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Perms and Keratin Treatments: 6 Facts You Should Know

Perm is a semi-permanent hairstyle that sets curls through chemical treatment. Bouncy soft luscious hair is a dream for every girl. Sometimes straight hair lacks adventure and an edge while also looking boring and plain flat. Women love their fashion and perming is one of the best ways to stay trendy and full of confidence. 

Curls and kinks call for a lot of maintenance work but they are well worth time and money. Perms and Keratin treatments are solutions to creating beautiful styles. The first one involves subjecting your hair to intense chemical procedures that coil the strands thus making it bouncy, curly, and more voluminous.

Let us, therefore, explore things you should know before you get a perm or a keratin treatment. Today, people offer various personal services and its much better to learn about this popular process before you go to a beauty salon. 

  1. You should have healthy hair, to begin with

The process of perming is very intense, thus you should have strong healthy follicles that can withstand the chemicals applied to it. Failure to do so will bring about breakage. If you had dyed your hair within close proximity of the time you would like to perm, it is advisable to wait a few months before indulging in the process.

Professionals say that the best hair to undergo perm treatments is virgin natural. You may also want to consider whether the length is appropriate for this type of procedure. Longer one works best. Also, ensure that your ends are healthy and leveled for the best results. Short can undergo a perm treatment too but it will not result in a bouncy curl pattern as that of a long hair.

  1. What style you want to go for

Perming have variations that result in different hairstyles so you need to figure out which look it is that you are going for. Get some research done on which hairdo will flatter your face shape the most. You can choose from loose curls through tight curls to wavy curls.

There is so much you can achieve with a perm. You will also need to look at the cost of the treatments and select which one is the most affordable to get and maintain. You should also consider the texture which will directly affect the final outcome of the style you want to achieve.

  1. Changing your hair routine after a perm treatment

After getting the perm done, you will have to change your routine to serve the needs of the new hairstyle. Taking good care of your hair afterward is very important to maintain good health. It just went through a rigorous chemical procedure so be sure that it will need some tender loving care. Here are a few pointers on how you can take care of your curls.

  • Get a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner low in chemicals. Any natural product is good for styling, provides the necessary protein and will feel much better 
  • Stay clear of heavy creamy products which can steal the bounce away from your curls. You want it to be smooth 
  • Always use little to no heat to avoid heat damage. Don't blow it with a hairdryer unless you must. Anything that makes it dry is bad
  • Do not immediately color your hair after a perm. Instead, wait two to three months to avoid breakage
  • Trim your ends
  • Protect your hair while swimming in chlorinated water

When getting a perm, remember that this is a commitment. Don't do it if you are not entirely sure about it. 

What about Keratin treatments?

They seem very attractive, especially when you watch the numerous videos on social media and see how silky straight and shiny keratin treatments make your hair look. Before admiring and wanting a such a procedure you should know a few things about it.

First things first, it involves the application of keratin just like you would a dye followed by straightening, silk press and a flat iron to seal the protein in to give off that shiny finish. Based on that, what exactly do you need to know before you rush off to get yourself a keratin treatment?

  1. Choose the correct specialist

The process involves dealing with highly concentrated chemicals, therefore, you need to have a proper technician do it on your hair. Avoid going for a cheap treatment; otherwise, you will also get a cheap look. If you are not able to afford a professional, it is probably a good idea to hold off on the procedure.

  1. It is better than daily straightening your hair

If you tend to straighten your hair on the daily basis, you may want to consider getting the treatment because it will be much healthier than the daily application of intense heat. Keratin already exists in our follicles, so adding a certain amount is healthy if done in the correct manner.

  1. You need to start a healthier routine afterward

The one ingredient in hair products you want to avoid after a keratin treatment is sodium chloride, also known as salt. The inclusion of this component in your care routine will completely wash out the protein in your hair so avoid it like a plague.

To ensure that your hair retains the keratin, pay close attention to the kinds of products you put in it. To be on the safe side, always go for products that are low in chemicals. Avoid exposing it to chlorine filled swimming pool water. This will make your treatment wear out fast. Just keep a good consistent care routine and you should be happy with the results of a keratin procedure.

There is always a way to get your desired hairdo even if it involves a perm or a keratin treatment. You just need to know how to take care of the hair afterward to achieve the best results and minimize damage risks.

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