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25 Fashionable Summer Hairstyles to Try This Season

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fun outdoor activities under the beautiful sunny weather. It’s time for you to wear that gorgeous flowy tropical dress paired with your summer-ready hairstyle!

While summer makes an amazing season to go out and explore the beaches, it can also be a real struggle for our hair as well. Sweat, oil, and humidity can be the hair’s biggest enemies during this season so we thought of sharing different types of hairstyles that should give you a lighter feel.

Here are 25 stunning summer hairstyles that will inspire you this season. These hairstyles are easy to do, comfortable to wear and pretty stylish as well! Completing these looks won’t take so much of your time so you can definitely try all these hairstyles yourself for the entire summer season.

  1. Elegant loop ponytail

Give your classic ponytail a little bit of spice. The traditional ponytail makes a perfect summer hairdo because of the superior convenience it gives. Now let’s tweak it a bit by creating a loop to define it. To do this, tie your hair into a low ponytail. Now create a hole just right above the elastic hair band that secures your low ponytail. Lift the ponytail up and put it through the hole you previously did. Pull the ponytail down to tighten the loop and make the side twists more noticeable.

  1. High Curly Ponytail

We can’t get enough of ponytails for summer! This time, we will beautify this classic hairstyle with soft, romantic curls. For this look, you will need a curling iron. Bring all strands to the top of your head and secure them with an elastic band as to how you would do a classic high ponytail. Curl the ends of the ponytail using a curling iron. You may also take random strands on the sides to frame your face and curl them as well.

  1. Dutch braid headband

This is a beautiful vintage hairstyle that you can wear as an updo or half downdo. The idea is to wrap your crown with a Dutch braid similar to how your usual headband would look. Just take a section of your hair from the right side of your head and begin braiding around the crown. Make sure you pull little strands gradually until you reach the other side of your head. You may accessorize this with a floral pin, too!

  1. Sleek and chic high ponytail

The process is the same as making a regular high pony. The only difference is that we want the outlook to be smooth, neat, and very structured. This hairstyle would work better with hair extensions that have 360 lace frontals of clip-ins. Brush all strands to the position you prefer then proceed as usual.

  1. Classic top knot bun

Hair buns are becoming more and more popular among women these days. They are the perfect break from ponytails, after all. To do this, just brush all your strands to the top of the head and secure them with an elastic band. Hold the ponytail with one hand and rotate it over the band. Secure it in place using bobby pins and you are ready to go!

  1. Voluminous messy bun

To beat the summer heat, here’s a hairstyle that would take all that hair away from your face; all while keeping it stylish! All you need to do is build the volume, flip your hair over and then twist it around to create a bun. Fast and easy, right?

  1. The twist-back

This twist-back hairstyle is perfect for those who love a romantic, princess-like vibe to their long tresses. Just grab a small section of hair on one side, split it into two and create a twist. Clip it at the end so that it doesn’t unravel when you twist the other side. When both sides are done, hold them together at the back in a ponytail and fan the twists for more shape.

  1. Effortlessly gorgeous beach waves

Now here’s a hairstyle that can totally make you a beach bombshell! This works much better on the 2nd or 3rd day after washing your hair because you will be needing more texture and volume with this. Just take your curling iron, curl your hair by sections and let the curls cool down. Once they are cooled and set, lightly brush through them using your fingers to loosen the waves. You may use a dry shampoo for this one to keep the waves in shape.

  1. Fishtail side braid

Fishtail braids are unique and easy to do. Just brush the strands to one side and create two sections. Take a few strands from the left part on the outer side and cross it over to combine with the right. Do the same for the right and connect the few strands with the left. Secure it with an elastic hair tie and if you wish to add a summer vibe to it, accessorize it with a flower clip.

  1. Criss-cross Downdo

Here’s another hairstyle that lets your gorgeous tresses flow down naturally. This works great for both straight and wavy hair. Part your hair in the middle and take sections on both sides of your hair. Weave them at a criss-cross motion at the back of your head and secure it with a tie.

