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How to Do a Quick Wave That Looks Amazing

A quick wave is a weaving technique where a full head of hair is glued to a skull or a cap. This technique saves a lot of time and offers many styling choices, without damaging your hair or your budget.

A wave involves attaching wefts, or tracks, of store-bought items to your own hair, over a protective cap, to add extra body and length. Applying a unique liquid-gel formula to your own hair is another option. When it dries, it acts as a barrier between the glue and the hair itself.

This is a faster and more affordable option than a standard wave, which you could do by yourself, in the comfort of your home. Despite general thinking, this styling process is simple, easy and quick. It’s the go-to options for an effective change in minutes.

A quick wave allows you to create any look that you want, with any type of extension hair – long, short, curly, straight, unicolored or with highlights, you name it!

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Choose the right hair type

We recommend buying extensions made of human hair, either Virgin or Remy since they look natural and blend properly with your own.

Choose a color and texture that matches your own, so it would look natural as much as possible. You can add highlights or dye the extensions, to get the exact color that you want.

Required tools

Before making one of these practical accessories, make sure you are set up with following items and tools, to ensure the process goes smoothly:

  • hair wave
  • two wave caps
  • paper towel
  • bonding glue
  • scissors
  • flat iron
  • comb
  • brush


An important step of the preparation part is applying a setting solution, which keeps your hair in place and protects it from the damage. Allow for it to dry completely, before setting the wave.

Make sure your hair is clean and dry before putting the cap.

Afterward, create a part in it in the form of a rectangle, below which all the wefts will be installed. Create another part with a comb, starting 3 inches from your bottom hairline, curving around the base of your head. Below this part, the lowest weft will be applied.

Preparing and applying the wefts

Now you need to prepare the first weft. Measure it by holding it against the U-shaped bottom part and then cut it. Carefully apply the glue inside of the curve of the weft which will appear and then use a blow dryer to heat and soften it.

Apply the weft, with the glue facing your hair, 0.8 to 1.2 inches below. Pay attention not to press it to the scalp since it can inhibit growth and lead to bald spots. The weft should not be applied to close to your hairline, or it will be visible.

Wait 3 minutes for it to dry and then give it a tug, to see if it´s firmly set. If there are some parts which are not firm enough, add more glue and continue pressing it until the entire weft is strongly attached.

Repeat the whole process (measure-cut-glue-apply) every 2.5 inches from the first weft above, until you reach the rectangle you have created earlier. This is where you should apply the final weft.

Finishing touches

After you have applied all the wefts in their places, take down that rectangle of your hair and blend it with the extensions using a comb.

Next, choose a style that will work for you or even get a haircut, to help blend extensions even more.

Taking it off

A quick wave can last you up to several months. They will probably start to naturally come off, which means they are ready to be taken off. You can use a removal cream designed especially for this purpose or olive oil, peanut butter as well as a dish soap.

So now you know how to give yourself a dashing makeover, without the help of an expensive hair stylist. This type of wave is very low maintenance, so it´s a perfect solution for all of you busy ladies, who don´t have time to gussy up every morning.

One of the benefits is that your natural hair won´t be damaged during this process, and it will even become healthier since it will not be treated with any chemicals or heat while you wear your sleek wave.

Furthermore, you will have the freedom to express your creative side and style your hair in many different ways so you can have a different style whenever you want. How cool is that?

We are eager to know how you managed with your first quick wave, let us know in the comment section!

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