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Lace Frontal or Full Lace Wig? Which Product Is Better?

Wigs are a common item in women’s dressing rooms, and they keep increasing in popularity. Part of the reason why they are women’s favorite hair product is that they can quickly be turned to any look and at any time. Typically, a wig is a head covering that is made with hair that is either human or synthetic. However, times are changing, and women are picking human over synthetic products more and more often.

Human hair wigs are made by attaching strands to a base material, and the materials tend to differ depending on the desired outcome and the type of the unit. There are different types of wigs, but there are two primary trends that are embraced everywhere in the world. These are the frontal and the full wigs.

These two types of products differ one from the other, and a lot of women always want to know their differences. But above everything else, they always want to know which one is better. Therefore, today we will lay down the facts concerning each wig type to give you a better perspective.

Full Lace Wigs

Wigs tend to use a base made of lace to achieve a natural look after installation. The base is better at mimicking the scalp base and makes it seem as though hair strands run deeper into the scalp. A full item, as the name suggests, is made of lace base and it covers every inch of the wig. The entire cap is made of lace. In its construction, human hair strands are attached to the cap by using tiny knots. This is done by hand and it makes them unique.


Low density

Typically, the full lace wig has a lower weight, and this means that the hair strands are not so concentrated. Other than that, because of the construction base material, the unit is generally lighter on your head.


It is very breathable because of the base. The lace material is well ventilated allowing for better flow of air through it leaving you feeling fresh at all times.

More natural

The beauty of full lace wigs is their naturality on the entire head. The whole unit is uniform and makes the whole head seem as though the hair strands are growing from the scalp. It is not just a part of it.

Fully handmade

It is handmade from start to finish. There are no parts that are made using machines and others with human hands. Because of this, they take more time to get a single full lace wig completed.

Advantages of full lace units


These products are very versatile in their use. There is nothing that will hold you back with styling the wig. You can wear any style with it. You can part the item anywhere because the whole head has a natural look.

Braiding the hair

There is more to the wig than just parting it anywhere. The full lace unit can also be braided down in any style. There is nothing that will hold you back and especially the fear of looking funny and unnatural. You can wear your beautiful cornrows the whole head, and people will think it's your natural hair.

It is less bulky

Lace is a material that is very light and therefore, you will barely feel its weight on your head. Other than that, when compared to synthetic hair, the natural one is lighter and bouncy. It is not stiff and bulky. These characteristics make it the full lace wig an excellent choice.

It keeps your head fresh

The entire head is made from a lace base that allows excellent air circulation. Therefore, your hair will always enjoy air circulation. This reduces the chances of the wig having a funny smell after prolonged use.

The disadvantages

Full wigs are very expensive. Part of the reason is a long time taken to make it. Knotting strands of hair on a cap is no joke. It takes days to get it done. Other than the features and advantages make it more expensive.

A full lace item is not so conducive for first-timers. It requires someone who has worn such products and understands them to be able to wear and design them excellently. Its installation is a bit different.

Lace Frontal Wig

They are made with a lace base at the front of the wig and not the entire head. The hair strands at the front of the product are knotted to the lace by hand. However, the rest of the item is made from a different cap material. The material is stronger and sturdier. The strands are attached to the cap by sewing hair wefts using a sewing machine. The length of the lace front wig isn't a problem when buying from our store as you can choose a custom size! 


Natural look at the front only

This unit has the natural effect at the front and not the entire head. The reason is that the lace is only used at the front.

Limited versatility

The lace frontal is also an excellent choice when you want a natural look when wearing your wig. You can part the hair anywhere at the front. However, that is as far as versatility goes. You cannot hold high ponytails and neither can you braid the whole head. You can only braid a small portion at the front if you want.

Has two types of base materials and is made using two methods

The front part of the wig is made from sheer lace while the other parts are made from a different material. Also, the front part is made by hand while the other parts are made by sewing hair wefts using sewing machines.


It gives you a natural hairline

When wearing this wig, you will have a perfect hairline. This makes it look more believable.

It is cheaper

Frontal wigs are cheaper because they are easier to make and take up less tie as compared to full lace items.

Better volume

Lace frontal wigs have higher density, and this gives you a better and fuller look when installed.

Easier to install

The installation is easier and faster. That is why it is advised that first-timers use the frontal before graduating to the full wig.


It is limited in its breathability

The hair has excellent breathability on the front part because of the lace base. The other parts do not compare and the wig cap can retain heat underneath it.

The Difference Between the Two


As seen earlier, when it comes to styling, full wigs win the competition. They offer you a lot of flexibility and versatility when it comes to designing it. You can wear any hair updo, braid it, and so on. Whatever you do, the perfect natural look will be maintained without any trouble. On the other hand, frontal wigs are flexible in the way you part them only. You cannot go past that and explore more styles.


Full lace products are very expensive compared to the lace frontals. Blame the prices on the fact that they require a lot of effort and time to get a single wig done. It is not as easy as frontal units that have the greater parts of the item made by sewing machines. This makes their completion very fast.


Both types of products have an excellent natural look. However, the frontal wig has this feature at the front only. The full lace item has the feature everywhere. Whether you check the sides, the top of the head, behind the head and so on, you find a natural look.

Base material

The full product is made of a lace cap. Every inch of the product base is lace. On the other hand, the frontal wig only has lace at the front. The rest of the parts are made from a different material.

Hair volume

The hair volume differs between the two types of wigs. The full lace one has a lower volume as compared to the frontal. Therefore, you can expect your lace frontal unit to have a fuller look as compared to the full one.

Ease of installation

Installing the frontal item is easier as compared to the full one. It is also faster. With the lace frontal, you only have to deal with adequately installing and aligning the wig with your hairline. However, dealing with full wigs, it is a little complicated and can take longer depending on the method you are using to install it. It calls for an experienced person to fit the full lace wig.

Which one is better?

Both types of wigs have excellent features that make them different. There are also outstanding features that make them similar. They are both long lasting when you take good care of them. They are both tangle-free, shed-free, and give you a natural look.

However, for greater flexibility and to enjoy more and better features, the best option is the full wig. But if the price does not allow you to purchase it, a frontal will also do. Ultimately, you will have to weigh between the two and choose what suits your needs best.

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