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Natural Looking Wigs: 5 Ways to Make a Wig Look Completely Real

Wigs are a game-changer for every woman. They allow quick versatility and are perfect for when you want to switch up your look quickly. But in all honesty, no one wants to let the whole world know that they’re wearing a wig

After all, the point of wearing a wig is to feel just as confident as you did when wearing your natural mane. Any woman who wears their wig as a daily protective style will agree with me that it should look as natural as possible.

natural looking wigs

That seamlessness is what every woman desires. But unfortunately, not everyone has a celebrity stylist on speed dial to help them create a flawless fit. So besides fumbling around with a lace front to try and blend everything in, where does one even begin?

Start from here

Don’t fret yet. The secret to rocking a wig-or any hairstyle for that matter- is to embrace its customization. Whether you’re rocking a synthetic wig or a human hairpiece, some tips and tricks can make it look exceptionally natural. 

The orgasmic part? You don’t need to be an expert, and you don’t have to buy the most expensive wig to achieve an utterly authentic look. Don’t empty your wallet, thinking that the most costly option is always the best!

So, if you just bought your hair- or are eyeing something in the store- and don’t know where to begin, you are in the right place. Below, we give you the A-Z of slaying your wig such that no one would be able to tell whether it grows from your scalp or not. 

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic - Which is More Natural Looking?

Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fibers that resemble hair. When picking a synthetic option, it is advisable to inspect it against a human hair option or your own mane. Many synthetic options, especially the curly ones, tend to tangle, matte, and become unwearable after some weeks. Keep in mind that the kinkier the mane, the shorter its lifespan, and the more likely it will look less natural.

Admittedly, synthetic wigs have come from far, and thanks to the advancement in technology, they’re becoming more natural-looking because of their improved design and construction. They are also really affordable.

Human hair wigs, on the other hand, are made from real human hair. As you may guess, they provide the most natural look. They swing and fall the same way a natural mane does, and can be cut, bleached, colored and heated as desired. In short- it’s business as usual with human hair wigs. What’s more? They can last for years if well taken care of.

For starters, there are many types of human hair wigs. European types are the most sought after thanks to their super fine texture. They are also the most expensive. Indian human hair has a soft, smooth texture and is also very popular, but not as expensive. Chinese options are the most common because they are the least expensive. They tend to be straight and bulky, with a somewhat soft texture.

Don’t Forget to Go For Lace Front and Monofilament Cap

One of the best ways to achieve a truly natural look is to go for wigs that have a lace front as well as a monofilament cap. While the type of hair on your wig is essential, the construction of the cap is equally essential. This is because a wig will only look natural if the cap holds up perfectly.

Lace front caps are great at providing a snug fit that comfortably holds the wig cap to your scalp. This prevents it from sliding, slipping or moving around. The lace front has a very natural appearance and does a beautiful job of making the hairline look natural.

The monofilament cap is what creates the ultimate natural look by making it appear as if every single strand on the wig is coming out of your scalp. This is because all the hair strands on the monofilament component are individually sewn by hand into the lace cap. The end result is a wig that can be styled and parted, just like your natural mane.

Placement is Key

How you wear your wig will largely determine how natural and authentic it looks. If you wear it far too down on your head, people will notice. First, you want to ensure it is of the right size. After that, we recommend wearing a mesh cap underneath- this is very important as it will hide your natural mane. Ideally, your wig should be right where your natural hairline begins.

Now, if you don’t have a hairline and are stuck at figuring out where your hairline should be- use the famous 90-degree trick. Here’s how it works: place one of your hands in front of your face pointing upwards. Place the other hand on top of your head facing forward. Touch the tips of the longest fingers together to create a 90-degree angle. Exactly where the two fingertips meet is where your hairline should be. Simple right?

Blend Everything Up

One of our best tricks is blending the wig with your mane. I know we talked about lace front wigs earlier, but your real hair is way better. If you have it, then, by all means, flaunt it.

Simply leave some hair on the front part of your head, then wear the wig a little farther back so that the front part is exposed. For the most seamless look, it is advisable to match your hair with the texture and curl pattern of your wig. 

Finally, Maintain and Store It Properly

How good and natural your wig looks will be determined by how well you maintain it. Human hair options are easier to take care of because they can be washed and conditioned to last longer. Use simple, styling products that are considered safe for your type of wig. Synthetic options last for a shorter time, but with regular brushing and cleaning with dry shampoo, they can last for several weeks.

Of course, you should store it in the right place, too. Whether human or synthetic, the best way to store your wig is to brush it and hang it on a stand. 

Well, there you have it—some of the best tricks and tips to get the most natural and complementary look from your wig. Go ahead and try them out.