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Peruvian hair: Important Facts You Should Know

What is Peruvian hair? 

Peruvian is a beautiful type of human hair. The texture is coarser in comparison to other types such as Brazilian human hair. It seamlessly blends with relaxed African American and Caucasian types who have a similar texture.

Which is better Malaysian or Peruvian? 

Both of them are good. However, Malaysian is more superior in terms of softness. It has a silky lustrous shine that makes it look very attractive. When compared to Peruvian, one thing worth noting is that Malaysian holds curls better. Nonetheless, the first one is also good if you are looking to go with simple wavy styles that have loose curls or straight hairdos. If you also prefer to have thicker extensions, Peruvian is the best choice.

Is Peruvian or Brazilian better for natural hair? 

In this case, both are excellent choices; however, Peruvian is best suited for natural hair. This is because Peruvian is thicker and coarser in texture than Brazilian. The coarse and thick combination mirrors natural. Therefore the installation and overall outcome will be seamless and the transition from the natural hair to the extension will all look uniform.

What is 7a grade hair? 

7a grade is high-quality human hair that is thicker and lasts longer if well taken care of. Amongst the grading system, 7a and 8a types are considered the highest quality. If you are therefore buying a long unit, it is best to get a 7a grade. It contains no synthetic mix which makes it 100% natural

What is the difference between Peruvian and Brazilian unit? 

Peruvian is a type that is coarser and thicker than Brazilian. The texture of Brazilian is much softer and smoother as compared to Peruvian.

What is Mongolian like? 

Mongolian is like a mix of Chinese and Indian hair. Its strands are much smoother than most human types. Though thinner, it is best known for maintaining a shiny finish and a very smooth texture.

What about Brazilian hair? 

Brazilian is a popular type of luscious human hair. This type is sourced from the South American regions, mostly Brazil. It holds curls very well and is easy to style and maintain. Additionally, it is thick, bouncy and beautiful.

What is Indian hair? 

Indian is human hair sourced from India. It is normally dark and comes in various styles. Some are extremely curly while others are straight. Indian blends in with a variety of types, which is why it's so popular among women. 

What is 8a grade? 

8a grade is very high-quality human hair. This is the highest rank of the human product ranks. It contains no synthetic mix and is therefore 100% virgin human hair. It contains fewer chemicals and is often sold in the high-end markets.

What are 7a products? 

7a products mean that a product is the exact replica of the original or a very close imitation of the real thing. In some occasions, these products are the best fakes of an original. In simple terms, 7a products are high-end products that mimic the real deal.

What is a mink Brazilian hair? 

Mink Brazilian is a high-grade Brazilian which is gotten in its natural form. It flows well in one direction without a lot of split ends and it is much thicker than ordinary human hair. It has a longer shelf life because it is unprocessed and pure.

Where do the Brazilian units come from? 

Brazilian product comes from the Southern regions of America which include Brazil. The women in those towns donate their own for sale.

Are wigs made out of real hair? 

Some wigs are made out of synthetic fibers while other wigs are completely natural. Wigs made of real follicles, also known as human hair require more care than synthetic wigs. They, however, last much longer than synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs are much more prone to tangling than human wigs.

Where does fake hair come from? 

Fake items come from women from all over the world who donate it for sale. Some of the women in parts of India do it for religious purposes while others do for a sale. Some of the most common places that the hair comes from are India, Brazil, and Mongolia among many other places.

Is weaving permanent? 

Hair weaving is not permanent. It can, however, last for six months depending on how you care for the weave and the type of weave you have installed. You will need to visit your hairstylist every other month for reinstallation and styling.

How long does a weave last for? 

The shelf life of a weave depends on the quality and type of a hair weave. Human weaves can last up to an upwards of six months and more while synthetic weaves last much shorter periods. This is mostly three months or less. However, it all depends on whether you are taking proper care of the weave; to make sure it gives as much longevity of service as possible.