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Romantic Halo Hairstyle in 10 Simple Steps

Classic updos have always been the perfect hairstyle to give a soft, romantic vibe to your look. Whatever the season is, its timelessness makes it every woman’s go-to for every occasion.

Updo hairstyles come in many varieties and true enough, some are quite complicated to achieve. If you will browse through your favorite fashion magazine or wedding catalog, you will surely spot a few classic updo hairstyles that look like they require the skills of a hair engineer!

Well, doing a classic, beautiful updo for yourself does not have to be so difficult. In this article, we would like to share a super easy to achieve romantic updo that you are sure going to fall head over heels for!

We have seen celebrities flaunt their “Halo” braided wreath hairstyles and it’s undeniably gorgeous – especially for formal events! It may seem that this one is difficult to do but we made it super simple for you. All you have to do is follow these 10 easy steps closely!

Before we get right into the step by step tutorial, let’s talk about the things you will be needing first. The Romantic Halo Hairstyle Updo works better for ladies with longer tresses. However, if your hair isn’t that long or you don’t have much volume to it, you are free to use hair extensions. Hair extensions will also help build the volume up and hence, add to the shape of the braided wreath.

What you need:

  • Bobby pins (preferably black or similar to your hair color)
  • Clear hair elastic bands
  • 1” or 1 and ½” curling iron

Now that you are fully equipped with the things you need, let’s get to the hair tutorial.

1st Step – Attaching Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are optional for this look but it will definitely add shape and volume to your hair to make the braids and loops more defined. So if you have your hair extensions with you, the first step would be clipping them in. Take a section of your hair from right beneath the base of your head and attach your 4-clip wefts. For additional volume, take 2-clip wefts underneath a section of hair on your crown area. Now take your curling iron and curl your hair to blend it with the extensions seamlessly.

2nd Step – Half Ponytail

Take a section of hair from your crown area and gather them all together for a loose half ponytail. Make sure that this section includes your hair extensions (if applicable). After then, secure it with an elastic band.

3rd Step – Loop and Twist

Take the loose half ponytail you just did, split it in half and create a hole just right above where the elastic band is. Flip the tail of your ponytail and put it inside the hole you created as if you are creating a loop. This will result in a loose twist.

4th Step – Build up Volume on the Sides

You can do this by gently giving the hair on the sides of your face a light crunch. On the other hand, if you feel like your hair is too thin, this is the time when you can add more extensions. Just go for a single clip weft and attach it on the section close to the front of your head.

5th Step – Side Twists

Take a section of hair from the sides of your head and twist it until you reach the ends of your hair. This is the same section where you attach your single weft so make sure you include the extensions with the twist too.

6th Step – More Twists!

The key to this Romantic Halo Updo is to wrap the twists around the head – just like how a ‘halo’ should be like! So for the step 6, you will carry on with more twists by taking it around the back of the head until it reaches the other side. Secure it with a bobby pin.

7th Step – Making the Twists Even

The 7th step is pretty much-doing step 6 but on the other side. The point is to have the other side twisted as well and pinned onto the other side. At this point, you should see two twists crossing the half ponytail loop you initially created.

8th Step – The Tugging Technique

As both of the twists are pinned in place, it’s time to create more volume. You will then have to carefully tug random hair strands from the twisted sections to make it appear “bigger”. You can do this technique by using your thumb and index finger to pull both twists apart lightly. At this point, the twists should resemble a fishtail braid.

9th Step – Fishtail Braids

With the remaining hair, you will be doing two separate fishtail braids. Part the remaining hair into two sections and braid each one tightly until you reach the ends. Secure the braids with an elastic band. Once you are done braiding, tug random pieces of hair from the braid to create more volume. Your fishtail braid should look larger at this point.

10th Step – Completing the Updo

You will now take these braided sections up by crossing them over one another. Each section should reach the sections of hair at the sides of your head (the one nearest to the front of your head). Secure it with bobby pins and make sure they are perfectly hidden under the twists and braids. Take random sections of hair from the sides of your face for framing. You may also choose to set your entire hair with a hairspray to make sure the hairstyle lasts the entire day.

Wrapping it up

This completes your super easy Romantic Halo Updo Hairstyle! You do not need fancy tools just to achieve this Hollywood-worthy hairstyle. Twists and braids are pretty basic hairstyling after all!

This romantic halo updo is a very versatile hairstyle that can take you to a romantic picnic date or a formal evening gathering so perfecting this would totally amplify your style! What is your favorite type of romantic updo?