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Hair Comparison: Malaysian Vs. Peruvian Human Hair

Human hair extensions brought a revolution to how women look and feel when they wear them. They have brought satisfaction to the women fraternity as they can look more natural. The human extensions have taken wearing such products to a whole new level, and women love it. There are so many types of human additions that women love. Other than the famous Brazilian human hair, we have the Peruvian human hair and a relatively new player, the Malaysian human extensions.

A lot of women love Peruvian human unit, and they have seen its beauty and glory thanks to the beautiful features that it has. As time went by, women started exploring the other option of the Malaysian human hair. They have grown to love it as well because of the fabulous qualities. But as women get exposed to more types of human extensions, it becomes more difficult to choose which unit to select. The main reason is that they are all human products. However, looking at finer details shows you that it is more than that.

Both the Peruvian and Malaysian extensions are lovely choices. However, you have to be able to choose one type when it comes down to it. Therefore, we will look at every kind of human hair in details to see what makes them worth your choice.

Peruvian human hair

It is collected from the Peruvians. The Peruvians are known to have fabulous hair that is lustrous, luxurious, attractive, and irresistibly charming. It has all that it takes to make you stand out in a crowd. Peruvian human hair has some lovely features that make it worth your consideration.


It is thick and light

Peruvian hair will always stand out against other types of extensions because of its lightweight. Other products may be thick as well, but the light weight makes all the difference. When you have the item on, you will never feel any weight on you. That is why you can have more bundles installed, and you will not feel that your head is bulky.

Color variations

The Peruvian human hair has an excellent color variation. You can find dark colors, light brown, and dark brown as well. Therefore, with this choice, you get the chance to have a variety of options and to pick the best one. It is unlike the Malaysian hair extension that has one common color which is dark brown. There are also rare instances where you can get some blonde shades but not too blonde.

Look and feel

Peruvian hair is not so shiny as compared to a few other types and especially the Malaysian. Therefore, it lacks that natural glow that is fascinating and attractive. When you touch the item, it is soft to the touch making it feel more natural.


Peruvian human hair comes in different textures and comes in three textures. The textures include straight, wavy, and curly. Unlike some other types, the straight Peruvian hair grows out genuinely straight and without curls. However, when it gets wet by any chance, it starts to curl. Concerning the texture, it is essential to know that the product is also courser as compared to the Malaysian human hair.

Ease of maintenance

Typically, maintaining human units is as comfortable as managing your natural hair. Peruvian item is easy to maintain and will not take a lot of effort and time. To keep a straight texture, ensure that you use a lot of heat while styling. To maintain the curls, ensure that you wash and moisturize your hair as often as possible.

Versatility of use

Different women from different ethnic backgrounds can use the Peruvian hair. The most outstanding thing is how beautifully it blends with African hair. African American and African Caribbean women get the best looks when they use this type of human extension.

Malaysian human hair

This product is equally a fabulous choice for women. It is collected from donors who are of Malaysian descent. Women from Malaysia donate their hair to companies that make wigs and weaves. Also, in their temples, you can get their hair that is cut for various reasons. It can be a bit pricey but worth every dime spent.


Color variations

There is very little to say about the Malaysian hair color. The most popular color among the Malaysians is dark brown and black. Getting more color types can take a very long time and effort.

Look and feel

Malaysian human extension has an enchanting glow that is irresistible. It has a characteristic of having an excessive shine on it. Its luster is impeccable. The only downside to this characteristic is that the shine wears off after a few washes. The shine is not permanent, and thus, washing causes the hair to lose its initial charm. On the brighter side, it becomes more natural. Also, when you touch the Malaysian hair, you will realize that it is very soft to the touch. It is softer than the Peruvian one and very luxurious.

Thickness and weight

When you compare Malaysian to Peruvian human hair, you will realize that Malaysian is heavier. Both extensions are thick. However, the extra weight that the Malaysian hair has can be a turn off for some people.


Malaysian human hair is very versatile in its use and can also be worn with women from various ethnic backgrounds. The unit blends wonderfully with African women as well and also with Afro-Caribbean women. A lot of South African women celebrities are always choosing this type of hair.

Ease of maintenance

Maintaining Malaysian is equally as easy as maintaining Peruvian human hair. You can style this unit in any way you want and use different tools and process. It will remain intact and will still last longer. You can dye the hair, perm it, style it with heating devices and so on. It is very flexible and easy to style.

Peruvian straight versus Malaysian Straight

Peruvian straight hair is naturally straight and does not have any waves along its length. The only thing to take care of is its contact with water because it will curl up. On the other hand, the Malaysian straight hair tends to have some waves during collection. The product blends seamlessly with relaxed hair of African American women.

Peruvian wavy Vs. Malaysian wavy

Peruvian wavy item tends to have waves that are a bit loose. However, they do not lose shape easily and can be sustained until the end of the day. Malaysian wavy hair has a flattering wavy pattern. The wave patterns are known to hold in place excellently.

Peruvian curly Vs. Malaysian curly

Peruvian curly hair is gorgeous, and the curls are tight and well defines. Typically, it goes through steam curling to create the fabulous curls. Washing and moisturizing will significantly help in taking care of the hair. Malaysian curly hair, on the other side also has tight curls. They are also thick and luxurious. They have a lovely airy feel, and you will not need any products to keep the curls in place. They hold very well.

Which is the best for you?

The ultimate question is always this one. Women get to this question, and they get frustrated because they do not know which extension to pick between the two.

The truth is that both hair types are excellent choices for every woman regardless of their ethnic background. Both of them serve their unique purpose of giving you the properties of the natural one in as much as it is an extension.

Both types of products give you different choices such as the wavy, curly, and straight hair. They are both easy to maintain and to style. They are versatile and flexible. However, in all their similarities, there are differences that you have to consider. They both have unique features that set them apart.

If you want a lighter feel, more color choices, a more natural shine, and courser texture, Peruvian human extension is your perfect choice. However, if you want a shiner option, softer and silkier, Malaysian human hair is your ideal choice. What you prefer is what counts.

Whether you choose Peruvian or the Malaysian human hair products, the difference will not be too pronounced. They are both high-quality human extensions that serve the same goal. You can comfortably try any of the hair types, and you will have an excellent experience with extensions. You will enjoy characteristics such as no tangles, no shedding, durability, versatility, and a more natural look. This is the sole purpose of human hair units, and these two fulfill these requirements. Therefore, you should never worry.

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