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3 Messy Buns That You Must Try Today

We used to think of messy buns as something we would subconsciously do with our hair when we’d like give it a quick and neat updo. But then for the past couple of years, the ‘messy bun’ trend has become immensely popular among women. Believe us, some even go to salons or even spend more than an hour just to ‘perfect’ the messy look! Well, those perfect messy hair buns you see on Instagram and Pinterest don’t really take much work unlike what you initially thought.

True enough, this particular hairstyle does not require professional skills. It is actually quite basic and it is also very easy to redo just in case you are not initially happy with how it turned out. Just remember, the key to perfecting the messy bun is to not perfect it all! We know that sounds pretty ironic, but that is simply how you will be able to achieve this hairstyle’s effortlessly beautiful style.

In this article, we are going to share three different types of messy buns that can totally be your go-to hairdo. You can also use the help of extensions as well if ever you’d like to build more shape and volume. They are super trendy too so, we’re quite sure that you’d be thrilled to try them for yourself!

  1. Messy bun with a loop

This is one of the easiest and fastest styles that you can wear especially when you are in a morning rush. It only takes three simple steps to complete and you don’t even need to use hair tools for this one.

How to do it:

If you wish to work with more hair to add prominent volume to the look, you may use clip-in weft extensions for this. Just take sections of it, and clip the extensions underneath every partition. Make sure to clip the extensions as close to the hairline as possible to make it look natural and seamless.

Now, let’s move on to the messy bun hairstyle! Gather your hair up into the usual ponytail and as you do so, take the 3rd tie halfway to create a nice loop. As this point, secure it with an elastic tie. Now that you have a huge loop hanging from your ponytail, go to the hairs on your crown area and gently tug them out from the roots to loosen the bun a bit.

Take the remaining pieces of hair from the halfway loop you created earlier and wrap it around the loop. Tuck the ends under the elastic tie you used to secure the bun. If by any chance, there are still remaining loose ends from it, you can use bobby pins to secure and tuck them in. You may also take random pieces of hair and bring them to the sides of your face to frame it. This will also add to the style’s ‘messy vibe’. That’s it and you are done!

  1. Lower messy bun

The process is just as effortless as the messy bun with a loop. However, this particular hairdo takes the bun a bit lower to your nape. The beauty of this style is that you can rock it even with medium-length hair.

How to do it:

The idea is to create a loop from a low ponytail. So, take your elastic band and pass your strands through it and pull them halfway through to create this loop. Make sure that as you go halfway through the low ponytail, a nice length of hair will still hang loose. It is because you will use these strands to secure the loop you initially made. Gather them, pull them over the loop, and tuck it under the elastic band to secure it.

The next and last step is to customize the loop. You may choose to take random strands out from the bun to create a messy effect. Additionally, lightly scrunch the top of your hair to give it a nice lift of volume. Lastly, don’t forget to take framing pieces of it to the sides of your face for added definition. Note that, you may also use hair extensions for this look just in case you want additional length and volume.

  1. Voluminous top messy bun

This style is definitely an all-time favorite especially for girls who are blessed with extra long locks. If you do not like your hair being all over the place, then this voluminous top messy bun is your best choice. It’s very convenient especially when the weather gets hot and humid, but at the same time, you still get that beautiful volume you like for your messy hair bun.

How to do it:

This one is super easy to achieve as well. It literally won’t even take a minute of your time!

To make sure you get the right height for your top bun, flip your hair over and gather all of your strands to the top as if you are about to do a high ponytail. Next, take the ends of the strands and give it a quick twist. Starting from that twist, wrap the rest of the hair around the ponytail until you achieve a poufy top bun. Take an elastic hair tie and secure it in place.

If the bun is too tight, you may lightly tug random sections of your hair to loosen the tie a bit. This will also create a bit of volume to it and therefore balance the entire look. You may take some baby hairs out to frame your face if you want a bit of more depth and shape.


And there you have it! Three different ways to style up your messy bun – fast and easy. As the messy trend is quite versatile, you may choose to flaunt it in both casual and formal events. All you have to do is let your creativity take over and give it a bit of your personal touch!

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