look beyond any reasonable doubt.

It is highly durable: the wig is made with sheer lace at the front only. The sheer lace is strong and long-lasting. Other than that, the other parts of the cap are made from a tougher material that guarantees it will last a very long time. The material is sturdy.

They are breathable: as compared to the ordinary product of this kind, lace front wigs are much more breathable than to the sheer lace used. You can enjoy the fresh feel throughout the day.

They protect you from self-imposed damage: If you want short, curly, or straight hair, all you have to do is to buy a wig. Because of the ease and accessibility of these items, you will save your natural strands from some of the things that cause it to thin and become unhealthy.

They are excellent for styling: the lace front wigs are excellent for styling. They help you to explore numerous hairstyles without.

How to take good care of them?

Taking care of a product is just as important as taking care of your natural hair. You cannot assume that you can get away with improper care because it's not a part of you. The lace front wig demands proper care just like your natural one. To help you take better care of it, read the tips below:

Keep it away from direct sunlight and dust: too much sunlight is never healthy for your wigs and can destroy them. Dust is also an enemy. It will make them lose their beauty, glow, and excellence.

Keep it away from the reach of children and pets: children, and especially girls can never resist playing with hair. While they may have the best intentions, you may find your wigs in a sorry state that you cannot recover. Children do not know what works and what does not work with. Therefore, they may ruin it. Pets will also play with it and damage it.

Keep it in a place with favorable temperatures: do not store your wigs in places where the heat is too much, or it is too cold. Just like extreme temperatures affect your hair, the same also happens with these lace units. Remember, they are made from human hair.

Store your wigs on a hanger, a stand, or a styrofoam head: these are the best ways to store the items. They are designed for the purpose and thus ensure that they are in top condition always. For the styrofoam heads that you use, ensure that they are the same size as your head or close enough. When you ensure that this is the case, you can be sure that the wig does not warp making it difficult for you to wear it.

Wash and dry it once in a while: as you wear them, hair products build up and dust from day to day activities. Purpose to clean your wigs after wearing it several times. Use products that will maintain its excellent features like a natural look, natural shine, and more. Typically, human wigs will require more maintenance than the synthetic hair. To wash it, part it into three or four sections. Wash it gently with lukewarm water and rinse with cold water thoroughly. Shake it to get rid of excess water and air dry. Do not wring it.

You can also store in a plastic bag: if your storage area is limited and you have too many wigs, you can store others in a plastic bag. Keep it in a place that has favorable conditions. Also, remember to fold it inside out.

Your buyers guide to front lace wigs

As you head out to buy your wig, some things can help you.

They are:

Ensure that you get the size right: when the wig fits you perfectly, you will get a flawless look. However, when it does not, you will live to regret it because it will not serve its purpose excellently and you may not get a smooth look. Measure yourself before going out. Get a tape measure and measure your head’s circumference. Also take measurements from the front to the nape, from ear to ear, from temple to temple, and from the nape to the neck. The measurements will help you get an excellently customized wig.

The length: different front lace items come with different lengths. There are shorter ones, medium length, and long ones. It will all depend on what you want. One thing to note is that shorter ones are easy to care for as compared to longer wigs.

The choice of color: color is very important. Choose a color that flatters your skin tone and blends perfectly. Other than that, the color can also be close to the shade of your natural color. Even so, this does not mean that you cannot try a ‘wild’ look.

The cost: different front lace wigs have different prices. From a standpoint, they are more expensive as compared to those made from synthetic fiber. Therefore, choose the one that fits your budget without any strains.

You can now buy a lace front wig and enjoy the beauty that it brings. The versatility and flexibility in styling will impress you. Today you have the chance of looking different whenever you wish.

If you wanna change your style, you can place orders through our online shop. We have a big collection and there is always something on sale so the price won't be an issue. All you have to do is create a shopping account and start buying various amazing items!