  1. Edgy wet hair look

Who says the wet hair look is only for fashion editorials? This 90’s grunge hairstyle is making a comeback and you can definitely try flaunting this for the summer season. No styling tools needed for this one – just a nice amount of hair pomade! Yes, let’s ditch hair gels for this one because we don’t want anything sticky for the summer.

  1. Single rope braid

This kick-ass hairstyle should totally land on your list of summer hairstyles. This takes only less than a minute to complete. All you have to do is start with a high ponytail, divide it into two sections and twist!

  1. An accessorized high ponytail

Take those fancy clips and ribbons out and let them grace the colors of summer! You can turn your simple, classic ponytail into something super stylish by adding accessories over the elastic tie.

  1. Rope braid downdo

This is a more feminine version of the single rope braid ponytail we talked about earlier. For this downdo, you just have to take sections on both sides of your head and have both rope braids meet at the back of your head. If you have long locks, you may spice up the look by knotting both sides to create a ribbon at the back.

  1. Romantic side plait

Here’s another dainty summer hairstyle that only requires basic braiding skills! The idea is to have all of your hair gathered on one side and braid it. You can do the basic 3-strand braid, Dutch braids or French braids for this. To add definition to the look, make sure to fan the braids out and leave random strands of hair to the sides of your face for framing.

  1. Double boxer braids

Get that ‘Million Dollar Baby’ spirit out of you! Without a doubt, boxer braids should be your go-to workout hairstyle. It won’t take much of your time to complete and it’s a very convenient hairstyle to get you through the summer heat.

  1. A fishtail updo

This elegant fishtail updo will take a bit of work but we are pretty sure that it’s all going to be worth it! The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can wear it both for casual and formal events. To do this, you have to start braiding from the right side of your head and gradually pick up strands of hair as you go along the fishtail braid. Once you have reached the end, just twirl it as how you would normally do to create a neat low bun.

  1. Sleek straight hair embellished with criss-cross bobby pins

This hairstyle is pretty simple and direct to the point. All you need is a set of bobby pins to work with. You may go for the classic black ones or use colored ones to complement your hair color. Tuck one side of your hair, slip the bobby pins in a criss-cross direction and your vintage summer look is complete!

  1. The Boho twist

The Boho twist braid only takes ten minutes if you have long locks. This will give your look a very laid-back, carefree vibe. Just leave your bangs out to fall smoothly on your cheeks as it perfectly shapes your face. Wear a hat to accessorize and you’re done.

  1. Bubble ponytail

The ‘bubbles’ takes the traditional ponytail to a whole new level of creativity and uniqueness. Getting the ‘bubbles’ is very easy. After securing the strands with bands and wrapping it up with a bunch of strands, pull the strands to fan them out. This will loosen up the knots and add prominent volume to the look.

  1. Two pigtails

The classic pigtails will always come in handy during summer! Create two equally-divided sections and brush both sections to perfection. Create a three-strand braid on both sides and secure them with an elastic tie. Wear your sunglasses and you’re ready to hit the beach!

  1. Half-up, half-down top knot

Brush all your strands at the front of your head away from your face and to the top of your head. Secure them with a band and create the top knot. Make sure that you give it a slight tug in order to achieve more volume. 

  1. Loose low ponytail

For those with short and wavy hair, you can wear this loose low ponytail on one side. Brush the strands to one side and secure the ends with a band. This beautiful hairstyle makes a perfect match for your summer dress and swimsuit!

  1. Low pony with plaited center

If you wish to create a more fun and youthful look, then this hairstyle is worth trying. Create a middle part that runs to the center of the head. From that point where the part ends, create a proportional cornrow going to the nape of the neck. Make it a little thicker for more definition. Secure all strands with a band.

  1. The flower braid

Fancy a hairstyle that makes you feel like a forest goddess? Then load your hair up with dainty floral pins! You may choose to create a single braid or a double braid for this look just as long as it suits your personal taste.

We hope that you find these gorgeous summer hairstyles worth trying. Which one is your personal favorite?