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Perm or Dye: Which Method Is More Harmful?

There is an endless number of things that you can do to your hair. That is why women can walk all over the place looking different, fabulous and breathtaking every day.

Women can quickly switch between looks in a short time. They can shift their hairdo from a straight look to a curly look and vice versa without wasting time. They can also turn from blondes to redheads without many struggles. But what is the secret? They use dyes and perm to make all these changes.


For a very long time, women had to play with their natural hair to switch and spice things up, but in the end, it faced the consequences. Perms and dyes damaged their hair over time. The introduction of extensions saved them. You could wear any color and any shape. However, the olden-day types of extensions were not so flexible because they were made from synthetic fiber. Things got more interesting with the introduction of human hair extensions.

These extensions are versatile and very flexible. Whatever you can do to your natural hair you can do it to your extension. Now, they can freely go back to dyes and perm knowing that their real hair is well hidden and protected. Women know that these products are not so good for it because of their chemical makeup. However, it seems impossible to stay away from them. Many women question themselves about which of the two is worse than the other. If they had to pick one, which one would it be?


Any natural hair has its natural shape and texture. Some women are never pleased with its shape and texture. Therefore, they always opt to change it. Typically, they use flat irons to straighten it and curling irons to curl it among other tools. These tools use heat, and the effect does not always last as long as women want. Because of this, they turn to a more permanent way; perm.

It involves a chemical process where specific chemical products are applied to the hair to change its texture and shape permanently. Technically, the term ‘perm’ is a short form of permanent.

Every strand has bonds and perm always increases the level of bonds so that the hair curls up on its own. The whole strand will always curl up, and the effect is irreversible. That is why the effects are said to be permanent. There will be changes once your roots grow out again and the change will only be as fast as the rate of hair growth on your head.

The process has its side effects such as causing breakage. The chemicals that are used are always harsh, and they cause the hair to break. When you comb it, so many strands will be falling off because they are weaker.

Perm also gives your hair a frizz that is annoying and can be too much to handle. You will need deep conditioning routines to eliminate this problem and restore the original gorgeous look. It is an inconvenience to deal with frizzy hair every other time.

This process also causes split ends. Since your human hair is not originating from the follicle on your scalp, the damage will begin with the shaft. After some time, you will see the effects on the ends. When you perm your natural hair, your roots will be the first place to be damaged.

The other crucial side effects of this method are that it can burn your scalp and cause itchiness or irritation. However, this happens on rare occasions and when the stylist is not professional. But when you perm your human hair extension, this will not worry you.

One thing about perming is that when it is done correctly and is well maintained, the damage can be controlled.


Dyes are also an enemy to your healthy hair. There are three types of them; permanent, semi-, and demi-permanent. The last two are not so harmful, and they are temporary. They wear off after a few washes. So washing will not pose a problem. nor will conditioner or shampoos The most dangerous type is the permanent dye. It is also the one that many people choose.

The cuticle always protects the hair shaft. The cuticles lay flat on the surface of the shaft to ensure that nothing penetrates it. The shaft has the natural color of the hair. The color is associated with conjugated double bonds.

Permanent dye has a high percentage of peroxide and also has ammonia. Ammonia is an alkaline that enhances the pH of the hair. An increase in pH causes the cuticle on the shaft to relax and lift. This is the first step that dyes take to damage your hair. Once the shaft is exposed, the peroxide, which is an oxidizing agent, goes and breaks the natural melanin by targeting the conjugated double bonds. This makes the hair to lose its color, and the dye settles in.

The peroxide is also responsible for the hair to be excessively dry and brittle. It dries it. Because the ammonia and peroxide are still on the hair for the period, the dye is supposed to sit on it; the cuticles become weaker. Up until you rinse it, the cuticles will not go back to their original state. The dye will leave your hair weak, extremely dry, and delicate.

Its ingredients have also been linked to cancer development. They are carcinogenic and can cause you a long-term health problem. Some of the health risks include leukemia, breast cancer, cancer of the bladder, and a few other conditions.


Both products are bad for natural hair as we have seen. They all cause breakage, dryness, and brittleness. But perm does not strip off anything from your hair the way dye does. It also does not open your cuticles so that it can damage the shaft.

The most significant advantage that this method has over dye is that is not associated with cancer. Dye does not only damage your hair. It is a risky choice even for your body.


If you must choose one of the two, let your answer be perm. This process will not cause you any long-term illnesses. The effects of it will be gone as your hair keeps growing out.

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