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Lace Frontals: All Your Questions Answered

Lace frontals are so popular around the world. Women have embraced them and use them every time they get a weave installed. Lace frontals are excellent at giving you a realistic and flawless look that every woman wants whenever they step out of the salon. They are the to-go item that will let you slay a weave installation of rock your new wig.

Regardless of what it is, whether a weave or wig, your looks will be unbelievably natural and strikingly enchanting. Since we are talking lace frontals, someone may be wondering what they are, to begin with.

What are Lace Frontals?

This is a hairpiece that is designed to cover the entire hairline of an individual. The purpose is to give the person a more natural look when weaves are installed or when they wear wigs. They are made using different base materials such as silk and lace. However, those made from lace are the most popular types we have in the market. To construct them, strands of human hair are attached to the lace by hand, and they are knotted down. The lace imitates the scalp, and when the knots are hand tied, it makes it seem as though the strands are growing from the scalp.

Lace frontals come in different lengths. Most of them measure 13 inches long and 4 inches wide, but you can have those that measure 13 inches against a different width. Since they are long, they run from one year across to the other. The variation of lengths makes it possible for every woman to have something that fits them without any struggles. All you need to know is the length of your hairline, and you will get a perfect match. There are also manufactures that allow people to order for custom made ones. Therefore, you can take advantage of this freedom.

Do I need a lace frontal?

Lace frontals are trending, and they have become an ‘in-thing.’ However, many women wonder whether or not they are indeed a must-have product. While they are very advantageous and complement your sew-in, they are not an item that should make feel as though you will die without them. Whether you need them or not depends on some facts. There are instances where you may prefer a closure over a frontal. There are also other times when you may prefer a leave-out sew-in. In this case, your natural hair is left out to blend with the weave. Also, they are meant to add onto your edges and make them seem fuller and better. So, if your hairline does not need any ‘boosting,’ then you may not need frontals.

Another outstanding reason why you may not be a good subject for these products is if your life is very active and you sweat a lot. They are not bad for you, but they will give you more work when taking care of your looks. Without proper and thorough care and cleaning, you may end up having a weird smell. Also, you risk blocking your pores from excreting the excess water. Remember, you will be applying adhesives to seal it down along the hairline.

Regardless of all these, I would advise that you get them installed and experience the results.

Frontals vs. Closures

Since we mentioned closures above, it is wise that we look at them and what makes frontals better than closures.

  • Closures

Closures are also a type of a hairpiece that has the same construction method as frontals and serves the same purpose. The difference with closures is that they are smaller in size. Closures are installed at the crown of your head. Another difference is that they are not there to enhance your hairline, but they ultimately give you a natural look with a weave or wig. The purpose of closures, as the name suggests is to complete an installation.

Comparison between the two

Frontals cover a larger area: typically, they are longer as compared to closures. Most of them measure 13 inches in length while most closures measure 4 inches. Because of their length, they will cover you from ear to ear. On the other hand, the closure only covers the crown.

Frontals let you use lesser bundles: When you are getting a weave installed, or you are constructing a wig with frontals, you use fewer bundles. The reason is that they cover a greater part of the head as compared to the closure. Therefore, where you would use four bundles and closure, you will use three bundles if you use a frontal.

Installation of frontals with hair bundles

Installing frontals is not as difficult as some people think. It is something that you can easily do by yourself without any struggles. Many women are learning how to install weaves by themselves and making wigs using frontals. Therefore, you can join the crew. Here is a brief description of how to go about it.

  • Braid your natural hair

Plait the hair from front to back making cornrows so that you can have an excellent base. The frontal will also have a chance to lay flat on your head. You bundles will also be easier to sew down.

  • Install the frontal

The best way to go about installing it is by starting with it as compared to starting with the weave. This ensures that there is enough room to work with freely and comfortably. Take your frontal and align it with your hairline. Pin down one side so that you can start sewing the other side comfortably. Sew it behind the hair from front to back. When you are done, remove the pin on the other side and sew it down behind the ear as well. Before you sew it down, stretch it towards the opposite side you want to sew so that the lace can lie down excellently and it will be smooth and tight. When both the sides are sewn down, sew the back of the frontal onto the cornrows from ear to ear.

  • Install the weave

When the frontal is in place, add the rest of the bundles until all the cornrows are covered and the all the bundles are used up.

  • Customize the frontal

Customization is very quick. When they come, there is always the excess lace that sticks out. You need to trim this excess lace. Cut it out following the flow of your hairline. Leave half an inch of the lace. Also, when you start, ensure that you keep cutting to the end. This eliminates rugged edges that are not uniform. Cut small bits at a time to be safe. 

Take your adhesive and apply along the hairline but beneath the lace. When done, press the lace down so that it can be firmly attached. Proceed and style your baby hair and the whole head.

The versatility of lace frontals

They are very versatile as compared to closures. They are very dynamic in their styling which gives you a better chance of exploring more styles. As compared to closures, you can play around with all types of styles as often as you want. They give you a chance to part the hair in places where the free part closure cannot allow you.

The way the lace lies on your forehead to mimic your hairline is also commendable. With closures, other than the part where they are positioned, every other place along the hairline will not seem realistic and natural. They make it clear that the strands are not growing from your roots.

Taking care of your frontal

Caring for them is not tasking, and you will have an easy time taking care of it. Since it is made from natural strands, your regular hair care routine will suffice. You have to ensure that you have all the right products for washing and conditioning it. Your washing and conditioning products need to be mild and organic. This prevents any harm to the strands.

Whenever you comb it, always be gentle and careful. Do not pull at the hair with all your strength and especially when untangling the hair. Use the recommended combs only to prevent damage.

Remember to deep condition and to use moisturizing products. You need to ensure that the strands do not dry and become rough. Moisturizing hair and deep conditioning revitalizes the hair and restores the shine and smoothness.

When you use heating devices to style your hair, always use heat protectors. Heat protectors ensure that the strands do not suffer from the heat. Also, keep the heat on the minimum side. The strands are as real as those on your head. Therefore, heat will damage them the way it damages your natural ones.

Which frontal should you choose?

There are so many types of frontals based on the origin of the hair used to make it as well as the shape of the strands and their texture. There are those that are straight, curly, and wavy ones. Therefore, your choice will depend on the shape and feel of the weave you are installing. You cannot have a straight weave with curly frontals.

Frontals are perfect for every woman, and they will always come in handy at all times. Let nothing stop you from getting a perfect and natural looking hairline.

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