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Styling A Human Hair Wig: The Guide You Can Trust

Wigs are becoming very common among women all over the world. Long gone are the days where women felt embarrassed about having a wig let alone wearing one. These products were viewed in a negative light. Typically, people with little to no hair because of one reason or the other were the ones that wore wigs. Celebrities only wore them on set until they discovered they could wear them outside the set as well. Because of this, women were liberated from the fear and embarrassment of wearing weaves.

As time went by, many women started wearing wigs to change their looks once in a while. The trend spread like wildfire. Now, women across the globe have many wigs in their closet, and they are proud of it. No one can afford to be left behind after realizing that these items have evolved and you can get gorgeous wigs. To spice things up, there are those that are made from human hair, and they are the most popular now.

Human hair wigs

These items are head coverings that manufacturers make using real hair that is collected from donors all around the world. The strands from donors are attached to wig caps. The cap can be made from different materials depending on the manufacturing company.

There are so many types of human hair depending on where they come from in the world. There are also different types of wigs depending on the materials used and how it is constructed. But the most famous ones are those with lace frontals.

Wigs with lace frontals are those that have lace frontals used on the front part of the item. The other parts of the hairpiece are made from a different material that is sturdier and thicker. The lace frontal serves to give the wig a believably natural look. The lace is light and the hair attached seems as though they are deeply rooted in your scalp. The lace mimics the scalp excellently.

Why should you choose human hair wigs?

There are two main types of wigs; the synthetic and human. Human hair items can be very expensive when you compare them with synthetic wigs. However, what will make you overlook the price?


Human hair items are very natural because they are made from real human hair. They have all of its properties. They are smooth, have bouncy, soft, lustrous, and have a natural shine. Also, because of the lace that mimics the scalp, they look more real. They can easily blend with your hair and skin tone.


These natural products are more durable than synthetic wigs. With proper care, you can use your wig for so many months. When you have several of them, they will last even longer. This is because the frequency of use per item is reduced.

Easy to care and maintain

These items are easy to care for and to preserve their beauty. You have to take care of it like you would your hair. There are no unique care tips that you must use. You are not new to taking care of natural hair. So the wig will not trouble you.


Styling is the most significant advantage of the human hair item. It is the reason we are here. Human hair is very versatile, and you can switch between styles without any hurdles. You can bleach this product, curl it, straighten it, and use perm. There are no restrictions on human wigs whatsoever. Even so, go easy and user-friendly products.

Styling advantages of human hair wigs are exemplary. You can now rock any style or color. As you purpose to style your wig and you are new in this, follow this guide, and you will do well.

Steps to follow when styling your wig

Cut the excess lace

When you open the wig from its pack, you notice that the lace at the front or around the product is a little bit longer. Take a pair of scissors and cut off the excess lace. Ensure that your hand is not shaking and that you are maintaining the flow of the scissors. This helps you to ensure that the lace does not have edges that are not unified. Also, do not cut everything. Leave a quarter-inch of lace on the front and sides.

Create a part

The pieces with lace frontals give you the freedom to part the hair wherever you want. Take a wide tooth comb and identify the place to section the wig. If your stylist has ever created a hard part, you can also trace it down if you want. To have an easy time, you can wear the wig or put it on a Styrofoam. It gives you a better perspective. Blow dry the hair on each side of the part going upward and away from the part. This will clearly define the part

Choosing a style

There are two main styles to choose from; a straight look or curls. The style that you choose will determine the tools you will use. You can style the wig while it is on your head or a Styrofoam as well. As you start, ensure that the hair is wet. Wet hair is perfect for roller sets and perm rod sets. The wetness makes it easy for it to hold the shape after drying. Apply styling foam and serums to help further the hair to hold the style longer. Do not wet it if you are styling products that use heat.

Watch the edges

When the wig is on your head, take note of the edges. If they are fuzzy, smooth them down. Get your hands wet and rub the edges down. You can then use your edge control product or any other product to hold the edges down.

Dry the hair

Allow your wet hair to air dry because this is the recommended way of drying human hair. It is the safest method. Using a blow dryer may damage it and its base.

Let it down and spray it

Sprays are your best friend; never forget that. They make the hair shinier and a healthier look. Other than that, they also make it smell good and fresh.

The Curly and Straight hairstyles

As I said earlier, there are two main styles you can choose to wear your hair. It can either be straight or curly. 

The Curly look

When you are want to add curls to your hair, and you do not want to use heating devices, use rollers. Wet the hair, part it into smaller and workable sections, take the rollers and wrap it around them.

To wet that hair, take a spray bottle and fill it with setting lotion that is diluted. You can also use water. Keep the hair moist while working until it is time to air dry. Start wrapping it from the ends going to the scalp.

For the curly look, it is better if you work with European hair because they are known to be able to hold curls very well. Their texture is excellent for curls. You will not have any struggles maintaining the curls as well.

If you use curlers that use heat, do not wet the hair.

The straight look

For a straight look, using heating devices may be inevitable. That is why you need to ensure that the wig is made from 100% human hair. If it is a blend of synthetic and human hair, the synthetic item will melt when you apply heat. This will ruin even the real hair.

When you are sure, part your wig into manageable sections and use your straightener to straighten the hair. Ensure that the heat is as recommended and that it is completely dry. Never get close to the root of the wig with your straightener. Maintain a distance of one and a half inches for safety.

For straight looks, Asian hair has been known to be perfect for the look. Therefore, you can prioritize wigs made from Asian one for straight styles.

Things to Remember

Origin of the weave

Most human hair extensions are made from Asian or European hair. Each has unique characters. European can hold curls excellently while Asian is perfect for a straight hairdo. The look you want will guide your choice.

Check the product composition

Some wigs are made from a blend of human and synthetic hair. Therefore, check to ensure that your item is 100% human hair before you use heat.

Wet hair is more manageable to style

Whenever you want to style your hair without heating devices, always wet it with water or diluted setting lotion. When it is dry, you will have a difficult time getting the style to remain. When you style it when wet, it takes shape quickly, and it will dry while maintaining the shape.

There are some of the things that must be at the back of your mind while styling your wig. With the right human hair product, there are endless styles you can try. Every day will be a new day to explore a new style.

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