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How to Properly Sew in a Weave

Sew-ins are one of the best methods of wearing a hair item. It is a quite versatile approach that ensures you won’t have any trouble with your newly acquired Brazilian hair going forward. So what are sew-ins and how do they work? Basically, this refers to a method of adding extensions at the hair weft or hair tracks by using a needle.

While this method can work for several different Brazilian hair products, we will focus on weaves in particular. Here are some of the main things you need to know. Enjoy!

Why is it important to sew in your Brazilian hair?

The first thing you need to consider is the fact that sew-ins are primarily used for securing the weave. Hair products that you can buy in online stores such as ours are usually amazing. But you have to consider the fact that items such as virgin Brazilian weave are made from high-quality unprocessed follicles. In other words, young donors’ hair was used to ensure the highest quality. Furthermore, Brazilian virgin weaves are not processed or altered in any way (thus, they are called virgin).

While most inexperienced women believe that this product is ideal and you don’t have to maintain it, this is totally untrue. Keep in mind that Brazilian weaves are natural and as such, should be treated as your own hair. Sew-ins not only provide additional security, but they also help your hair look better. If you manage to install weave properly, you will look simply gorgeous. In fact, it will look much better than your natural hair as virgin items haven’t been through the same wear and tear.

Main items and supplies you will need for sewing in a weave

Here is a list of all the things you will need before you can start sewing in your hair:

  • You will need two combs: one rat tail comb and one wide tooth comb
  • High-quality hair oil
  • Black nylon thread for sewing in
  • Rubber bands
  • Weaving net
  • Duckbill clips
  • Hook needle
  • You might need wig cap depending on the technique that you’re using
  • Iron
  • Hair that has been previously shampooed, conditioned and dried

Preparing the product

As mentioned in the previous section, the Brazilian hair weave shouldn’t be sewn in before proper preparation. Besides that, you should also make a good decision regarding which technique you need to use.

Installed hair will remain in place for a while. That being said, the last thing you need is to have a hairpiece that is smelly.

Brazilian hair preparation and maintenance is very similar to the way you treat natural hair. Shampoos and conditioners are the focal points. It is also very important to use natural oils as these hairpieces cannot get natural oils through the scalp.

Ideally, you should use hair care items that are made from natural ingredients with minimal or no chemicals. While Brazilian hair weaves can be processed, heated and dyed, we suggest you avoid doing any of that.

After you’ve cleaned your hair, you need to find a way to dry it. The best thing you can do is to leave it on sunlight. Alternatively, if its winter, you can leave it at the room temperature. However, make sure it dries within a day.

You should also use a moisturizer. As previously mentioned, dryness is the common enemy of all these products. It is especially important to pay attention to edges and ends. However, don’t overdo it with moisturizer as small quantities will suffice.

Step-by-step guide for sewing in your Brazilian weave

There are 8 steps you need to go through in order to install a weave:

  1. When you’ve done all the proper preparations and dried your hair, you need to check whether it is detangled. You will have to work with it so it needs to be in an optimal condition. Create smaller sections either in the middle or on the side
  2. Start by creating two small braids around leave-out. This will ensure that your sew in looks less fluffy
  3. The rest of the hair needs to be braided. While you can go with various styles, perhaps its best to create a behave or cornrows
  4. C needle should be used for medium and long hair. Use the needle to sew in hanging braids as they need to be as flat as possible
  5. Somewhere during the process, you should additionally moisturize the hair
  6. Now you’re ready to sew in a weaving net. It needs to be placed over the hair. This will be especially good if there are large gaps between braids
  7. After all of this, you’re ready to begin sewing the wefts. Clips can be used to secure the hair and give you more room for working. Wefts will be straight around the nape but they will become increasingly curvy as you approach the top of your head
  8. Finish it by straightening your leave-out and then, you should put edge control

This hairstyle will last from 6 to 8 weeks but, if you made some mistakes, it might fall apart much sooner. Sewing in your Brazilian hair is very important as it will give you that clean look you’ve been yearning for. Make sure to take your time; mistakes will only force you to repeat the process.

After the first try, you will become more proficient and everything will get easier as you get accustomed to having a foreign hair on top of your head!