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Guide to Sealing Wefts on Your Hair Weave

When creating human hair extensions, wefting is very important. Wefting provides you with grounds on which to attach the human extension onto a client’s hair. For this reason, there are different types of wefts that manufacturers use. There are the machine wefts where manufacturers sew together human strands using a sewing machine. Whan a machine is used, tracks will be made. These tracks are essential during weaving and can also come in handy for clip in extensions.

Machine wefting is the most popular type of wefting that we have. It is more durable and more flexible. There is also the skin weft. However, this is a relatively new method in the hair industry and does not last for long. Here, the human strands are attached using a skin-like tape called polyurethane tape. The extensions made in this method need a special adhesive tape during installation. We also have wefted extensions that have hand tied wefts. One takes a few strands and weaves them into fishing lines. It is very thin but cannot be cut.

These wefting styles have different advantages that make them a good choice in some instances. However, the machine weft extensions are the most popular and a preferred option. That is why it is our point of focus when looking at how to seal wefts.

What is sealing wefts?

Sealing wefts are the process of reinforcing wefts so that it can last longer and secure the hair more excellently to prevent shedding. Machine wefts are durable and last a relatively long time. That is why not so many people care much about sealing wefts. However, when the wefts are sealed, the hair extension will go the extra mile with time.

Different types of sealants are used to seal wefts. It will depend on the type of sealant you prefer. Here are some tips that will make your natural hair a real beauty.


Hair shedding is whereby the strands of human hair used to make the extension detach themselves from the rest of the strands and falls off because it became loose over time. Shedding can be as a result of so many things. It can occur because of vigorous pulling when combing or brushing the extension, using oily hair products that some time causes strands to slide off, poor maintenance practices, among other reasons.

The fastest and the most straightforward way of preventing shedding is by securing your strands of hair. Wefting secures strands significantly but sealing the wefts further enhances the security. If you have wigs and closures or frontals, you also need to protect the strands. Typically, in making lace wigs, frontals, closures, and so on, the hair strands are tied on the lace using knots. Since the strands are not wefted, you should go about it differently.

Take your sealant and your lace wig, closure, or frontal and position them on your work area. Turn the hairpiece inside out so that you can expose the base material. Take your sealant and spray it over the knots of the hairpiece and ensure that you cover every knot. Let the sealant dry off. The knots will have a new layer of security that will make them last longer.

Is it essential to seal wefts?

The answer is yes, and the importance cannot be overemphasized. Sealing wefts prolongs the lifespan of your weave by preventing shedding. If your wefts are reinforced, hair strands will not shed off.

Guide to seal the wefts

Here is a straightforward step by step guide on how you can go about sealing the wefts on your human extensions before use.

  1. Wash it

You should wash your extension so that you can work with a clean, healthy, and moisturized hair. You can shampoo and condition it. However, it is advised that you co-wash it. The process involves the use of conditioner only to clean the hair. The conditioner is excellent at moisturizing and brightening up the hair. Washing and air drying it also leaves you with hair that is not dry at the wefts and neither will be brittle.

  1. Choose the sealant

Choosing the sealant that you are going to use is essential and will influence a lot of things. Typically, there are three types of sealants: weft sealants, fabric glue, and super glue.

Hair weft sealants: these are sealants that are developed for this particular purpose. They are specialized. Therefore, they will dry clear and have all the characteristics needed. This should be your first option always.

Fabric glues: these are the next best alternatives to hair weft sealants. Fabric glue can dry clean, and they tend to be moisture proof. Also, when it dries, it remains to be flexible. However, you need to be careful because not all of them dry clear. Check the packaging to see how the fabric glue dries, so that you do not end up with a white or gray film when the glue dries.

Super glue: a few women have tried their luck with super glue, and they have had different testimonies. One thing that stood out is that they found out that super glue can seal the wefts excellently. The only downside they had was that the wefts became so inflexible after drying. This makes working with the wefts a lot difficult.

  1. Apply the sealant

After choosing the sealant to use, it is time to apply it. Place your air extension on your workstation and ensure that the wefts are wonderfully exposed. Also, ensure that all strands of hair are kept away from the wefts so that you do not glue them accidentally. Take your sealant that is contained in an applicant with a nozzle and apply the sealant on the weft stitches. Turn the hair extension on the other side so that you can use the sealant on that side. Leave the wefts to dry.

  1. Sewing in the hair extensions

When the extension is ready for you to sew in, be creative and wise. Do not pass the thread and needle through the track. Pass the thread and needle below the tracks so that you do not trigger any shedding over time. Doing this also helps you to ensure the wefts last longer as expected.

How does a double wefted hair help?

Double wefted extensions come highly recommended when it comes to reducing the possibilities of shedding. It also helps to increase the lifespan of the extension. When the hair is double wefted, it means that two single wefts have been combined and sewn onto one mesh.

Typically, double wefting primarily affects the fullness of the hair extension when installed. However, it does little to eliminate shedding if the wefts are not sealed. Shedding will still occur, but a lower rate. Also, it will not impact the fullness of the extension significantly. However, when you seal the wefts, it will be of greater help.

Therefore, in as much as you may choose double wefted hair extensions because they do not shed easily, do not overlook sealing the wefts. Also, remember that the choice of double wefts over single wefts will cost you more. The reason is that they are thicker, fuller and take longer to make. Even so, the benefits are worth it.

Prevention measures for shedding

It is never a funny experience when your human hair extension is shedding. The human hair extensions do not come cheap. It is therefore vital that you do all you can to ensure that you prevent shedding. Some of the preventive measures you can take include the following.

Always use oil: whenever you wash your extension, do not forget to apply some hair oil. It helps it to regain its silky and soft feel. Thus, it becomes easier to maintain, and it will look healthier.

Handle it with care: when combing or brushing your hair extension, be extra careful. First, ensure that you are using the recommended comb or brush. Secondly, never use all your energy even when untangling the hair. You will cause it to shed.

Take care with the heat: heat is yet another enemy that you need to be careful of when taking care of your hair. If you must use heat to style the hair, protect it using a heat protectant.

Braid the hair before you sleep: this is a trick for textures that tangle easily such as curly hair. To prevent shedding, braid the hair so that when you sleep, they do not rub together and tangle up. One of the major causes of shedding is tangling because people use force to untangle the hair. Therefore, when it is not tangled, shedding is less likely to happen.

Sealing your wefts is crucial before you have the hair installed. You will not want to see your human extension lose its value with every strand that sheds off. The process of sealing the wefts is very straightforward and quick. Therefore, you do not have any reasons to take a pass at sealing wefts. Opting for the best double wefted hair is a brilliant move. Even so, it is not enough. Sealing wefts are the real deal.

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