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Ponytail Extensions: Add More Volume to Your Ponytail Hair

Ponytails have always been every girl’s go-to hairstyle. It’s very versatile and it can be worn regardless of what hair texture or length you have. Donning a simple ponytail only takes a minute to complete and that is why everybody considers it as a ‘quick fix’ hairstyle.

However, ponytails may also look quite unflattering at times, especially if it goes flat and lifeless. This is usually caused by the lack of volume or the hair being naturally thin itself. Either way, such a problem can be easily addressed. All you need are hair extensions!

We are going to look at different ways to incorporate these hair extensions to your usual ponytail hairstyle in order to add shape and volume to it. You don’t even have to load your hair up with volumizing hair products just to make this work! These easy ways will allow you to achieve proper definition and thickness to step up your ponytail game. Whether you're looking for a long or short hair extension, regardless of brown, blonde or dark color, here are some best ideas that will fit your style and beauty! 

The Sleek High Ponytail

The sleek high ponytail is a common sight in the Hollywood red carpet. It’s very minimal but looks beautifully elegant when done neatly and stylishly. The key to the look is to keep the ponytail structured while still keeping a good amount of volume to define the face. If you are wondering how to exactly do that, then keep on reading.

How to do it:

Start with a small ponytail at the crown part of your head. Make sure that all the strands are neatly brushed and the ponytail itself is perfectly secured with a tie. This is the area where the hair extensions are going to be clipped. 

Now that your base is ready, take wide 3-clip weft extensions and clip it around the ponytail as close as possible. This trick will allow more space to clip in additional extensions, as well as make the transition of the hairs (natural and extensions) seamless. Double-check the clips to make sure that the extensions are completely secured.

Now gather the rest of your hair and wrap it around the base ponytail. Make sure that the wefts and clips of your extensions are perfectly covered by hair. Secure that section with bobby pins but place them right underneath the ponytail so that they won’t stick out. Keep the look sleek and flawless by using a fine comb or brush to smoothen out tangles and flyaways. Just try to do it as gently as you could to prevent disrupting the ponytail itself.

The Effortlessly Stylish Ponytail

There is something quite alluring with messy, effortless hairstyles, don’t you think? Hairstyles such as the messy morning hair and Boho beach waves have become a huge trend in the recent years. Another messy ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ hairstyle that is making rounds on the internet lately is its ponytail version. A simple, messy ponytail doesn’t require perfection, so it is something you can easily achieve!

How to do it:

Think of the direction where your hair goes based on how you would normally do your ponytail. Get your weft extensions ready and clip them on following that same direction. Take a section of your front hair and take a 2-clip weft right beneath it. You can also use two wefts if you’re looking into creating better volume. Flip the separated section of your hair upside down and take an appropriate amount of hair enough to cover the weft clips afterward. Carry on with clipping the weft extensions while your hair is flipped upside down. This trick will allow your ponytail to move freely and not tug your roots.

Now, the highlight of this effortlessly stylish ponytail look is to let random pieces of hair to frame your face, including baby hairs. Loosen the ponytail a bit by gently tugging the top section to create fuller volume. You may also opt to gently tease random sections of your hair to make it look ‘messier’. Using your hands, you can gently scrunch the hair upwards to add texture to the ponytail. Set it with hairspray to make sure it holds the entire day and you are all good to go!

The Romantic Low Ponytail

If you are up for something girly, dainty and romantic, then you are going to absolutely love this beautiful low ponytail hairstyle. It makes a perfect hairstyle to wear on romantic date nights. And just like the two previous ponytail hairstyles, this one won’t take a huge chunk of your time and effort to complete.

How to do it:

This hairstyle would look so much better with thicker tresses and more structured volume. To achieve that, you will be needing wider weft extensions, preferably ones with three or four clips. Hiding your extensions is much easier for this look as the ponytail hangs low. Begin by clipping your wefts on as how they are usually applied. Next, gather all your hair and neatly tie it in a low ponytail extension. You may choose to part your hair on the middle or on your preferred side depending on your personal liking.

There’s nothing more romantic than soft, silky curls! So to add that vibe to your low ponytail hairstyle, take your ever-trusted curling iron and start curling sections of your ponytail. After curling, gently brush through the curls using your fingers to soften them out. You may also choose to add some accessories to amplify the look. Pearl-embellished pins would make a perfect match to this sweet hairstyle.

In conclusion

See? It doesn’t really matter if you have naturally thin hair or if your hair doesn’t currently have the amount of volume you are hoping for. These gorgeous ponytail hairstyles using extensions can land on your hairstyle go-to list right now so you won’t ever have to worry about flat, boring hair ever again. Hair extensions serve as a quick solution to these hairstyle woes – no commitment! You can always clip them off once you’re tired of them. All you need to do is know how to properly work with them and we hope this article helped you with that!

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